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I'm just gonna pop down to Big W tomorrow and pay my $69. Just hoping it doesn't sell out before I get there. Have to be unlucky for that to happen though.

They're $88 instore, $69 is only the online promotion. Catalogue says $88.

JB Hifi has their listing up as $78 here and advises people to 'pre-order' in store.

However their online store checkout still has it as $89 and POS in store today said $89 as well.

If they're intending to actually trade for $78 tomorrow that would be the cheapest retail instore price so far wouldn't it?

Does it look like those 360 copies will go out before 6 today?

No 360 collectors until Thursday/Friday at this stage sorry

What is your price for the 360 PAL collectors? Might prefer to change my existing order.

PS3 collectors is in also

Are you getting any 360 collectors UK stock?

So um, everyone's buying (if people ARE getting it) for 360 right? I can't help but think people with both consoles would pick PS3 for the extra characters...

I've got both consoles and will be getting the 360 version. Not trolling or anything, just saying not everyone with both will necessarily get the PS3 disc.

On another topic, why aren't there any Jack videos yet, damnit?

I would have wanted Jack and Bryan as my main team but looks like I'll have to wait.

For now I'll go Hugo as my second and look for a good point character... probably Tekken... probably Heihachi. But we'll see.

Just sent an email, hoping you still have 360 versions in stock.

this WILL be a free dlc, they will just make it so you buy gems and colours.

Free? This is Capcom who's had paid character DLC in SF4 and MvC3. Don't see why they'd be generous to hand out 12 for free this time?

I think the most likely route is a big 1200MSP pack at or around the Vita launch.

Count me in for some games on 360.

I read some of the DLC gems are the same as standard gems but without the handicaps.

Not that I was ever overly enthused about the whole Gem thing but really hope this isn't the case.

Got some games in with Cabjoy the day I picked this up but since then haven't been able to find any games with anyone- usually 1 or 2 bars while all the rooms need 3+. Are there any ports to forward that help with this?

If any other noobs want to mess around you can find me on XBL most evenings.

I got the game from JB Hi-fi for PS3...

Retail or online?

I'll be picking up the 360 version so anyone on XBL feel free to add me.

Random Discussion / Re: King of Fighters XIII on PS3 out now...
« on: December 17, 2011, 09:24:13 AM »
So the netcode situation is the same as it was in XII? Game comes out with bad code, they promise a patch? :/

I'll be getting this but is it out at retail? Haven't seen it on shelves and no point importing now so close to Christmas..

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