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Should i get this on ps3? only $25 but only if people play it?

Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / Re: New SFxT 2013 Rocks!
« on: February 06, 2013, 05:39:50 PM »
Yeah got my ass kicked by some dude who played Raven and Hwoarwang, Could not do shit.
So not fun at all. Raven really does take heaps of damage man.

Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / New SFxT 2013 Rocks!
« on: February 02, 2013, 11:14:14 AM »
So hooked on SFxT 2013
Fun factor went up a 1000.
It's so good, people really seem to like it also, Looking forward to it's future
So if you haven't added me yet on 360, then do it now

Tournament Announcements / Re: MK DIY FOR OHN11
« on: January 28, 2013, 07:43:23 AM »

This is the poster boy for all hate. I love the game, new characters r sick. This game is far from dead. Even if you try to kill it. I'm sorry it wasn't another AE clone. Love live SFxT.
I remember when people tried to kill SF4 when it came out. Because it wasn't 3rdS.
I'm ready for this to take over AE. It won't happen they say? You said same shit about AE many years ago. Change is inevitable.
Fix time already and I'll be happy.

I love the game. It gets hate I think cause it's not a sf4 clone. They may bitch and say that's not true? Sure sure. You have played sf4 for 5 years now. When they play a sf game that's different it all bullshit they say.

Jab jab jab they say when AE is mash jab jab jab jab.I love sf4 but have been bored of it for a while now. Played every sf ever created, thing pisses me off is, all my friends still one way or another. Still play xt like its AE? They bitch and complain that my combos never end. But if they practised a little they could do some crazy long combos them selfs. In the end they just stick to sf characters.

But that's not all my friends. I have heaps of xt players on my list, and I get my ass kicked, and they're playing everybody.Each to he's own but the amount of hate this game gets is just stupid. You hate the game,but u will watch all the combo videos and tourneys and bitch about it. Get over and play something u like.
I like a lot of fighters but going to stick with 3 fighters at the moment hardcore
MK9 SfxT and KOF13
All the rest I play but not spend time in training.
PS new dlc characters are sick. But fuck me they ripped us off. Fucking dickhead capcom?

I still play add me. Just busy lately. Also getting SFxT for ps3
Im trying to stick to a couple of fighters
Main 1s are
All the rest ill play but not spend any time in training mode.

Just got the game,it's a lot of fun. Looking for Aussies friends! Ad me
I play

This game is so much fun.

Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / Re: SFxT fans
« on: May 28, 2012, 12:48:41 AM »
Oh, wild horses couldn't drag me away from the UFGT8 stream, but SFxT is the least of the reasons why I'm enjoying it. While I actually really like playing the game (just not as much as playing Marvel), watching it isn't nearly as enjoyable (especially compared to watching Marvel ;D ).

Make no mistake, I shall attempt to wake myself up in the wee hours of the moring to watch the Top 4. But I'm failry sure I'll fail.

BTW, did you see the auction tournament? How much do you think people would've paid for Jwong and Zangief if they weren't stuck using Kuma?

I'm sure you're not the only person in the world, but you're the first I've heard of! I do have a friend who doesn't enjoy Marvel at all, but I think it's mostly due to his epilepsy.  ;)
I feel like the only person in the world that thinks MvC3 is boring as sin to watch, but good enough to play.
I do like Marvel, but after a couple of games I get bored, too much going on for me to get into it. I reckon if I got into the game a bit more,I would enjoy it more. It's not for everyone. I'm not a fan of the come back mechanic, but makes the games somewhat more hype to watch sometimes.

Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / [SFxT] SFxT fans
« on: May 27, 2012, 03:43:48 PM »
You SFxT fans. Should be watching UFGT8 Tournament this weekend.
Awesome matches! New tech, a lot of players entered SFxT 1on1
Around 100 players maybe more maybe less...

Always watch the replays if you miss it.

Also plenty of other games on also

Dive Kick! Lol

Games I'll be watching

What times do u normally play CHIEFMEGADETH?

GGs to kingtua the other day, and FightingGoose22 last nite.

Weekdays always at night after 6pm weekends if I'm home,then from around 12ish.
But just add me so we can play whenever...

a few guys in Canberra wanted to keep sfxt. But the most of us prefer to have more sf4, marvel and hdr.

The game has a lot of problems and adding a gem system when the fans said no. Well it showed capcom Japan doesn't listen to their customers.

personally to me sfxt feels like a mess with money gouging mechanic.

It would of been smarter for capcom to make a chibi styled street fighter smash brawl type game instead of an alpha 3 / darkstalkers / marvel / sf4/ 3s cross-breed.

I would like to see another iteration of marvel =)

Another Marvel is not gonna happen. I will eat my hat if it does.

Can you blame them for not listening to their customers? Ever read the SRK forums and front page comments? I've never seen so much stupidity and teen angst in one place in my life.

Also, a lot of us welcomed the gem system and I admire Capcom for standing behind their decision despite all the negative feedback.
I'm down for the gem system...if only they made it easy to pick em.
Get rid of the assist gems. Defeats the purpose of playing fighting games...
All the others seem good. they need to patch a Easier way to pick gems for tourneys.still annoying and slow.
Fix the time already other then that,it's a fun fighting game!

I reckon ppl jst hate sfxt is because they expect it to be like sf4

 Recycling the same character design frm sf4 was a mistake (IMO)
And bringing the same characters maybe ?a mistake too.

Dnt forget the frAme rate of the game. Idk ppl saying the game
Is slower?

What's slower? The combo links? The grabs? No no guy's it's sfxt not sf4.

The chain links and gems suck. I hate it

There are still hardcore  oldschool players that haven't moved
On And still grind it on sf 2 and 3s.

I guess if you playing the same game for years
It's hard to change.
I agree I have a bunch of SF4 players on my list,and it's only now finally they're getting into SFxT. because they finally got the mind set into SFxT and not SF4. it's starting to get fun...
There's still a couple that don't like it,but such is life.
It's not for everyone.
Just hate all the hate this game is getting. Because it doesn't play like sf4.
But dlc and shit rightfully so.they need to learn to stop treating us like there little money machines

We've had quite a split among our playerbase in Sydney since both Marvel and KOF have come out. 3S has also roped in a few curious folks. Tekken remains strong here, though the lack of a playable console release keeps those guys on an island of their own so to speak. We also have a few guys playing Skullgirls and Blazblue gets a look in at gatherings also.

SFxT we gave a chance here at our local gatherings and the interest quite simply wasn't there. At the subsequent meet it wasn't even mentioned. Even outside of that you have the clear drop-off in stream viewers once SFxT graces Twitch.TV for any major or broadcast tournament. The lack of enthusiasm for SFxT at YSB here in Sydney surprised me as I actually thought a few people would have been into it. We had one guy who was keen and another guy who was indifferent when we announced a tournament. Two people out of a room of 50.

Its hard to put a finger on (due to it being a result of many factors) but SFxT just plain hasn't roped in the players Capcom was hoping for or the community in general was expecting. At first it looked like it had potential (on release people flocked to it) but the general tone I noticed was that people just plain felt at odds with it after they sat down and hammered a bunch of games out. I think the lackluster online play didn't help it much either as it was difficult to settle into enjoyable games given the poor state of the netcode on release which is perhaps something important to nail down so the initial swell of players really get to sink their teeth into it.

Naturally nobody can dictate what is popular to play online and all that, but when it comes to the organisation of local events we do our best to cater to the games people want to play and to be frank, Marvel and SFIV remain the primary contenders by a large margin. In Sydney the number of people playing those games and coming to our events are continually growing which continues to surprise me - particularly with SFIV which I felt might begin to fall away in popularity. Instead, IV has almost stepped into classic territory with it becoming a respected title having earned its place in tournaments combined with the level of play really starting to mature at majors. Today's tournament in Canada was a great watch (for IV players).

From a purely personal perspective, I think SFxT is a poor fighting game that ironically showed serious potential when it was in beta and gradually began sliding downhill as more and more features were bolted on. Once Capcom rounded off the final features and pushed it live, a lot of folks got quite vocal about some of the goofy decisions that essentially killed the game for them. At the same time, I'm not a great fan of Marvel but I can appreciate what makes it a fun game for people to play. Marvel's fans are really into the game and its spawned a serious community around it  but I just can't see a widerspread draw to SFxT to be honest. It definitely has the seeds for something genuinely interesting, but it seems to have all fallen apart in the execution. Like I mentioned above though, I remain curious about how Capcom plan to rework some stuff by way of ongoing patches and they've hinted at some serious overhauls which would be a first for any fighting game release so far as I'm aware.

Can SFxT be saved though? And if so, how? It is even possible to re-promote it? Wider opinion has largely panned it, so essentially re-releasing it would be a tall order. Basically you're going to have Capcom saying "hey, come try our reworked game, guys! Its good now, we promise!"

I have no doubt those who enjoy it will continue to play it, but I'm not seeing a lot of movement in the community size nor for its future at local events if the support doesn't get a shot of adrenaline. This is especially amplified here in Australia due to our smaller playerbase to begin with. I'm also curious to see how SFxT fares once EVO wraps up.


Re: Future releases from Capcom, I hear ya. Those guys really need to step back a little bit. I think one thing they could perhaps do is leave a small team dedicated to incremental updates to improve existing titles and keep an eye on the community goings on with respect to how their software is used. Thats not implying balancing and so on, but moreso the idea of maybe implementing a local tournament bracket tool, improved button configs, USB dongles for player data and button layouts, local match recording, online training modes, lag simulators and so on. Tools and bolt-ons that improve their existing titles and how they are used in tournament settings and how they are played after having been released for a couple of years. Kinda like how Valve Software constantly works to refine and improve their long-stay releases. I'd drop $10 no questions asked for some sensible usability add-ons for SF and Marvel for example.

But as for actual full blown releases? Keep a lid on that shit. At the rate they are going we'll have SF8 and Marvel 11 before Christmas.
It's a shame cause what lead me to this site was SFxT! I was looking to start coming to the local tourneys in Sydney for SFxT.
Oh well guess I stick to the MK9 meet ups.
I love SFxT,I'm moving to London in the next 2 years. And know that SFxT has some pretty good show ups there. A lot of the Tekken/SC and MK players are playing it. As well as some sf4 players.
So hopefully when I get there, I can start going to them hardcore.
I remember back when SF4 was hated by many,now look at sure SFxT will bring back the players,once they work the kinks out.

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