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Buying and Selling / Hori Real Arcade Pro SPARE PARTS
« on: May 18, 2011, 11:27:15 AM »
Hi peeps,

I have some HRAP spare parts for sale.

Nothing below comes with any screws/bolts.

1 x empty top plate for joystick and buttons (HRAP 3) Black in colour. JLF mounting plate only. Bit of wear on the artwork under the joystick dust washer area but in good condition otherwise. 
$15 + postage.

1 x empty top plate for joystick and buttons (HRAP 2) Silver in colour. Mint condition with JLF and LS32 mounting. 
$20 + postage.

1 x empty HRAP plastic case. White in mint condition.
$20 + postage.

2 x metal base plates for HRAP in good condition.
$20 + postage.

OR $60 for the whole lot posted.

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