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Buying and Selling / Arcade stick parts
« on: August 10, 2013, 12:33:10 PM »
Hey guys, I need a new joystick and six buttons for my TE.  Anybody got some lying around that I can buy off you?  :D

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / SS MM Thread
« on: April 23, 2012, 02:16:31 PM »
Yo so we got four mms so far:

Arnold vs Jake
Arnold vs Hai
Arnold vs Antman

Jake vs BK - ft7 $100

I got 50 on each of these mms for arnold and BK and so far Jake has matched me for his mm vs Arnold.  Will the participants please inform me of mm conditions for their respective mms.  A spreadsheet will be created depending on amount of sidebets. Lets get hype. ;D

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Vergil - Finishing touches
« on: February 21, 2012, 05:29:19 PM »
Over the OHN weekend vergil was a dominant character in both tournament and mms.  A lot of people want to pick up vergil for their team or learn about his capabilities in order to be able to defeat him.  One thing i have noticed about both american and australian vergil players is that the combos that you do once you get the hit are either cut too short or are unnecessarily difficult.  Both these outcomes seem to also result in not acheiving optimal damage or one touch deaths.  In this thread I will illustrate some of the key factors of vergil combos including sword loop variations, combos with/without otg assists and dhcing into vergil from ground and air combos.  Most of this information has been tested but not to the fullest extent so any better or easier improvements that I or you guys discover will be used to amend the following information.  The combo data displayed here assumes that basic vergil combo and moveset knowledge are known so if you don't know the basic combo before the loops please go to one of those strat sites like and learn that before coming back to this thread.  Will start off with optimal combos leading to the sword loops. :D 

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Boxer close standing mp
« on: June 29, 2011, 09:56:09 PM »
AE Boxer close mp

This new normal has the potential of changing the boxer offense significantly.  Its ability to stand the opponent up on hit
opens up the opportunity to use ex rush and sweep combos to maximise damage and place your opponent in the appropriate
offensive setup.  The new (close standing mp) has allowed a new b & b link in the form of cr.lp,, xx ex rush.
This may seem like its just another combo until you realise that no prior charge is required for the ex rush to come out ie.
you can walk up to your opponent and do this combo straight away.  These are two basic and powerful ways of finishing this

cr.lp,, xx ex rush, cr.lp, xx hp headbutt (265 damage, 465 stun):- almost optimal damage and allows ambiguous
cross up on certain characters.

cr.lp,, xx ex rush, cr.lp, f.lp, (256 damage, 433 stun):- slightly less damage but allows untechable sweep
knock down to safe jump your opponent (including twins :) ).

These combos really show their power in punish situations where you would usually lose charge and have to throw eg.
punishing an invincible move such as yun hk nisho on block as it goes to the other side.  Simply dash in as he lands
and do one of the above combos.  They can also be confirmable in offensive situations where you are baiting the tick throw
and will punish as they try to tech you and do much more damage than combos.  Also it places you closer to your
opponent on block than giving you more options of offense eg. walk up slightly and do another

You can also do the f.lp, sweep combo after the so you don't need meter to punish with it effectively.  For most
characters you can do the combo when max throw distance away from opponent so you don't have to be point blank which is really
good for punish and mixup situations. 6 frame startup is two frames faster than making it more effecient in
situations such as a reset after ex rush and walk up throw bait.

The reach of after a is pretty decent so there shouldn't be too many problems with distance.  However does
only give +4 on hit so its best to plink the  Once boxer players get used to it though i think the full potential
of the move should show and punishes will tend to steer away from the basic throw or lights into headbutt a bit more and head
towards the quarter damage half stun range.  This is how it should be cause boxer don't like leaving things unpunished.

There are probably much more applications and new features not covered as this is a new boxer in ae with old and new tricks
up his sleeve so keep experimenting people and if i find anything new i'll post up.

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