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LOL @ MuzZTekK.

Strong contender for the award of most pathetic idiot.

I like how I just read Muzz complaining on facebook about you, come here and see you complaining about him, haha

My volcano stage background just glitched like crazy in an endless, all the colours were messed up and weird pixels in the background, then steam crashed to desktop in the 3rd round

10/10 would like to see again

Tried some games out today, connections felt a lot better after that costume patch, wonder if they did anything?

gotta agree about PC too, when its running perfect it really is the best way to play the game


Ah yes, the backdoor prince, the Beng of Bengs, the Soji Killla.

PC players are still the same array of gutter trash and garbage we've come to expect over the years. The game may have changed but the players haven't. Basically without exception all of you are total shit.

This can actually be extended to apply to PS3, XBox and offline players too.

I've missed this  :BibleThump:

dam, is that a young freerider? ^
yes u lose to that!!!
hate to see what u looks like on the other side :p

hahaha, you funny bastard

ggs the other night

Just got my ultra copy on steam, I'll be around now and then, game still sucks though  :BibleThump:

edit: I miss the old upvote feature, gam gam pls

dam, is that a young freerider? ^

I started a drinking game last night.

Every time a rog starts the round with turn punch into light dashing, I only lasted 3 games  :BibleThump:

its basically a pad hack, so you would need:

-an old stick (i had an old TE lying around with a broken pcb, I just gutted all the wiring inside.)

-xbone controller (taking the stick, buttons and cover off and using the board as the new pcb)

-mini usb cable (I also picked up a usb extension cable for some extra length)

theres lots of soldering involved, so its something you can only really do if your confident with it.

So yea, you'd have to weigh up the options and price, it would be about $300~ to pad hack, or you could buy a KI stick and hv it shipped to you (approx $350~)

def a big investment, games worth it  ;D (im pretty biased though)

hey dude,

- Yup theres a scene online, its not quiet as big as it was on release but theres plenty of regulars (15-20 players) and a good 5-10 new players learning the game. Season 2 will bring a lot of people back.

- Online is perfect, i'd say its even better than sf4 net code, online is a great place to practice, hell, the winner of BAM was an online player at his first tournament.

- atm, the madcarz xbone stick is the only official stick that can be used, but razer and hori are both releasing theirs very soon (hori might even be xbone+ps4+360+ps3). I personally use a modded xbone controller inside a tournament edition stick, works very well. If your looking to mod one I believe the melbourne guys will have a moder at their HQ now and then, otherwise you might be able to send one to a moder through the mail.

hope this helps!

Anyone interested in playing some KI, search for 'AUS Killer Instinct' on facebook, active group where we all look for games and talk about updates and share tech

Gam Gams a bully  :'(

Iv'e really missed the Niah bashing.

Brings a tear to my eye  :'(

Less QQ more pew pew  8)

Popes quick a$$ internets

I live like 2-3mins away from your house and I can't get anything that fast =( the NBN literally goes around my house by 20m......  :-[

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