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Buying and Selling / Pop Culture Shock - Limited Akuma Statue $200
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:29:41 PM »
paid a shit load for this when sf4 came out.

$200 - open to swaps for ps4 stick and another generic one that doesn't necessarily have to be ps4.

In the photo you can see arm had broke but i repaired it.

and akumas man bun has broken off. epoxy glue which i have not yet repaired.

why it is broken because of thieves years ago raiding my house.

for akuma lovers.

i can't be fucked filling his arm and asking someone professional to repaint.

located melbourne
interstate buyers need to cover the 2.9% if you pay via paypal.

i will be strictly be sending express post as well with tracking and it will separate cost.

Any Adelaide arcade players out there? Mate is keen on some games till the weekend

Gg Ketchu! First time playing you in years. I hardly have time otherwise i would love to join you guys on Sat.
The Sakura is KyouS i think, and that Sagat guy is one of the earlier highpoint player, too bad he can only rock up on odd hours.


Who is this Kyous - you speak of? I know a Sakura player as well but he rarely comes, are we talking about the same guy? Also has a Ken?

Ggs to everyone there this afternoon, fun games. Wanted to stick around to rematch the boxer who came later, maybe next time :)

AH so that is you! damn only realized it now i use to play you on PSN days haha! -


Funny that most of the HP regulars do not know this forum, except Conchuatz and Ketchu 😃 man, i missed the saturday scene! 😒

we too old Bao, everyone on FB posting about shit. - the young ones know (they watching), ozhadou needs to update fb login plug-in and connect it with fb.

I hope my Makoto wasn't annoying for your Zangief.  ;)

I did have KyouS on PSN friend list. It's funny how we know each other online but not in person.  :P

Hat guy has been quiet lately to a point it feels weird.  ;D

PS: Please don't mispell my name. -_-

Hat Guy has had karma slap him back in the face for the many years of being a harassing asshole. - abusing all players indiscriminately and pulling up managers for kids and mums simply watching him.

His reign is over.


Vega player is stronger from last week!
Cody Player is stronger from last week!
Chun Li back and stronger!
New Boxer - (the really aggressive one)

a new promising player Akuma that came last week, keep coming!

We got a bit of a community on Saturday arvo (around 2pm afterwards)

& 2 cocky (good spirited) players who has put out an invitation for Sunday casuals after 2pm (more like 3pm)

COME OUT COME OUT. Street fighter is street fighter!

Dave: i agree with what you said about Tony's chunli. He's became much stronger, tougher to beat. Last sunday he got like 30+ win streaks when i got there. You guys need to catch up! :) and so do i! The last time we played, he just figured me out and i made so many mistakes out of frustration! Will try to be patient against his pokes next time, eventhough its hard! :)
The Honda and Sagat guys that you mentioned, i think that they used to play in the city. I know a guy or two had came to Hp to play now since bluehouse is closed(?). No wonder there're longer waiting time on Sat! Good for the scene!!

Nah wrong Chun Li - Bao, its the other Chun that i was talking about, however Tony has levelled up much more than before.


I went on Friday and played against a pretty good Sakura. Saturday is always fun with lots of people.

A lot of you guys are not doing big damage on punishing instead of just a sweep or throw. I also notice a lot of people are afraid of blocking hence the mashing.

The 2 Sagats used to play in the City. One of them is Khanh aka "The Statue". Play him and you'll know what I mean. The other has slightly more skill but yet does the same thing. Jump back and play sniping. I love it when I play their game better than them.

The hat guy aka "Master" sure hypes up the atmosphere if you have the right people there LOL. TBH, he don't deserve my respect with the way he plays and acts. I remember a few years back, he taunts me when he is winning. He still does it now, not a surprise. So I don't feel sorry for the 'attention' he is getting though.

If you guys need tips or have questions, just ask. Heads up, I'm not that technical.

Thanks Kechu, ill make sure ill get the guys to open up with you more and there is Chun for Technical , so its all good.

Half of the players there are still quite new, so it comes with the territory mashing ;p.

doing my best to give annoying tips here and there to everyone about their characters.

lol hat guy's "attention"

Hat Guy is obviously the only one there who's not a total dick.

I hereby endow him with the SojiOkitaAU™ seal of approval.

You have my full support, Hat Guy. Stay strong.

bro full support is best expressed by being there for him, on a Saturday arvo ;p


Good observation, Ketchu! Alot of guys there arent good at punishing nor knowing which moves are punishable. Many regulars love attacking and they focus more on landing a combo/ultra than blocking/footsy, thats why they hate grapplers lol.
So Khanh came out of his retirement again :) not really sure who the other sagat is...but to be fair, sagat gotta play the get away game to be effective imo.
Hat guy never deserve the respect from me either, but i wouldnt hate/bully him like some. Hate his playstyle though :)
Its good to see someone knowledable joining the scene and give tips!

other Sagat is a new guy, he comes late on Sats, he needs someone to discuss and practice with, good guy. - Ive tried to convince him to play Ryu.


- played another E.Honda as well 2 weeks ago, does the same double hand slap, very good player.
- young guy who plays e.ryu/ryu/akuma/cammy - is back and plays solid as well.
- also another solid Ryu comes late, very consistent.
- another player improved his Blanka play.

yeah im the main guy player at Hp. mainly saturdays. Which character did you play with? as I cant even recall a match i had with you?

Btw, im pretty sure i got you on an online account list, not sure if it was ps3 days or pc/xbox. - cant remember who you played with?

didnt even know you were even local bro  :o - thought you were an interstate player online or something.

Yeah I remember your name too and also cant remember if it was on PS3 or 360, im thinking PS3.

I was there on a Thursday night.
I was using Dudley with the plan on switching to Guy once he was defeated but u, or the person I was vs'ing beat me too it.
So i picked Ibuki instead, not a fan of mirror matches.

Such a pity theres pretty much Zero chance that HP will get Ultra, seems like its starting to flourish down there.

I remember on Thursday, bro I wanted to tell you i loved your execution and efficiency when you played with Dudley after i lost with Evil Ryu.

I normally would perservere but i knew you were on a different level hence switching straight to Guy. -

Fark I would of loved a mirror match, its quite rare i even come across another Guy player at all!

You should come on Saturday (or Sunday) - another Dudley is here as well. (not necessarily mirror but come play)

Yeah its abit of a downer no Ultra is coming, there must be some way to get it here man.


I played Chun Li (Strong) more a couple weeks back and i got smoked hard - i think he was playing low key first couple meetings but moved it up a different level last time we had several matches, all i can say is Incredibly TOUGH.

and he also introduced his cammy. OMFG! got many players flustered that day.
- Also someone new E.Honda past 3 weeks -> pianos beautifully the hundred hand slap and is very dangerous with E.Honda, tough opponent who downloads you quite easily. You will recognize him by his signature "double hands" more so than ending the first "hands" with standing hard kick.
Shout out to

Cody/Adon(currently learning)!
Ken/Ryu! - Solid all rounder!
Former/Guile/M.Bison -> Tough Bison Now!
EvansGambit - Zangief - Bro you upcoming! Top Stuff!

Played 2 Sagats on the weekend, Come out more often!

Also Kechu kicks everyones ass. ;p - Thanks for the tips on the weekend overall.

conchuatz Do u play Guy often?

Went down a week or 2 ago with the missus and had a few games with a friendly chap who played a pretty mean Guy... and Seth and another character before that too I think. Sorry, I have bad stoners memory  :P Might have even been E.Ryu.

yeah im the main guy player at Hp. mainly saturdays. Which character did you play with? as I cant even recall a match i had with you?

 Btw, im pretty sure i got you on an online account list, not sure if it was ps3 days or pc/xbox. - cant remember who you played with?

didnt even know you were even local bro  :o - thought you were an interstate player online or something.

Dave: my gief required os? Lol dont know about that but one thing i know for sure is you gotta get me annoyed/frustrated then you'd get an easy win :)
KellyNuts: its him, the friendliest, chattiest guy there :p there were couple regulars missing on that date, otherwise there'd be a waiting turn. Welcome to highpoint btw :)

i was about to say there is  :P, but just double checked, your spd, suplexes and special grabs are 2 frame start up.

which i only found out just now lol.

yesterday was fun with the exception of vs-ing your Gief.


No, Highpoint only has AE 2012 because Ultra is only on Nessica cabs, which no one in Australia can get.

does this mean no ultra for arcades in aus?

the old ae 2012 cant be updated?

damn might have to push a kickstarter or somethin for hp


This cody player you speak of, is he asian?

is that the asian who called me today? :p

nah wrong one

Zangief is a hard match up for Guy i know but its winnable. Trust me, zangief got some as bad match up! You gotta play more lame, Dave! :) you play the most honest game out of the regulars and i think that would hurt your winstreak :)

Yes, i heard good things about that Vega player and i neva got a chance to play him yet :( really wanna know hows the matchup like for my Zangief....oh well. You guys just have too much fun on Sat :) oh and have you ask the boss about the usf4 upgrade?

i know you're suppose to but i always crack with your specific Zangief. your Gief requires option selects. im too ignorant about it, however the regular Chun player there motivates me to learn it - ill eventually ask him.


The Hat guy has so many haters. Maybe if he taunts less, people are going to respect him a little more. Just a thought and I don't think it will happen.

I don't mind old school sticks but I hate it when the machine is inclined at an angle and buttons are differently spaced. That will definitely stuff up executions. Oh, and the machine is too big. Waste of space imo.

So what are your win/lose ratios to those players you mentioned (in order for the titles Strong, Deadly, Dangerous, Brutal and High Regard)?

i honestly feel for him man, (at the same time resenting his attitude) i feel he could be great, but his stunted by growth (since vanilla) because  his unaware of all the finer fundamentals and his english is lacking.  you cant knock (even though everyone mocks) his loyalty and the hrs he puts into the game. im pretty sure he doesnt have anything outside of sf.

the execution at his level, is pretty darn good (Balrog) -

- if he understands meaties, plinking, option selects and understands the finer strategies of the game abit better.  - he wont be so hated for his crass gameplay, i believe he will play more refined, just need a better viet interpreter besides my yr3 level viet.

i know everyone hates him & he will always be neurotic, but its my goal to get him up to speed.

ive been patient with him, been nice to him, even when friends wanted to plot and rough him up, taught him new shit and it has always been thrown back in my face.

i dont mind him there, he attracts new players, he puts that fire in your belly.


lol you are really curious about this Kechu and for win/lose ratio, i lose way more than win of course.

Brutal & high Regard: you hack at weaknesses to see what other options/strategies they have, you create panic with an aggressive play style, you exploit panic and your offense at times is unrelenting. your experience enables you to "categorize" certain player behaviours and actions.

Vega - i only beat him in the beginning, but he came back familiarized the match up almost instantly after that for weeks and when he punished, it seemed effortless. - not only me, several others couldnt grasp his Vega and all he did was play quality footsies. hence "dangerous"

Rose & Cody - they know their characters so well, they dont seem to need to know Guy to beat me, they know how to dish out the damage and understand frame traps and exploit it. hence their titles. - i know i will be in deep shit when they figure Guy out.

Strong Chun - because i dont see him as much and dont play him for long enough when he is there, compared to everyone else above, a great player i wish i had longer time to play against, i havent been winning against him at all.

my intent of these titles is to "provoke" other players to come out :P

Ah Dave, good to see you here! :) Agreed with you everything except the beast thing! You guys just play it wrong against Zangief, thats why. Gotta 'less hitting buttons and jumping'lol :))
With the players you listed, i wanna vs the Vega guy the most! Too bad hes only coming out on Sat. Till next time, Dave!

I think we all squirmed at HP when you had a knock down Bao back then. my match ups improved with everyone else except Zangief Match Up with Guy.

Vega player is in sync with the character, his footsie game is his greatest strength, he doesnt fly around the screen, yodelling & jumping off walls to intimidate like i do. ;D

Hey Bao! - dont lie about scrubby Zangief, you know you can beast everyone there!

- Can you elaborate by the meanings of Strong, Deadly, Dangerous, Brutal and High Regard?  :P

- 7 Cabinets is a funny number to have. Are they willing to get more? or the least have all of them identical?

- You still haven't told me names


Kechu - This is just how I feel after an X amount of times I played against these characters and players, with the Guy match Up mainly when I lose and how quickly they pick up on my habits and what they exploit and how quickly they adapt, etc.

Not to discount the others players as I have much respect to the other players as well with the exception of "Hat Guy" because he is just an overall hater everyone loves to hate. The top 2 Dudley & Chun Player are regulars and they are brutal in their game with great execution.

Names?  I wont mention other peoples names on a forum, people open up if you are regular and sincere there.

however, Hat Guy likes to be called "Si-Fu JawWWw Dare" (Cho De) if you arent afraid of him.


Have asked the manager about the machine variety and its number and he told me some people prefer the oldschool style machine, ie me! :) and 7 machines so you would get dif challenger each game. Tbh i like his idea!
Dave: you missed out the Feilong/Ryu guy, hes a regular these days. Heck he even comes on sunday!

The Boss told me he was going to get 6 in total before he settled with 5, but I said NO! because at the time I was afraid that if you got 6, there will be no rotation. (Winner will be stuck with same person) so the odd number kind of, leaves the winners to advance and losers sent to wait in the "queue"

And yes still my request to leave the old school buttons in and there is only one with the old plastic shaped joystick. (I only stopped playing these recently because it became slower, because they moved the "master" out of this cabinet into the lower styled cabinets. -

Yes you are right, Fei Long/Ryu is very strong as well!

also a Blanka Player who doesnt come often either.

Till Next Time Bao!

beat you to this awhile ago. - I think I know your Zangief? I (was) maining guy but use e.ryu.

Yeah. Did you wear a hat or cap?

Sadly, haven't been there as of late - due to other commitments.

Plus, I lack major SF theory, don't know many match-ups, if any at all!!!

I'll be able to recognise your face if I think that's who you are. Top bloke. The dude that plays Guy. And the other dude, playing evil ryu is great too. Top players.

PS: Would like to join you all at dyon, west footscray. However, I have to socialize on the weekends. Perhaps some time when I studied the game in depth.

Bro very nice to see your Zangief is evolving so quickly! Much Respect for putting in the work, just keep grinding your match up knowledge and experience is getting closer and closer together.  Great Stuff!

I was there last Saturday and it was great fun.
I'm trying to match faces to names and characters

lol Kechu, was that me and you in the Makoto and Guy match? nice to meet you.

btw dont mind me when im giving tips to others, im just trying to raise everyones game so we can all evolve, learn and play more advanced.  8)

Wad down briefly Saturday afternoon and was impressed. Had a quick game and some dude was nice and said to come along on the weekends. Good to see people being welcoming.

were you Gouken? if so that was me, we all good people down here man.

hmm i go sunday after 12ish and its empty =[ might try again after 2pm then.

Every time i play him he just hits you like 2-3 times to get a life lead, then rest of the time hes running back wall to wall...
Makes me not want to even vs him anymore, he can combo and all so why not play properly instead of running and buying time to be annoying and the unnecessary loud cheers from his buddy just makes it that more annoying.

he is cocky like that Kyou and for his friend, come Saturday arvos and once you get talking with people there, your concerns about them will be nothing. Come meet us and you will no longer be annoyed with him :)

I go sundays too but barely anyone is there =[

also i reckon the Hat guy is ruining the game

I agree with Bao, play him for awhile and you will figure him out. he has set habits and patterns you will eventually see.

Lol he is the reason you SHOULD go there. He is that Old school player who has been around for years and should be your goal to silence him and get better. dont take him personal, street fighter is all he got Kyou, i know, last time he was beasting with Balrog , dude took off his jacket and the back of his shirt said "Worlds best Street fighter"

Come Saturday arvos and meet our little group, if you got sportsmanship about playing, its all good!

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