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I added Motion Blur Effect like Tekken 6, you will see it while dashing.
I will ignore all animation bugs temporarily, for focusing more on AI development of the first playable demo.


And please vote for this idea on Greenlit Game concept Section, so I can gain more critics

If I want to attract hardcore gamers, the game itself must be a little epic. I've uploaded a clip to demonstrate Orc fighting style

Light Attack (L): Kick
Medium Attack (M): Shield bash
Heavy Attack (H): Upword slash

The first combo is M L H <- H .I will upload more demo clips about the remain combos.
There are still some weird animation bugs, I will fix them soon.

I want to explain more about the game idea here:
- The fire breathing skill is anti-air move. It is quite slow and unblockable, so it could be used for defending or initiate another combo. For dodging, opponent must crouch, only Titan still get hit because of his large size. Although Dwarf and Halfling couldn't crouch, this move still wouldn't hit them (except they jump up). Centaur couldn't crouch too, but he is in normal height, so he will be hit easily (he has to dash back, so Orgk will have a chance to send a kick right at his face).
- The dash and stomp skills are unblockable too, so opponent must jump away to dodge these moves, opponent's height doesn't affect in this case.
- Orgk is strong at close range, for balancing, his far range moves and projectiles consume a lot gauge points.

Because Orgk is a melee fighter, so he has to summon a dragon for range attacks (they cost a lot of gauge points).

I recreate this animation follow Mortal Kombat style (Idle animation still has a bug, I will fix it later)

Here is the test of Elf's Fire Kick, I will add more details later so it could look like Mortal Kombat

I've just create the first stage, there is a ancient tomb inside it.

Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / Is this fast enough?
« on: December 26, 2015, 05:19:22 AM »
We are adding weapon trail effect, hit effect, sound effect ...
Many people complaint that the animations are slow, so I increased the animation speed up to 140%.

Humans are haughty
They conquered Myth-earth
The other races
Allied together
Defeated human
Just decade of peace
The war has begun
Forever again
In the first season of this game, humans have been exiled from Myth-earth. So they will not appear in this version.
The storyline will go around 11 characters:
Rikky - Crazy Horbich
Halfling race

Kuru - High Orc
Orge race

Dorthros - Two-heads Dragon
Reptile race

Thorlin - Ice Dwarf
Dwarf race

Iraes - Trueborn Elf
Elf race

Kane - Centaur Duird
Centaur race

Lusife - Hellman
Oni race

Shirel - Silent Mermaid
Mermaid race

Shrall - Tigerman
Beastman race

Kairi - Dark Angel
Angel race

Jack - Blind Titan
Titan race

The name of this game is HORDE COMBAT, its meaning is not only about a chaos battle, it is also the abbreviation of eleven races is this fantasy game:
- Halfling
- Ogre
- Reptile
- Dwarf
- Elf
- Centaur
- Oni (means Demon in Japanese)
- Mermaid
- Beastman
- Angel
- Titan

We are working hard on the first playable demo, I wish I could publish it before 1/1/2016.

Brace yourself, horde is coming!

Today, we are proud to announce the project HORDE COMBAT, a free open resource 3D fighting fantasy game. It is the war between five races in Myth-earth:

    Human: Wizard, Assassin, Barbarian…
    Ogre: Orgk, Troll, Goblin…
    Reptile: Dragon, Dinosaur, Lizardman…
    Dwarf: Halfling, Gnome, Midget…
    Elf: High Elf, Wild Elf, True Elf…

At the moment, there are some clips about the gameplay here

I really want to hear comments from you all.

For more information, please visit

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