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Does anyone know of any mkx tournaments in sydney?

The York Street Battle in May will have a MKX tournament.

I'll buy it.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #27 - 10th January
« on: January 10, 2015, 02:56:44 PM »
Sorry guys recovering from the flu.

All the best Yuto. Come back soon.

I've used a PS2 to 360 converter on my PC at home. It works with no extra drivers needed. Pc detects it as an Xbox controller. Might not be the same model as the one you have though.

Yes for Ultra.

Should be there. PC is good.

Thanks Bromen for stopping the kid take my card. It's just a habit to leave the card on the machine that I usually don't think that someone might steal it. Though it happens I guess.

GGs. And GGs to the Abel player and Arnold.

Presto looks like I left before you arrived, haha next time.

The setups are PC or 360?

Ggs united, muscle guy and Johnny.  Ayitsrobert didn't get to play you again!  Despite 2012 is the polished game I'd rather timezone have ultra. Playing two different versions is annoying. (Offline play is much more exciting though).

GGs Rob, Aaron, Vince. Good to see you guys at the cade again.

GGs Dave for Wednesday. I saw Dudley guy again tonight so he probably goes often if you're after a rematch! ;)

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD]Good Games Town Hall: USFIV Casuals
« on: October 10, 2014, 02:19:59 PM »
I'll be in the city from around 3:30 to 6:00, planning to hit Timezone but if possible would prefer to play Ultra at GGs. Someone let me know.

You didn't get the memo.

The Vega player did wiff standing MK then raw Ultra.  :o

I always read people complain that online players do crazy stuff and that "Oh no one would do that offline", but no there's plenty of crazy shenanigans offline too.

GGs Vega guy, Jay, Phil.

2012 >> Ultra

Ggs Jay, phil, Anthony. Fun games!

Just wondering what days anyone goes to either CA or TZ.

There's no particular days, though weekdays late afternoon early evening when people come in after work / school is usually the most traffic from my experience.

I've also found most players go to Timezone due to it's more convenient location (close to Town Hall station) plus you get more player traffic from people going to the movies or what not.

City Amusements even though they have more cabinets it takes more effort to go there and there's not much random player traffic. It's usually only good if you've pre-arranged with a group of friends to go there, otherwise if you're by yourself Timezone is your best bet to find players imo.

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] Good Games Weeknight Casuals
« on: September 27, 2014, 05:20:33 PM »
Updated first post.

BTW Good Games said they were selling the consoles so if anyone is interested in buying an Xbox with Ultra DLC leave a message here and I'll pass it on.

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