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Buy a magic wand

Name of street? Is it near the tram 82 stop?

I just went to HP last week and it was renovating. They moved all the tickets machines to another smaller location on the ground level but no sign of arcade machines like SF4.

Possible closure?

I'm the only person that plays Makoto and Gouken there. Try my Gouken next time and decide who is more annoying.

I hope my Makoto wasn't annoying for your Zangief.  ;)

I did have KyouS on PSN friend list. It's funny how we know each other online but not in person.  :P

Hat guy has been quiet lately to a point it feels weird.  ;D

PS: Please don't mispell my name. -_-

Now that the Arcades in the city has closed and barely anyone goes to Box Hill. The only place to go to is here at Highpoint. Good games to everyone I played in the last 2 weeks. I see some improvements from regular players and also saw some new ones.

There was a good Sakura player I barely see. We played once. I lost
There was a good Zangief player I barely see. (Q_Bao?) I got a play a few games with him. He knows what he is doing
There was a good Sagat player I saw the first time. He came at 10:30pm. I didn't get to play him, I had to leave by then
GGs to everyone.

I went on Friday and played against a pretty good Sakura. Saturday is always fun with lots of people.

A lot of you guys are not doing big damage on punishing instead of just a sweep or throw. I also notice a lot of people are afraid of blocking hence the mashing.

The 2 Sagats used to play in the City. One of them is Khanh aka "The Statue". Play him and you'll know what I mean. The other has slightly more skill but yet does the same thing. Jump back and play sniping. I love it when I play their game better than them.

The hat guy aka "Master" sure hypes up the atmosphere if you have the right people there LOL. TBH, he don't deserve my respect with the way he plays and acts. I remember a few years back, he taunts me when he is winning. He still does it now, not a surprise. So I don't feel sorry for the 'attention' he is getting though.

If you guys need tips or have questions, just ask. Heads up, I'm not that technical.

The Hat guy has so many haters. Maybe if he taunts less, people are going to respect him a little more. Just a thought and I don't think it will happen.

I don't mind old school sticks but I hate it when the machine is inclined at an angle and buttons are differently spaced. That will definitely stuff up executions. Oh, and the machine is too big. Waste of space imo.

So what are your win/lose ratios to those players you mentioned (in order for the titles Strong, Deadly, Dangerous, Brutal and High Regard)?

Hey Bao! - dont lie about scrubby Zangief, you know you can beast everyone there!

its abit of a small community now on Saturday, everyone is humble and its easy going. Players around till 9pm, roughly starting around 2pm-ish (for everyone else) - im happy more and more people are there.

There are 7 Cabinets now! (2 are old school) - the other 5 sometimes have there issues every week but you deal with it.

the regulars are getting better, new faces are popping up more (and i hope they pop around more often)


We have strong players:

- Dudley/Ibuki/Cammy/Evil Ryu -
- Chun Li/C.Viper/Cammy/Evil Ryu/Ibuki
- Chun Li (Strong Player)
- Vega (Deadly)
- Rose (Dangerous)
- Cody - Brutal
- Ryu/Makoto/Gouken - High Regard
- Balrog/Fei Long (Hat Guy - also plays other characters)
- highschooler with a mean Akuma. (or maybe i hate this match up and lose too much)
- Sakura - (Sundays though?)

There are other players who dip in and out. hard to mention them all.

- Can you elaborate by the meanings of Strong, Deadly, Dangerous, Brutal and High Regard?  :P

- 7 Cabinets is a funny number to have. Are they willing to get more? or the least have all of them identical?

- You still haven't told me names

Heard that your Mak was doing great? :) Sat is usually packed these days.
You were there?

I was there last Saturday and it was great fun.
I'm trying to match faces to names and characters

Conchuatz, are you the (only) Guy player?

As for tourney ideas, you can try...
- Standard Double Elimination tournament. Everyone gets 2 chances in the tourney.
- Take in entry fees ($4-8 imo)
- Give away better prizes. Some cash from pot maybe?. Throw in some tickets optional. Free play 1 hr after tourney.

The idea is not solely to make money from the tourney itself but to attract players to keep coming back to play and practice.

PS. I'd like to see all 4 machines identical

Once again am open for 3S MMs to everyone :)

Let's play a gentleman's game~

We never got to MM last year or the year before. Third time (un)lucky?
FT5 / FT10
Ibuki and/or Alex vs Ken
for $10-50

Up to you

Between you and I, I don't think its the money that matters haha.
How about loser buys dinner, for old time sake?
Ask Gavin for me too~~

I wont get to Melb CBD until 10pm on Friday night though, so we can only play on Sat or Sun i guess.
Having stakes on the line makes games more interesting. I don't want a KFC/Maccas dinner haha. If you're on a tight budget, we can make it $5 MM.

Once again am open for 3S MMs to everyone :)

Let's play a gentleman's game~

We never got to MM last year or the year before. Third time (un)lucky?
FT5 / FT10
Ibuki and/or Alex vs Ken
for $10-50

Up to you

fixed again.
Black clolour means "regular",
Green colour means "sometimes",
Blue colour means "rare".

Any Unique and Legendary finds as well?

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