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Sorry I haven't posted here in awhile. Been busy since evo working and trying to get my cash flow back up... Having said that I think I'm definitely going to evo again next year so I wanted to see if there are any other people that want to try and make it as well?

Glad to see the pc version is bringing in new players. Where is age at? I will be home on the 9th and I will finally have my laptop ready to play so I can play some of the new guys and get a chance to use squiggly for the first time since going to salty cupcakes.

who should i subscribe to for good quality SG material and matches? currently subscribed to duckator, margarita, alex rivera and ddsoul (but he plays PS allstars now)

Besides those there is also

Mikezwastaken (Hasn't uploaded anything in a long time but the matches that are on there are still good)

This would actually be a good question for skull heart... There may be a few more resources that are updated that arent well known.

And of course ardlien


DIMEnsion eXit

Add me for some games, ive never gotten into arcsys games but teddy seems cool, i mash buttons with him and have no idea what im doing.

Eager to see how good or bad the netcode is though.

You guys should definitely go, it's always a good idea to give the game more exposure no meter how small... Someone might glance at the screen and see some uber combos or peacock pressure... Or something and be hooked...

Probably not... but theres a better chance than if no one plays at all.

mb or MB?

They are different things and usually everything is expressed in mb.

I have 1.8 or so MB to my house which correlates to about 18mb (18000kb)...  but that gets condensed as soon as it hits my wires and becomes like... Er slow.


Had a huge breakthrough today against age but much more is needed before im able to go even with him. Still, good set and games age... The rust is finally starting to come off.

My internet is ass right now, my rentals wires are all fucked... I get the highest speed internet available in perth to the cable, but in the home it slows to like 1.5-4.0 mb...

So yeah, not the happiest camper as i cant even download ps3 updates or anything without it taking half the fucking day... Sigh, still though i have a deent connect to you guys for the most part.

My work called and they want me in 19th-22nd. After that i have off till the 26th.

Looking to play as many games as possible in the interim as im getting very rusty, dropping all my combos, not going for resets, etc etc.

Ill be here till the 26th or so, so if anyone wants to play some games, let me know.

I'm on PSN as Age_of_Fools for the next week or so. Got the patch all sorted, just gotta get accustomed to the ps3 pad.

Why only for the next week?

Man im dying to release this new team ive got... It might be the cheapest team ive come up with so far... And so fun.

Hmmm... Still gotta learn to use it though.

Pea with boxcar,double with lk bomber,pw with

Peacock is straight cracked out on this team... Double and triple mixups from neutral/on hit... Near unblockable mixup from throw.

Double gets near unblockable from pw and has lots of meter cause peacock doesnt need any.

Double gunshot xx crossup car xx pw lvl 3 gets pw in with advantage and is hard to avoid...

Shit age, im flying up north for the next week in 6 hours... Oh well.


Played pichy again... Man that guys pretty good. Kicked my ass royally.

Hope the patch comes out  on xbox soon so i can play you guys again, im super rusty from lack of play :( though that doesnt have much to do with my losses.

So hows the sg going on on your guys end? Still getting mucho games?

What assist was folks using against you? Hairball would have been a major mistake.

I wrote a rather big even for me post... But unfortunately ipads are stupid and i accidentally hit the undo button without knowing it (big ol lack man hands not good for typing on small keyboards)

Suffice it to say that peacock is good for a number of reasons besides her awesome keepaway and runaway skills... Ive identified a number of patterns that im using that other people WILL BE USING in the future but arent now, that make her an even better character than what is currently seen... For instance peacock has almsot the exact same movement capabilities of val... Just without the speed. And she also has great blockbeaters... Like possibly some of the best lockbetaers in the game such as run up call assist, then teleport or wait for an enemy to jump at her and then call an assist and teleport... works well... I was doing the defensive version to age months ago and ive started to use the offensive version much more.

As well as other things that i dont really want to go into... But imho a well played peacock is the hardest character to out and out counter in the game... I just need to get to that well played part... I aint gonna lie, i probably dont have the skill to do it... But i think its possible, just needs a good player that can turn her offensive as well as defensive and mix and match those styles as appropriate.

I used to think fortune was a counter to peacock... I dont anymore... Fortune can fight peacock,but its for from a counter... The head is just very slow and gets torn a new asshole by by peacocks ground bombs. Val... Well i dont think shes that big a counter to peacock either.

She definitely counters a grounded peacock... But an offensive peacock that likes to charge to lvl2 or higher item drop? Or a peacock that knows how to keep away while using double jumps, ground dashes and double jumps into airdash?

Probably not.

I really think peacock may be the strongest assisted character in the game right now.

Though parasouls tears (not shots) may well prove a thorn in peacocks side. Tears cant be stopped except to hit parasoul. Tears have no hitbox till they explode and putting one out across the screen causes probs to a keepaway peacock imho.

Yeah you can do the s.LP reset, the thing is all you are doing is HOPEFULLY saving 1 meter. If you do a low, you only get a 1 Argus ending for similar damage as a normal combo into 2 Argus ender. If you do a throw, you actually do less damage.

All my reset is, is a relaunch into j.HP xx dash j.LK j.HK (Avery whiffs) into cross under (or over on heavy characters) or fake cross under/over. It's pretty difficult to reversal because you can make most air reversals that aim down whiff by moving forward anyway. (Maybe all) It's 50/50 but not super solid and you know it is coming because that relaunch would not be done if you are going for a 2 Argus ender.

EDIT: Actually you could forsake the combo on the reset entirely and get more damage if you do the low. Would basically be risking it all for the damage though, wouldn't much difference in meter (probably less because you lose the final chain)

Yeah the primary reason for the reset is to conserve on meter... I like my meter for easily converting otg hits into argus at neutral... Though since i use pillar now instead of  updo, ill probably be converting into full combo much more from a hit pillar... May make my argus conversions less needed.

As far as not being able to argusx2 off the low option of the reset... She certainly can and doesnt suffer serious damage scaling cause of the small starter. Its just, xx item hold xx argus... The best thing about this is that even if the combo started with an otg, the reset gives an otg back so the reset is great to use when converting from otg hits.

The throw option always goes into the throw 50/50 for unscaled damage... If you get blocked you dont waste meter on scaled throw combo. The only time i would do the throw into argus ender is if i knew that dhcx3 or less was a guaranteed kill... Otherwise its ALWAYS a better option to just 50/50

The only problem with that is the law of diminishing returns and basically having to run 2 separate 50/50s to get GOOD damage... But i digress, its still a decent option to know and wont always come up caus the throw option is t always going to be used, along with the fact that there is still a teleport mixup option.

I like my resets best when they are vast and because of that vastness are nearly unreadable, my second faborite type of reset is super safe ones where i cant really take damage for trying them except in rare cases.

Low/throw is unsafe as hell but when mixed in with even one other mixup starts to get "vast" and peacock has that with her teleport.

Win/win :)

I've finally found a decent Peacock 50/50 reset that works for me and is hard to reversal, but it requires a totally different combo so you can see it coming...

EDIT: It is also highly character specific anyway
Works on everyone except Double and Fillia, because nothing works on them...


Haha Peacock gets all of 350 damage for a way more difficult double launch combo...

Peacock resets? Those are easy!

Just do an uncombo into an assist then teleport and crossup... Simple as 1 2 3!

Easiest and favorite of mine is relaunch, delay invulnerable assist, teleport...

Also, her standard bnb goes into st.lp... We all know what standing lp that chains into a low can do dont we! Lol...

What im super excited about is i finally put together peacock in an all aspects kinda way as well as finally found a completely ambiguous 50/50 from her throw that is just as easy a hitconfirm no matter which side i go to... That is to awesome.

So... If you tell me yours ill tell you mine :)

"Evil dictator laughs"

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