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Tournament Announcements / [Ongoing] Sydney Ranking Battles
« on: March 24, 2012, 05:08:41 PM »
After much consideration and maths, we're finally kicking off Sydney's own ranking battle season. The ranking battles are an addition to what already goes on at YSB and points will be awarded to people who participate in the tournaments which take place at YSB. The upshot is that the prize pools for tournaments will be larger, more people will have a chance at winning them, and there's more incentive than ever to work hard and level up.

The short version is that the tournaments at YSB will now award ranking points instead of money, the money will be pooled, and the top 8 players by points at the end of a season will play off for the cumulative pot which may or may not have a little bit of extra cash thrown in for encouragement. Tournaments will continue to run as normal at YSB with the change being that pariticpants are awarded points based on where they placed rather than just earning a small payout if they place in the top 3. Points will be updated after each YSB and posted in this thread as well as the most recent YSB thread. Eventually you'll be able to access a live document with point totals and breakdowns, but we're (read: Gamogo) still working out the technical side of that. Full details including how points are awarded are listed below.

Here's the long version/FAQ;

Whatís a ranbat season?
A ranking battle season is a tournament format where players compete in several standard double elimination tournaments over a period of time to determine who the best players are based on points awarded for tournament results. At the end of the season, the 8 highest ranked players will be placed into a finals bracket with the top four on the winners side and the bottom four on the losers side to play off for a larger prize pool than an individual tournament can offer.

The format encourages consistent attendance and hard work on the part of all competitors. Even the best players can fall out of contention for finals placing if they get complacent or stop attending tournaments during the season. Being good isnít good enough to win a ranbat season. You need to be consistently good and prove it with results.

The first ranbat season at YSB will run for three (3) YSB sessions, which is theoretically three months. Itís important to remember that the seasons last for a specified number of YSB meets however, not a specified time period. This means if YSB is not held for some reason, the season will not progress until the next YSB meeting.

Whatís in it for me, the top player who loves getting paid?
If you can succeed in securing a place in the top 8 bracket, youíll be playing for a pot which is the sum total of the entry fees from all of the tournaments in the ranbat season. This means that even if you didnít necessarily place in the usual money earning top 3 places in any of those tournaments, you could still be a chance to take home a share of the prize pool.

Whatís in it for me, the not-quite-top-player who loves playing fighting games and wants to work hard and improve?
The ranbat scoring system rewards consistent hard work almost as much as it rewards outright success. Even if you arenít one of the top three or four players in your game of choice, with consistent appearances and solid results, you can still earn a place in the finals bracket. Even if you get off to a bit of a rocky start and go two and out in the first round of the season, points for participation mean that if you put in the hard yards and improve your performance in subsequent rounds, you could still potentially make it to the finals.

How does the scoring system work?
You get 2 points just for showing up and putting your name in the bracket. You get another point if you make it into the top 50% of the bracket. Thatís three points just for showing up and not going two and out. Players who make it into the top 8 places of a monthly tournament are assigned additional points to these based on their final placing. These points are handed out like so;

1st place receives 7 points
2nd place receives 6 points
3rd place receives 5 points
4th place receives 4 points
5th place receives 3 points
7th place receives 2 points

Therefore, if you place first you walk away with a total of 10 points for the round; 7 for first place, 2 for showing up and 1 for being in the top half of the bracket.

But the same two or three people always win the tournament for <the game I like>!
That isnít a question, but the answer is that itís OK and youíre still in the running. Even if two or three guys do streak ahead with a huge lead in points, thereís no reason you canít take one of the remaining top 8 spots and still play off against them for the end of season prize. Work hard, level up, and take them by surprise in the top 8 bracket at the end of the season.

Which games will be included in the ranbat season? (a.k.a Will we play SFxT?)
SSF4AE 2012 and UMVC3 will be kicking off their seasons at the April YSB. SFxT will eventually commence a season too. The reason for the delay is that we still can't be 100% sure on the ruleset which is going to be the standard internationally or even across Australia. We don't want to put ourselves in the position of having committed to a ruleset which turns out to be non-standard. As soon as thereís a general consensus in the community about the tournament ruleset for the game, weíll kick off a season. The game will still be available to play at YSB and non-ranbat tournaments may happen too. Speak to Goswu or Gamogo in regards to that.

Whatís going to change at YSB?
Almost nothing. YSB will still be the same event it is now with a mix of casual and tournament play. The only difference is that instead of the monthly tournaments paying out prize money, the money will be held by the organisers and pooled to create the prize pool that the top 8 ranbat players will face off for at the end of the season. When the season is over, the top 8 bracket will be populated and the finals will be played off on the same day as the final seasonal tournament. Also tournament entry fees are going up to $5 for tournaments which award ranking points.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?
Goodpart and I are keeping points up to date and handling anything else that comes up related to the ranbat seasons. Any questions regarding that should come to us. You can usually get at least one of us in IRC and we'll be monitoring this thread. We arenít taking over anything related to YSB at all, so any queries about YSB should still be addressed to Goswu and/or Gamogo. This thread will stay open for the duration of the Ranbat season and you can use it to provide feedback, suggest improvements, or raise any questions you might have.

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