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Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / Soul calibur v
« on: August 17, 2012, 11:37:24 PM »
Just a general discussion about the game, scouting out how to play. People can provide tips on where to go to find the best community, their favorite characters, moves.

One question: When is BAM

and actually, another question: does this clash with BAM?
BAM is usually a bit later on isn't it? I thought it was usually around October/November.

Just checked, BAM was in October last time (barely, 1st and 2nd of October :P). Not sure when they are planning it for this year though.

What exactly is BAM, I'm new to the community and don't have too much experience, although participating in buttonsmash would be pretty cool, if I believe I am up to scratch, then I will participate if not I'll just watch.

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