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I should update this title. We have still been running every month and now we have an additional casuals day

This May Session Marvel MM$ because somebody said "yo dwang, your Wolverine is so free!"

It's not run in the league format at the moment.

So anyone can join anytime :D

April session is up.

Vlad is looking after this one, I don't think SFxT is running. Up to Vlad and those in attendance.

Any update to this now there are dlc characters and 2013 update? I have not had any troubles with Hugo but Rolento is still a pain (although slightly less of one)

This weekend guys!

Bring $2.50 extra if you want to enter SFxT2013

A good warm up casual session for OHN

A good warm up tournament for OHN

Post Event Discussion / Re: [ACT] OHNR Results
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:44:09 AM »
That storm was craaaazy. I'm glad you made it home safe. I thought though that you guys might of been staying in Canberra. Ace was telling us he had a hotel room in Civic.

Post Event Discussion / Re: [ACT] OHNR Results
« on: January 27, 2013, 07:51:46 PM »
Well I will leave it up to the officials.

Post Event Discussion / [ACT] OHNR Results
« on: January 27, 2013, 08:47:20 AM »
Top 3 ssf4ae2012

ShangTsueng won but already has seed point so passed on points

1.Vlad [ACT]
2.Genxa [NSW]
3.ThirdEye [NSW]

Top3 Marvel

Arnold won but already has seed point so passed on points

Dustin [NSW]
Paul [ACT]
Dave [NSW]

Good games everyone. Thanks to the Sydney players that made the effort to play with us. Makes the event that extra special.

Finals match footage has started going up here:

Youtube Channel:

See you guys tomorrow. Vlade will be in just after 10 with a NeoGeo setup too  :)

I'll be in about 11 am.

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