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:Been a while, on holidays. Anybody up for some games i'm online now. holla  :dpf: :hp:

Heavyweapons all buttered up from CW~

Depends where you are starting from. If you are a complete beginner, the first point of call would be to learn how to do the special moves, so that you can perform them exactly when you want to do so. After you have mastered that, you have a repertoire of moves at your disposal, it is a matter of learning how to use them.

To begin, you probably want to watch a lot of videos to see how the experts are using their tools in a match. For example, when do they throw fireballs, how often do they jump (if at all), when would they use their ultra moves, what do they do on wakeup etc.

Probably you would also want to watch some tutorial videos about aspects of the game too. For example, cross counter's guide to ryu featuring air.

I literally cannot beat maxsze because of his wakeup ultra OS alt+F4 tech... prevents me from seeing the victory screen...

^Anytime man~ Yes Hugo is a lot better than what most people online think. I've joined a Hugo group on facebook and most people there complain about him needing buffs and stuff because they don't understand how to make use of his tools. Of course he has terrible matchups (Gouken, Juri, Dhalsim, Bison...) but he actually does fairly well against the rest of the cast.

Hey Niah, how'd you go this week on Thursday Night Throwdown?


also cran is big fat liar and everybody knows it

Thursday Night Throwdown results don't lie... Mr. 5th Place Forever :P

because I am a bit of a friend slut, everytime I jump on, whether 11am , 3pm or 9pm, there is always someone to play against.

add me for some sets.. i'm no shang tsung but i am confirmed > 5th place niah
steamid: cran pibae

just add everyone~ problem solved!

it's ok SPAMMERRR and Presto are playing... just jig the brackets so that they play Niah first Goodpart!

I handed over the reins to Goodpart!

Needs more advertisement Goodpart! Only 5 people have signed up so far!

at least that guarantees Niah 5th place....

screw you! also you didn't place higher then me! just because your tag starts with a "C"!

Which goes to show who is better at cranning!

Full TT7 Results:

1st Shang Tsung (Sakura)
2nd Somniac (Decapre)
3rd Phero (Gouken, Ryu, Guy)
5th cran pibae (Hugo)
5th Niah (Vega, Bison)
7th bksama (Evil Ryu, Poison)
7th FUNBUN (Ibuki)
9th Achilles (Rose)
9th X5|Presto (Ibuki)
9th The Assman
9th Zola (Sagat)
13th Bakemono (Sakura)
13th Keistar (Decapre)
13th Render (Cammy)
13th Stream Monsters
17th Dr. Boxface
17th Katabami
17th Rifai 187 (Ryu)

Congratulations Niah for your 4th consecutive 5th place result!

Last chance to enter TDT7 tonight guys!

Here is a preview of the crazy tournament we have tonight!

I'd only get it if there were cross platform play with PS3. If it has cross-platform play with Steam then it is even better, but I doubt it will (and if it only has cross-platform play with steam, I'll just stick with pc).

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