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Tech Talk / What is a Good HDMI Switcher / Selector to Buy?
« on: October 25, 2015, 06:53:28 PM »
I was after a HDMI Switcher / Selector, preferably one that contributes the least amount of lag if any, powered and at least 4 ports.

I found these, but don't know if they are any good...

The two outputs will come in handy for streaming / capture.

and I also found this one...

Happy to buy elsewhere and online if better and / or cheaper.

Any recommendations?


What's going on with Volunteers this year?

By the looks of it, it seems like you have enough staff.

I may not be able to give as much time as previous years, so I am just weighing up if I should just attend to play SFV and see the finals, if I am not going to be needed as much.

- Vargus

Tournament Announcements / Re: OHN12 - Official Thread
« on: October 03, 2014, 02:05:20 PM »
If I am just volunteering and not entering anything, do I have to register and/or pay the venue fee? In the past volunteers have had the venue fee refunded, for there work they did to run the event.

Let me know asap, as I haven't registered yet.

- Vargus

Tournament Announcements / Re: OHN12 - Official Thread
« on: October 01, 2014, 07:36:03 PM »
Hi Guys,

Will the officials make a formal call out for volunteers? I would like to help out again, as per my last 12 years!

Let me know if you need anything else.


- Vargus

The first post has been updated, feel free to read the changes at the top of that post.

Skullgirls: PC. PS3 version was the only sensible option for 1.0, incidentally.
Darkstalkers Resurrection: As far as I can recall both consoles work fine. Hunter and Saviour are both excellent games, but Saviour's the more often played game these days. Make sure it's set to Turbo 3 and Auto mode is disabled.
For ASW games, nobody cares. Most players have PS3s (and that's what BBCP is on) so just use that to reduce the chances of people not having a working stick.
Melly Blood: MBAACC is PC-only.
AH3: Can't recall any differences. Nobody knows when Love Max!!!!! is going to get a home release. Same deal with ASW though, players are more likely to have PS3 equipment than 360.

Thanks Hans for your post, Had some questions.

With Skullgirls, I know it isn't played around here, but if the PC version is the definitive version, has any community actually carted around a PC (in one form or another) for a tournament? Same goes for MBAC. So is there a 'second best console is good enough' chosen for tournament play? for either of these games.

Also, If we could get some confirmation or corrections on MK9, I:GAU, Divekick and the 'Old School' SNK Games.


*UPDATED* Updated some console choices that were undeceided. Moved ASW fighters to join list. Updates will be marked in italics I'll start to get around to Tournament Game Specific Rules soon.

Kind of quiet around here...

I thought it would be a good idea to list what consoles should be used for certain Fighters, when it comes to tournament play.

I don't know of any situations, where a lesser port on a different console is preferred,

over one that community mostly uses.

I have decided to list what I can recall to be the tournament standard for the following fighters.

This I guess this can help if anyone is after the tournament worthy port, when purchasing.

Feel free to correct me if I have made a mistake. Also mention the reason why a different console, if it isn't obvious.

I will update this post with corrections. Also I think it would be a good idea to list game specific rules for the fighters and have all this information archived somewhere here at even if it is just "stickeyed / pinned"

KI (2013) -Xone
SSF4AE12 / USF4 - x360 (not sure if PS4 or Xone are getting it or which one will have the better port between those 2)
UMVC3 - x360
TTT2 - PS3
VF5fs - x360
KOF13 - x360
DOA5U - x360
SFxT v2013 - x360
Skullgirls - PC Updated!
MK9 - PS3?
I:GAU - PS3?
SC5 - PS3
SCII HD Online - PS3
SSBB - Wii
SF3:3s - x360
HDR - x360
Darkstalkers Resurrection - x360 or PS3
Divekick - ? (PS3/PS4/Xone)
PSAS - PS3 (Really? Who plays this? Then again you could say that for half the list!)

Old School Fighters

ST - Arcade Only (I don't think HDR in Classic mode or the DC Port is even considered)
HSF2AE - PS2 Capkore Edition (Arcade and the 1st PS2 port had the Claw Down, Kick, Up glitch among others. The 2nd PS2 version, the Capkore edition apparently fixed all those)
MVC2 - DC / x360
SF2HF - Arcade Only
MBAC / MBFT - PC Updated!
AH3 - AH3LM - PS3 Updated!
TTT1 - PS2 (I hear the Tekken Hybrid port of TTT1 HD is not as good as PS2 port)
KOF 98 / KOF98UM - ? (PS2 / x360)
KOF2002 / KOF 2002UM - ? (PS2 / x360)
Garou: MOTW - ? (DC / PS2 / x360)
P4A / P4A UUSH - PS3
GG A Core+ / GG Xrd Sign - PS3

Maybe some SNK regulars can list if any other SNK fighters had some love in the past for tournaments.

Well post away!


- Vargus

Tech Talk / Re: Is a Sega Saturn worth buying?
« on: December 24, 2013, 07:55:21 PM »

First of all, I don't think a Sega Saturn (SS) is worth getting unless you get a mod chip for it (to play overseas games of course ;) and a 50/60 Hertz switch installed.

No point in playing fighting games at the PAL 50 Hertz speed.

Having said that, you really need to see if you'll play the damn thing enough to warrant the cost, some people really have a hard time playing old fighters, especially 3D ones as they can really feel archaic compared to their most recent version eg VF1 or VF2 compared to VF5fs.

Yes XvSF is great, if that is your thing, but would you rather play MVC2 or UMVC3?

There are some other good 2d fighters like SFA2 or if you like MK (practically no one here at does) MK2, MK Trilogy and UMK3 might be worth a look. I'll list a few more here, but bare in mind I don't know of anyone who still plays these titles, nor am I sure how broken they are in terms of balance.

Already mentioned and Available in PAL

MK Trilogy

Practically every other fighter for SS PAL region

SF Collection 1
SF Collection 2
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
KOF 95
VF Remix
VF Kids
Fighters Megamix
Fighting Vipers
Last Bronx, The
Golden Axe: the Duel

US NTSC Region
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix
Battle Arena Toshinden URA
Night Warriors - Darkstalkers Revenge

Most, if not all of the PAL Region fighters are available in US NTSC, but PAL ones may be easier to find here in AU

I never bothered to check for JAP NTSC only fighters, but I'm sure they probably have something great that is exclusive to that region.

If you are gamer that plays more than just fighters, there are plenty of good titles you could spend your time playing, so you would get more value out of buying the console and games, as opposed to just buying/playing fighters.

Just make sure your not the type to...

Buy it without knowing what your getting, if possible play the games you want to buy before actually buying them. maybe ask a friend if they still have an SS with some games.

Nothing worse than booting up a game and the game plays nothing like you remember it did. If that happens you could be so disgusted that you'll turn it off within 5 mins and never want to play them again! All that money down the drain!

Well I hope that helps


- Vargus

Tech Talk / Re: Larger low input lag LCD panels (24" +)
« on: October 26, 2013, 07:18:48 PM »
Re: Personally I find unpowered HDMI splitters to do just nicely and these can be had for $10 on eBay.

To Gamogo,

1) What is a good unpowered hdmi splitter? where should I get one from? A Link would be appreciated.

I had a few more questions too....

2) Looking at getting a large screen tv preferably 55" but will settle for smaller if that is the only option to meet my requirements, namely low input lag of course.

But I wanted to know if there are any large tvs that size that have no more than (17 milliseconds) ie 1 frame lag or less?

Looking at this thread...

... it seems that I will have to test them for myself

the thread seems to cater for monitors, overseas model tvs, and PS3. It mentions that a copy of Rock Band 2 with a Guitar and Microphone (not sure if you need both guitar and microphone or if 1 of them is enough) you can do auto calibration test, that will tell you the milliseconds of input delay, well at least for PS3 not sure if the test is also for x360.

Not owning a copy of Rock Band 2 or guitar and microphone for either PS3 or x360, I am uncertain if the investment in all that stuff would be worth it, and if the method of testing is accurate enough on either console.

The only other piece of information I have to go off, is apparently the Sony KDL-55W900A (19 milliseconds delay = just over 1 frame) and Sony KDL-55W802A (17 milliseconds delay = 1 frame exactly) are good choices for large screen tvs. Though the website where I sourced the info may not be as credible as the SRK forum link that Gamogo posted earlier.

Here is that link for everyone's convenience...

After checking at the Sony KDL-55W802A is not listed, only the KDL55W800A. They may have updated it to the 802A model, but not sure if it has the same or improved specs or if it's worse.

I also noticed that the SRK Thread (the first one I posted) mentions that the way to go would be a commercial grade tv, but not having access to that nor not knowing where I can get one scratches that idea.

3) I will be getting a Benq GW2750hm to play fighting games on, among other uses, such as my PC. However I would much prefer to watch TV shows, Movies and my other gaming on the large screen TV,  I am just trying to also play my fighting games on it as well.

So, where and which unpowered hdmi splitter should I buy? what can I do in terms of testing large TVs? should I invest in the Rock band 2 method or is there an alternate method? Does anyone know any large screen tvs with 1 frame lag or less?

Any help will be appreciated.


- Vargus

Tech Talk / Re: Larger low input lag LCD panels (24" +)
« on: July 03, 2013, 09:07:42 PM »

Since I am not an expert at the whole HDTV Input lag topic, I was wondering if the more informed could shed some light on the following...

Is the website, a "good" source of information on HDTV Input Lag Issue?

Or is it inaccurate and should be avoided?

- Vargus

Community News / Re: and forum updates
« on: April 22, 2013, 12:06:24 PM »

The old forum was decommissioned a few months back due to security concerns. The old (and discontinued) code it was using was rife with security vulnerabilities and was constantly subjected to Javascript exploits and injections. Because it was an unused resource I packed it away. Technically the data still exists though it will take some work to reinstate.

This is something I'd like to do to preserve a bunch of history, though its a low priority right now.

Thanks Gamogo, looking forward to seeing those old threads when you get around to it.

- Vargus

Community News / Re: and forum updates
« on: April 19, 2013, 04:10:41 PM »

Whatever happened to the old forum? I did a search and found this thread with the link, but it doesn't work.

Thread in regards to the old forum

The link to the old forum in the above thread.

If it isn't there anymore, could you please put it back up?


- Vargus

Tournament Announcements / Re: OHN11 - 3sOE Official Signup Thread
« on: February 05, 2013, 01:18:34 PM »

Depending on how busy the organisers and volunteers are, will determine if I can enter 3sOE. I am interested so hopefully I'll get an chance to play.

BTW Genxa try and remember to put me in the bracket this time ;)

- Vargus

Hi Guys,

Its been far too long since I was at a YSB event. Other than OHNX I think it was Jonny's Farewell that I was last there.

Anyway I wanted to know if you guys were ever thinking of running the Tournaments earlier in the Day.

I more than happy with the 2pm Start for the 1st tournament, but was wondering if the other start times could be much closer to 2pm rather than say 5pm.

I am aware of the constraints when running brackets close together. In particular if players are entering more than 1 tournament, and you are running them effectively at the same time, it really slows down proceedings. Its Situations where players are often asked to play their match in one tournament, while organisers get frustrated that the player(s) need to play a different match in another tournament, sometimes causing problems of brackets getting held up.

I gather people also want to watch all/most of the matches and if you run tournaments together it makes that either not possible or very difficult.

I am also aware of the fact that many people need time to get to YSB, so the main event tournaments should be later in the day/arvo. Also if the poplular games are played first then people leave early and full benefit of hiring the room starts to get diminished.

The reason for pointing all this out was that, as the old school SF players who know, as well as some mid generation players, I am coming up from Newcastle. As a result the drive home that evening/night can be quite tiresome after gaming all day at a YSB event.

The Drive is 2 hours door to door and I ain't as young as I used to be, otherwise I wouldn't ask to be accommodated about it.

So while I can make a commitment to come to YSB much more regularly, it makes things very difficult if the bigger tournaments are finishing late in the evening.

If there is a low turnout it can improve the time issue of leaving earlier, but it is only minimal.

I do understand that the better players are going to get preferential treatment and rightfully so.

So when it comes to my mediocre skill and the fact that at this stage it will only be me coming down to Sydney (Which isn't any different to when I started doing this in 2002) I believe that my efforts to pointing out what I have in this post, will most likely fall on deaf ears.

I understand that the organisers do need to accommodate the majority and changing the times just for me, isn't practical, I am just pointing out the difficulties I face now.

I'd love to be a regular again, but if there are any alternatives, I am listening.

There are more issues that I haven't pointed out as far as organising YSB events and trying to minimise the time. However if anyone has any different ideas or suggestions feel free to post away.


- Vargus

Buying and Selling / Re: FS: PAL Sega SATURN
« on: July 29, 2012, 05:03:30 PM »

Please Check you PMs. I am very Interested in Buying.


- Vargus

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