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Hey dudes, I was thinking of getting back into street fighter, and I was wondering what the best time was to try and get games on xbl. Does the community regularly jump on at any particular time or day, like weekends only? Or is it more a free form people just jump on whenever during the day, afternoon, night etc. I haven't played since AE2012 and super keen to get some games.

i've played a handful of times over the last 20 days n these are from my 'recent community' list:
EmpathicGenie7, missamelia121, ChaosQuiche, Chenchen5437, X JOSHU4 X, CatchallToe79, Phar40h, SheetBuzzard386, dutchmonie, REHAMED, Barbz81, SHORYU GAME, DIBBLY DAVID (mostly SF), Hammy Bee, Matty doopla, Im Choppa, StruckTadpole26, Uliqmadik .. Subiiaaco, Omoi Hecki (mostly destroying people in SF), MAGNUM Ego, kasta nc (mostly SF), SkyhookDM, KYUUBI MODE au (mostly SF, rmainly ranked, leaves after 1 loss in endless), MetallicCake, Buckshot Sundae, Koukiyu, KellyNUTS (plays anything)

most of the guys above play more than one game, so you'll have to msg them n organise a time to play SF specfically :)

from my friend list:
Chinaustralia, Fimbler (original), GivenGiraffe204, hung123, mysteryz82, R0bsux, ReasonedSpider4

^ these guys, like myself, prefer offline to XBL or PC but if you're looking for practice n you see these guys online, then they'll most likely be playing SF.

yeah I can believe there's a lot more players on PC. The circle of players I normally play on XBL are quite good, better than myself at least.

I might get a PC version later when I actually upgrade my PC.

Genkibot (reigning OHN SF4 champ), Renzuo, Sildenafl, Carnage, Zgnoud, Somniac, ToXy, Genxa, CFR, AfterDeath, ShangS n Derrace are the challenging players that we're missing on XBL but even then, some of those guys jump on XBL every so often. Don't think ToXy plays online anymore but hey, don't really know what all the other lads are up to either.

If you're playing against Sol, Rob, CFR, ShangS, ChinaAustralia, n NTD or any other guys mentioned above that switch around then imo your'e alright. Even then, you're into your offline scene in Syd so the need to get SF on PC isn't really necessary is it? Though it doesn't hurt to have it on PC since it's cheap n if you don't mind downloading it.


^ hey HW, have you been playing much SF4 lately? If you're free sometime sunday morning or midday then let's do a set vs you Sagat Akuma n Ryu. Yeah? n_n

Madenka, join in too if you're free? Rob, you keen too? ~ Morning midday SF4 Sunday sesh, leggo!

GGS Madenka, was a solid set which I'm thankful for. GGS Rob, thank you for the solid sets during past few weeks.

yeah, was a lot of fun n thanks for the defense tips CFR. n the combo tips from GDMS were helpful too.

ggs to DK, CFR, GDMS n Dibbly David.

edit: decided not to feed the hate.

NTD, thanks for illustrating the highlighted point which you indirectly validated. the iorny.

step 01- admit flaws, argue n discuss them n acknowledge certain facts whilst understanding different ways to view them
step 02- is happening but a new thread about it would be better

hi. we suck! oh, well uh:
- 100 relevant reasons
- 100 legitimate excuses

AU is ASS at SF4 pages: HB became GDLK so why can't the rest of AU do it - composition/devision flawed logic, which can be countered with the fallacy fallacy rebuttal, however, reasonably speaking, 001 person out of 200 accomplishing so much with so little in AU isn't a strong enough argument as to why it should be possible for everyone else to emulate HB's mentality, skill n success. next is this "what inspires and motivates you? money? fame? kudos?" discussion where OZH members are preaching their perspectives subjectively as if their definition of success is the only one available.

So where do i think we are going wrong? I believe its really two things. Approach and Mind state.
yup, pretty much it. HW, IMO, nails it with the "approach and mindset"which were two subjects that HW touched base on BUT IMO these two subjects are reflected throughout the course of this thread by the mentality n attitude towards leveling up the AU FGC, which is a defeatist one since there's more discussion towards nonperformance rather than a discussion which models a primary objective which is centered towards leveling up the AU FGC.

Problem Solving > Problem Discussing

*SS n OHN is one way of tackling some of these issues -FGCOMMUNITY EVENT-
*casuals, console sessions, your own regular FG group, OZH + SRK -FG FORUM- covers the information aspect
*players discuss AU weaknesses and then eliminate them - which can be done online and offline
*IMO SF4 stream like the Shadowloo one with commentators

most of you guys will probably read this and shoot holes through this comment with but but but but and oh oh oh oh n might wanna dispute or discuss the side issues said rather than the main point i'm making. discussion on why AU SF4 is ASS (problem discussing) has had enough time (20+ pages) n IMO it's time for a new thread (Problem Solving) by a tourney player about strengthening the AU FGC methodically.

his spacing stands out. solid rush down game. he'll troll me with random uppercuts forever.

mostly a player of reads confidence and patience imo, has other strengths like reactions and good footsies but i mean his core style

he plays a dp character. Like Heavy says he kind of just takes a lot of gambles, one's that you wouldn't really expect from someone considered a top player. Sometimes I find it hard to distinguish a really good read and just some fucking random shit that paid off.  :P It get's a bit blurred with me. Thing is you can do that same shit back to him and the matches start to get a bit one dimensional, either guess right or guess wrong

appreciate the feed back! i think that GDMS n NTD summed Shang based on online exp whereas HW exp is mostly offline yeah, generally speaking that is. imo everyone is on point with own exp with him. thank you guys for giving me some insight into how Shang plays. cheers!

... Shadowloo Showdown 2013 trailer titled "Just Beat It". The most original, inviting n hype SF trailer i've ever seen. no in-game footage just the AU FGC in all it's glory. a trailer that can't be beat ...

GGS to everyone i played yesterday - gdms, hammy bee, sashmi, backhand, mulidragon, xxazizlxx

I don't mind Sakura (apart from that j.hp) or E.Ryu. The thing I like playing about Sol is that if he see's you doing something (focus/backdash) he starts to punish it straight away on the flip side he's smart enough to do those things himself until you start punishing it. 

He's one of a select few blokes that you actually have/get to use/practice OS and reads. As opposed to playing just straight forward reactionary based basics (like most of XBL).

Robsux is the same, Heavy etc etc.
hey, do you think that Shangtsun plays similar to what you were saying? sometimes i think that Shangtsun doesn't often option select but react : / maybe that's a bit 'out-there' but i'm sure he's either making a read, delayed os, delayed punish or legit os. imo Sol's footsies are as good as Robsux but with the mind games of CFR, although CFR mind fucks me, especially if he's on mic laughing. .

One thing, that stands out about Sol is that he'll play an entire set solidly, even if he's destroying you n you start whiffing specials he'll stick to his game plan. that's a characteristic that's rare in australia n reminiscent of HB - that winner's mindset.

I like playing Sol too, proper SF. I get mad salt sometimes though, just cause he's so fucking irritatingly good.
proper sf? he uses ibuki, evil ryu n sakura n abuses all the things you say you hate about the game lol

@previous comment, yeah one thing i like about Somniac is that he's gdlk at SF4 n Marvel which is pretty good for aussie standards. would be cool to see more of the SF4 guys checking out marvel n KoF ... cough Robsux, CFR n Sol

Pretty sure Boss logic is one of Sols accounts.

Picks snowy rail yard = Sol  ;D
pretty sure that BossLogic owns the account which he shares with his brother Sol. n true, Sol does seem to pick that stage a lot, never noticed until now

i'm glad you can look at  that match n the other matches objectively rather than checking one out (lag) n running with that. agreed, it was late at night n playing on pad, for me, is really hard not to mention we were both playing very casually. there will always be lag n i'd hope that in 2013 that people would understand that the distance between both parties will affect the match. that said, you're not ass (aus SF in general is ass) n we've had ranked matches in the past where you've destroyed me. luckily these were casual games in endless with no points on the line. online is free oh n um, random select matches are bleh fun

speaking of ranked, BOSSLOGIX replays are sexy. check em out if you get the chance n or play against him. he's a combo video king.

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