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What about downloading Ultra on PSN by creating an american account and getting it from their store? I'm keen to know if it will work but i've never had to make an international account

might work but what's the point, playerbase will be fuck all.

xbl is where it's at for ultra until the retail release.

Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / Re: Killer Instinct - XB1
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:08:53 PM »
How long does it take to get a matchup in this game atm?

Still torn between systems. With SF4 getting an update then it might be worth holding off until all the bugs are ironed out.

XB1 seems to have far better release games though.

Release games don't really mean shit 2 years down the track though.

Also Capcom are obviously doing something SF related with Sony, probably SFIV Ultra for PS4 but who knows....

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: December 01, 2013, 05:22:01 PM »
It doesn't really look like a balance patch. It's another game.

That's why it's Ultra SFIV and not Super SFIV AE 2014.

If Capcom could get away with it they wouldn't even offer an upgrade path from Super/AE to Ultra. But they copped too much heat over SFIV > Super and MVC > UMVC3 even though other fighting game devs like ASW get away with worse.

And seriously lifting Supers from Art of Fighting and putting them into Turbo was a bigger change for the SF2 series than anything in Ultra. Imagine if SFIV had no ultras and than Super introduced them.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: November 23, 2013, 06:37:41 PM »
that increased lp spiral range better be a nerf so i can bloody punish it...

meanwhile, vega gets nothing as usual

da fuck?

Vega can hit confirm into Ultra 2 off c.lp
can link into ultra 2 off
ex dp invincible
df hk quicker and +2 on block instead of -3

Tweeted By Kim1234.

Juri Yang Vega (Claw) are the MVP's in tokyo for today.

Uyro impressions translated by Shouta on neogaf.

Claw - Quite buffed. Adding invincibility to EX Terror might be a bad idea. He looked really strong. With Delayed Wake-up, it's harder to vortex him too.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: November 22, 2013, 03:42:57 PM »
USD dat translating beast getting all the ultra changes up.

lol @ red focus being fucking useless.

Ken for top tier not counting the new characters since Poison is like a super souped up Fei Long atm.

Vortex characters have to make do with techable knockdowns? Yeah!

I like people who tech Cammy's spiral arrow knockdowns, just saying people will adapt. Really need to see the lenght of time between the new delayed wake up and normal wake up for hard knockdowns, like Cammy has setups for people who tech spiral arrow knockdowns and if they stay down they go straight into another setup for the now hardknockdown.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: November 17, 2013, 01:24:07 PM »
So many changes; should have just called it SF5 and update the models for 1080p res. Hah.

If they called it a new numbered game because of a few new mechanics than sfiv would've been sf8.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: October 26, 2013, 05:17:44 PM »
A few more things to add.

EH_jason24cf ‏@Jason24cf 24 Oct

Ok since Red Focus is out here are more USFIV changes. Sagat get his vanilla LK, guile has 4fr U1 that autocorrects, 3fr air grab.

EH_jason24cf ‏@Jason24cf 24 Oct

Juri gets bigger Hitboxes on most of her normals as well as frame adjustments to speed up her normals. U2 has a bigger hitbox, use for AA

If you don't have a very damaging Ultra as it stands its completely pointless.

Removing options is not pointless. Look @ how Haitani used Makoto's Ultra 2 as an escape against Juso Sakura's corner setups/pressure @ TGS (which were good enough to body Xian and Infiltration). Using double Ultra for Mak gives him the exact same benefits as well as giving him a 214-316 ultra after karakusa, which is more than he can do if he was meterless or mid screen with meter (just guessing on that last one, not sure how it scales after karakusa as well)

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: October 25, 2013, 04:23:20 PM »


Whether it's Combofiend or still Seth they probably would've put it in regardless. It's still Ayano or whoever he put in charge as battle director (some other Japanese dude) game.

Not like Capcom didn't use to change mechanics up in prior revisions, SFIV revisions have been quite restrained in that aspect. 2nd Impact added ex moves, throw tech and personal actions. 3rd strike added red parry. Alpha 1 to 2 removed chain combos (mostly) and added custom combos and gave everyone two alpha counters instead of one. Alpha 3 added isms and changed how throws were done.

If anything it's long overdue for IV, the only changes in 3 revisions so far has been a second ultra option, and wall bounce options for a couple of characters.

1 character has to have the best DP in the game, Seth has it, and it still can lose to CAMMYS DP, ADONS DP from experience. Grow a fuckin set of BALLS NTD you STUPID BITCH. BAIT THE FUCKIN DP IF HES ABUSING IT MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seth's DP loses to Cammy's? Da fuck are you on.


Light - 1~4f invincible
Med - 1~5f invincible
Hard - 1~5f invincible
EX - 1~6f invincible


Light - 1~7f cannot be thrown, 1st hit cancellable
Med - 1~7f invincible, 1st hit cancellable
Hard - 1~7f invincible
EX - 1~22f invincible

Cammy's got the lowest damage and invincibility frames in the entire cast in regards to DP.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: August 03, 2013, 04:34:02 PM »
-Faster walk speed.
-Crouching Hard Kick has a shorter start up.
-Standing Light Punch combos into Crouching Hard Kick now.
-Ultra 1 does more damage when it connections without the full animation playing.

WOW ken is looking good for 2013 :) thats if they dont change him before release.

Now waiting for evil ryu, what ryu needs

- his HK sweep to start up quicker and to recover quicker on block.

- his teleport to be further like akumas

that is all for evil ryu.

Ken will be Top 10 again like in AE, he's a mixup character without a way to get UTK, now he can again like in AE, keeps his AE 2012 buffs that were meant to replace combo into sweep (lol) and gets walkspeed buff to help his footsies.

Btw here's the list of changes that Combofiend said he was sending to Japan for Ken.


Crouch MK increase active frames.
Sweep be a little better. (let him combo into it from jab).
More damage on Shinryuken (Ultra 1).
Increased walk speed
(but with slight reduction to kara throw).
U2 horizontal range increased on the start.
HP Shoryuken damage increase.

I've bolded the changes that were confirmed @ Evo, pretty sure he'll get a Kara throw range reduction since Combofiend was adamant about that in the video he was discussing this in.

just before the 40 min mark he talks about Ken, Ryu (don't expect much buffs from Combofiends end lol) and Sakura.

Evil Ryu submissions from Combofiend from another episode of that, no idea which one but someone listed them.

Evil Ryu:

Lower hit box on F+MK

Improved cr. HK (possible recovery or start up changes)

Cr. MK better on block

LK Tatsu (Hurricane Kick) goes further on start up

Looking toward better recovery on Axe Kicks

Better Ultra 2

No one really took that much notices of these episodes when they came out, but considering a lot of changes they mentioned were confirmed, especially Ken and Chun Li...

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: March 27, 2013, 12:21:39 AM »
Anyway here's what I would change with Cammy.


Cannon Spike damage increased from 100 to 120. Still unsafe on block, still one of the worst dps as far as invul frames goes, 100 dmg is patheric, even Sagat got his buffed up a bit last patch. startups faster by 1 frame, reduce recovery of far mk and far mp by 1 frame
Spin Knuckle slightly faster, so it's only 95% as shit as it is now.
Can divekick out of hooligan throw.
fix her bugged chain cancels
crouch fierce to hit all crouching characters
Close hk is jump cancel-able, nah just kidding lol. maybe make it cause knockdown since I think this is the only normal move that is unsafe on hit that can't be canceled in the game.
Her ass, way to flat. fix that shit.


Remove unblockables. (Might be impossible due to the system though, would throw in a few more nerfs if this wasn't possible)
Cannon Spike Anti Air dmg toned down from 160 to 140, basically trading 20 dmg to the grounded part of the move. Also keeps scrubs from thinking her dp is overpowered because they got hit at the peak of their jump like a moron.
Spiral Arrow more frame disadvantage after FADC on block
Spiral Arrow more unsafe on block (already -17 but hey why not more)
heavy spiral arrow 2nd hit reduced to 60 dmg so the move is 40+60 instead of 40+80
far stand hk toned down by 10 dmg
ex divekick dmg toned down by 20
+ a few stun nerfs
remove ultra 2 from the game, it's dat damn good.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:09:15 PM »
Lol @ those Cammy changes, why don't you add delete character.

@ heavy

Don't worry about these lists, pretty sure capcom has already made their mind up and thus is just a pr thing. Some wander is going to list a change and think he influenced it.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: March 24, 2013, 05:50:57 PM »
Noone had an issue with Cammy in AE, infact most people called her shit which was far from the truth, though she clearly was inferior to her Super version (imagine Super Cammy with todays tech? lol) AE Cammy is the exact same as 2012 except they fixed how dumb they made her spiral arrow. Of course noone had an issue with Cammy than because Yun and Yang did the same shit but even easier, it was like why pick Elena in 3S when you can pick Chun instead, except Cammy was actually good.

Anyway I don't know what they'll do with Cammy, they can't revert her SA back to AE because that's just dumb,
Cammy's DP already sucks, low dmg (if you get hit by the high dmg top of the screen version, your fault lol), unsafe on block period, has horrible invincibility (seth normal dp >>>>> cammy ex dp), I expect her divekick to be given the SFxTK treatment, slow as shit but hey you can do it out of hooligan!

If they can fix unblockables she'll be fine if left alone, but yeah expecting Sfxtk divekicks for cammy and expecting the worst version of Cammy in the series, but considering she's been top 10 (or would've been) in every version, it was a good run.

Super > 2012 > Vanilla > AE

Sako and Allioune switched to her late vanilla, she would've been stupid as fuck if they had more time to work with her in that version, all she lacked was her crossup. Her stun and dmg output was ridic.

Also inc a lot of James Chen whining on streams.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: March 24, 2013, 02:28:05 PM »
Super Street Fighter IV Ganbare Daigo Edition Ver 2013

Buffs to Ryu
Nerfs to Akuma, Cammy and Fei Long

Lets win Evo + Next Topanaga league Daigo!
;p @ Infiltration, Fuudo and Xiahou

P.S Remember how salty as fuck Akuma and Fei Long players where at the start of 2012? You know before Fuudo and Infiltration proved that those two were still some of the strongest characters in the game, well boys lets get ready for a show since those two characters are going to get the shit nerfed out of them, for real this time.

SRK forums for them two are going to be lolz.

You're definitely right -- the game is still fundamentally the same SFXT we've been playing for a while. All the 2013 patch has done is turn it into what it effectively should have been. There haven't been any radical changes to the pace or the flow of the matches or anything, just a more refined version of SFXT. If you didn't like SFXT before, you probably won't like it now.

Pace is quite different to before, recoverable health change is big, the throw game is now seriously legit in this version since they've been sped up, fuck over rolls and now join Cross Arts in removing red life, health recovery gems got nerfed big time, the difference is massive compared to before. Dmg for a lot of characters got improved etc. Boost combos being unsafe on block is massive, changes to alpha counters also allow you to apply pressure better without the risk of ending up in a 400+ dmg combo. Pandora now being a comeback mechanic instead of joke.. and I think X Tekken's Vanilla's Pandora sucking means that comeback mechanics and now here to stay. As much as Ultras and X-Factor are stupid as fuck, they do enable a lot of hype... I'm sure Darkstalkers and Streetfighter V will ship with a comeback mechanic that is more viable than Pandora 2012...

I still get timeouts but they feel like normal time outs not "Oh there's 10 seconds left on the clock and i have 50% health left with my two and he has 80%, oh he's just jumping away for the last ten secs....". Game is way better, pity they got greedy with the DLC characters, if they had held them back for a disc update ala UMVC3 they could've gone even further with the changes than just a 4mb XBL live patch.

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