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Who's this guy pretending to be Niah who gets mad salty when you OS his dumb flips?

It's hilarious that he gets so mad but I feel bad for anyone who feels like impersonating Niah would be an improvement to their situation  :(

but abels do get bullshit wins...

I only played Abel once.


Sad Nerd City
Population - 1

Also SOJ, come back you soft cock.

Why? Who gives a fuck about someone who can't win anything with a top tier character and fucks with v-sync so he can complain about lag more?

Go watch some Low Tier God videos if you're that desperate for a fix.

For you, the day Soji Okita showed up to your tournament and lost 2 games was the most important day of your life, but for me it was Saturday afternoon.

Not quite. For me it was fucking hilarious.

Shoutouts to Weng.

I'm down for that.

Man up and money match him, shut the fuck up, or just change your name to SojiOkita0-2 and wear the shame.

LOL, that Arnold guy is a cartoonishly stupid person.

He is total, total, complete and utter, skilless shit. I mean honestly, pure fucking garbage at the best of times, but he is under the impression he's quite good ROFL.

I almost feel sorry for him.

He claims to have won 3 "national majors" (LOL). If that's true, it's a testament to what a joke that is. I think perhaps winning two consecutive games at a small time arcade in LA is a more meaningful accomplishment than winning a "national major" in Australia. Certainly that's the case if this moron isn't simply inventing stories.

Money match him.

Muzz, I'm not sure how much of the PC forum you read, but this is something Soji is very vocal about: he does not claim to be good, nor does he often claim to be better than most people. He just claims that almost everyone in Aus is garbage. It's not personal pride so much as universal contempt.

It's entirely personal pride. The only time he shit talks anyone is after they stomp holes in him.

Actually for the record there was more to it than that. In my match vs stekoh. In our match my stick stopped working. I got a crumple on him go to dash ultra another move came out which then lead to him taking the round off me in the last game. I showed stekoh and the organizers that one of my buttons died and stekoh still took the round. It was poor form on his behalf to take a round that he was clearly about to lose cos we were both on about 50% health and the ultra would have cornered him and i had 2 ex meters. So did i crack it because i lost? Or cos i have an ego? The answer to BOTH is NO. You don't take rounds from people when they have gotten a crumple which means free dash ultra especially when the stop the match and show you their button is not working. A player of average level wouldn't miss a  crumple into dash ultra let alone me. So Yeah that's why i cracked the shits and rightfully so as it was in the last game where i had just won the game before and had gotten the read. I was so disgusted and angry that someone would be willing to take a round from someone under those circumstances. Especially since i had the decency to not pause him mid combo in case my button was working so at the start of the next round i paused the game immediately and the button indeed was not working as multiple people who were there saw.

I didn't feel the need to come on here and blast him for it because frankly i got over it soon after. But thinking back on it he's still a scumbag for taking the round. And if he wanted to mm me with his abel i'd do it any day in a ft10

It's a tough break, but you've been around long enough to know how it works. Chalk it up to experience and move on.

Make it easier on yourself by coming to terms with the fact that Abel has massive comeback potential and there's no way to ever guarantee a win without a KO, especially since every scrub out thinks the new EX COD is the second coming and bashes that shit like it owes them money.

Anyway, you are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here. My performance and indeed attendance at SXC was and still is a non-issue.

Nah. He is (or was) marginally better at best. Personally I think I was the better player at that time, just not on that day and in that room. He might be much better now I'm not sure. He did quite well at Evo, far better than goofballs like Carnage have ever done.

And he's most definitely a hustler. Ask him yourself if you ever encounter him.

The only mountain here is the huge pile of L's you're talking shit from the top of.

I see Sailoo every other week. You don't know what you're talking about and need to go away.

Did anyone record it? I want to see Weng pop off.

Not sure, but there was a MM where I lost 0-5 to a Guile player which was recorded. That I remember. That was a much bigger deal for me. And that I know I would've lost even if I was totally comfortable with the setting. Wouldn't have been quite such a gutting but I'd have lost. But I thought he was going to play Ken, if I knew he'd have picked Guile I wouldn't have MMed him. I don't know what name you guys know him by but that guy is a hustler.

lol no he isn't. He's just a lot better than you.

Did anyone record it? I want to see Weng pop off.

Even Weng thinks it's hilarious that you lost to Weng.

Stop talking until you know what the business end of a bracket looks like.

P.S Nobody is going to help you talk shit on Carnage. He's a good player and person, whereas you're neither.

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] Good Games Weeknight Casuals
« on: June 06, 2014, 04:46:37 PM »
I have one of the old school ones but my xbox needs it too. I'm on the way from Usyd now. Should be there. soon.

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] Good Games Weeknight Casuals
« on: June 06, 2014, 03:41:21 PM »
I have my Xbox with ultra. No sticks.

All my stuff is on a USB key as well, so we might be able to get ultra running on one of the GGs set ups if there's some way to scam it into letting a profile run on two machines at once.

What time do people normally start to arrive?

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