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Tech Talk / What is a Good HDMI Switcher / Selector to Buy?
« on: October 25, 2015, 06:53:28 PM »
I was after a HDMI Switcher / Selector, preferably one that contributes the least amount of lag if any, powered and at least 4 ports.

I found these, but don't know if they are any good...

The two outputs will come in handy for streaming / capture.

and I also found this one...

Happy to buy elsewhere and online if better and / or cheaper.

Any recommendations?


*UPDATED* Updated some console choices that were undeceided. Moved ASW fighters to join list. Updates will be marked in italics I'll start to get around to Tournament Game Specific Rules soon.

Kind of quiet around here...

I thought it would be a good idea to list what consoles should be used for certain Fighters, when it comes to tournament play.

I don't know of any situations, where a lesser port on a different console is preferred,

over one that community mostly uses.

I have decided to list what I can recall to be the tournament standard for the following fighters.

This I guess this can help if anyone is after the tournament worthy port, when purchasing.

Feel free to correct me if I have made a mistake. Also mention the reason why a different console, if it isn't obvious.

I will update this post with corrections. Also I think it would be a good idea to list game specific rules for the fighters and have all this information archived somewhere here at even if it is just "stickeyed / pinned"

KI (2013) -Xone
SSF4AE12 / USF4 - x360 (not sure if PS4 or Xone are getting it or which one will have the better port between those 2)
UMVC3 - x360
TTT2 - PS3
VF5fs - x360
KOF13 - x360
DOA5U - x360
SFxT v2013 - x360
Skullgirls - PC Updated!
MK9 - PS3?
I:GAU - PS3?
SC5 - PS3
SCII HD Online - PS3
SSBB - Wii
SF3:3s - x360
HDR - x360
Darkstalkers Resurrection - x360 or PS3
Divekick - ? (PS3/PS4/Xone)
PSAS - PS3 (Really? Who plays this? Then again you could say that for half the list!)

Old School Fighters

ST - Arcade Only (I don't think HDR in Classic mode or the DC Port is even considered)
HSF2AE - PS2 Capkore Edition (Arcade and the 1st PS2 port had the Claw Down, Kick, Up glitch among others. The 2nd PS2 version, the Capkore edition apparently fixed all those)
MVC2 - DC / x360
SF2HF - Arcade Only
MBAC / MBFT - PC Updated!
AH3 - AH3LM - PS3 Updated!
TTT1 - PS2 (I hear the Tekken Hybrid port of TTT1 HD is not as good as PS2 port)
KOF 98 / KOF98UM - ? (PS2 / x360)
KOF2002 / KOF 2002UM - ? (PS2 / x360)
Garou: MOTW - ? (DC / PS2 / x360)
P4A / P4A UUSH - PS3
GG A Core+ / GG Xrd Sign - PS3

Maybe some SNK regulars can list if any other SNK fighters had some love in the past for tournaments.

Well post away!


- Vargus

Community News / SS2k11, Looking for a Room mate
« on: June 08, 2011, 06:52:26 PM »

I will be going to Shadawloo Showdown 2k11 at the end of the month, but was wondering if there was anyone willing to share a hotel room with myself.

I am going to give preference to someone I have known some time, rather than someone who just uses the forums or I have only met on a few occasions.

Please reply promptly here in this thread if you like, but preferably via PM if interested.


- Vargus

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