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Tournament Announcements / [QLD] Wintersmash! 29th-30th June
« on: June 18, 2013, 02:34:58 PM »
Hey guys, once again lansmash is back for other great weekend.

Please register on the meetup site to help the organisers out! Meetup

Event Info:

Date: 29-30th of June 2013
Saturday: 9am to 10pm
Sunday: 9am to 6pm
Venue: QSAC Stadium, QLD, Australia (corner Kessles and Mains Rd, Nathan)
Cost: $20 Saturday - $10 Sunday (Saturday ticket includes Sunday for free!)

Fighting game schedule:

Injustice: midday signup, 1pm start (free entry- xbox360 1st place prize!)
MVC3: 3pm signup, 3:30pm start (free entry)
Top 4 injustice and marvel: 6pm

SFxT: 11am signup, 11:30am start (free entry-through till finals)
AEv2012: 12:30pm singup, 1pm start (free entry- xbox360 1st place prize!)
Mugen!!!!!!!!!!!! when we have spare time (free entry)
Top 8 sf: 4pm start

This will of course be QLDs first Injustice Gods Among Us tournament, if you think your the best, come and prove it!

Ill be there saturday afternoon if anybody wants some games, and sunday as well after midday.

Hope to see you there!   :SwiftRage:

Other Fighting Games - General Discussion / Yatagarasu Discussion
« on: April 08, 2013, 07:45:28 PM »
This game is great.

For anyone interested some info here

Buy the game here

Can't wait to give this a crack, atm my arcade stick is registering up back in the exe for some reason, trying to figure out a fix.

some info+ instructions for online play can be found in the instruction manual

Hey guys, once again lansmash is back for other great weekend. This time all fighters will be scheduled on the sunday (7th) but Saturday will be open for casuals all day.

Please register on the meetup site to help the organisers out! Meetup

Event Info:

Date: 6th-7th April, 2013.
Saturday Time: 9am to 10pm
Sunday Time: 9am to 6pm
Venue: QSAC Stadium, QLD Australia
Cost $20 for Saturday - $5 for Sunday ($25 for both)

Fighting game schedule:

Casuals all day.

10:30 - 12:00: KOFXIII
11:30 - 15:00: SSF4AE2012
12:30 - 16:00: TTT2
14:00 - 17:00: UMVC3
15:30 - 18:00: SFxT

BAM5 seeding points will be available for each game on the sunday, sfxt will depend on number of entrants.

Ill be there saturday afternoon if anybody wants some games, and sunday as well after midday.

Hope to see you there!  :pogchamp:

Tournament Announcements / [QLD] SantaSmash 15th-16th December
« on: December 05, 2012, 01:03:00 AM »
As always guys, our annual xmas time tournament! Please sign up via the meetup page to help the organisers out:

Event Info:

Date: 15th and 16h of December, 2012.
Saturday Time: 9am to 10pm
Sunday Time: 9am to 6pm
Venue: QSAC Stadium, QLD Australia
Cost $20 for Saturday - $5 for Sunday

Fighting game schedule:

10am Persona 4 Arena (depending on entrants)
10am-11:30am Street Fighter signups
12pm Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012

casuals for the rest of the night, possible sf team tournament if there are enough entrants.

10am signups - DoA5, TTTU2, UMvC3, KOF
11am Dead or Alive 5 (depending on entrants)
12pm- KOF13
1pm Tekken Tag 2 (depending on entrants)
2pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Casuals until close

Unfortunately I wont be able to get there until after midday on both days, volunteers to help run the tournaments on the day would be greatly appreciated, if you could help out please let slapper or JB know on the day.

Hope to see you there!  :pogchamp:

Hey guys, such a great event at a new venue, big thanks to JB, Slapper, the edge and the Lansmash crew.

Shoutouts to all of the interstaters that made the trip up, was great meeting you all.

Shoutouts to Berserk for the awesome DOA5 setup, learning that game was the most fun I had all weekend, going to push that hard in the scene when it comes out. Juggles and jiggles baby!

Shoutouts to coolzHAMYOLO, rolls off the tongue.

Grats to the melb guys for taking both major tournaments, both top 8s were really hype, with lots of side bets  :Kappa:

Nice to see some new faces come along for sf and marvel, don't be discouraged by the double elim bracket, our lansmash events use a swiss format where you will get at least 5 games in, a lot more forgiving than the major format.

Yangs puppy.

Twitch TV archieve:


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012

1. [VIC] ToXY
2. [QLD] Snow
3. [NSW] Afterdeath
4. [QLD] D.Smiles
5. [VIC] Somniac
5. [QLD] TEC | GodlyEffect
7. [QLD] Vinh
7. [QLD] Jin Smiff


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

1. [VIC] Solid Stef
2. [NSW] ABM | Moca
3. [NSW] Arnold Desu
4. [QLD] Hai
5. [QLD] Deathwish
5. [VIC] ToXy
7. [VIC] Somniac
7. [QLD] Raoh


Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

1. Harmony
2. Marimo-San
3. Drppnts4food
4. Ravenboy
5. Alfie
5. Colonov
7. Moca
7. Hippochi


King of Fighters 13:

To be entered by Colin

Virtua Fighter 5:

1. Kientan
2. Berserk!
3. Crowdpleasingmoves
4. burnout
5. Glassy
5. Combofriend
7. Sieg
7. Issen


Dead or Alive 5:

1. Berserk!
2. Glassy
3. Kientan (suck it melvin!)
4. CTM
5. JustForFun
5. Atticus
7. Issen
7. The GuVna


Bout to go pick up my copies.

PS3: Glassy1234
360: Glassy123

Pretty new to tekken but really keen to learn the game to a competitive level, feel free to add for some games  :p:

Random Discussion / Guild Wars 2 Hookup Thread
« on: August 26, 2012, 08:21:32 AM »
Game launched early yesterday afternoon for head start access, games really fun so far.

Glassy.1048, human elementalist.

I'm on 'Isle of Janthir' atm and its great.

Feel free to add and kill stuff with me :p:


Presenting Queenslands 2012 Fighting Major: ButtonSmash, hosted by The Edge.

Brisbane adds its own major fighting game event to the Australian calendar! Brisbane and Queensland based players have always fought with pride at Ozhadou Nationals, Shadowloo Showdown, and CouchWarriors' Battle Arena Melbourne.
Now, the Australian nation of fighters must converge on Brisbane to prove their skills!


15 September and 16 September, 2012.

Saturday:   12-8pm
Sunday:     12-6pm


The Edge:

Parking and Public Transport:

Parking at venue is $15 for the day. There are trains, buses and a city cat terminal within walking distance of the venue.

5min walk from center of cbd, 2min walk to $2 steaks on Sunday!

Visit the translink website for timetable details:

South Bank 1 citycat stop
South Brisbane station for trains

What to Bring:

This is a bring your on controller encouraged event, there will be some controllers available but more casual setups will be available depending on the number of sticks brought to the event.


Sat   - $20
Sun  - $15

EB EXPO Qualifier:

Win FREE PASSES into EB Expo and Qualify directly into the TOP 16 Tournament for SF4, UMVC3, VF5FS!
EB expo tournaments will share in over 30k in cash and prizes!

Find out more information about EB expo here:

Games:   <Tournament entry costs TBD>

Some games listed below will double as a qualifier tournament for the EB games expo

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited:

The first Australian major tournament for the newly released TT2! The game will be released 10th september 2012. Come try out the game in casuals and take out the best in the tournament!

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012: EB qual

Our last Street Fighter 4 tournament was a largest one yet! Face off against the best that QLD has to offer!

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:  EB qual

A relatively small group of brisbane marvel players placed extremely well at shadowloo showdown 2012. Taking out internationals and gaining their respect along the way, come play some of the best marvel players in Australia!

King of Fighters 13:

The game thats growing nation wide, this great game is as exciting to watch as it is to play! 

Side Event Games:  VF5 EB qual

Dead or Alive 5
Virtua Fighter 5
Persona Arena 4

These games will have setups provided throughout the weekend, if entrants are large enough then tournaments will be held for that respective game, come and try some newly released fighting games!

Any questions, feel free to post below or PM one of the organisers.

More details may be added closer to the event

Buying and Selling / WTS 360 fighting games
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:46:31 PM »
Hey guys, some games I'm putting up on ebay 2moro:

Soul Calibour 5 ($50)  (brand new)  (360)
King of Fighters 13 ($40) (played twice-comes with bonus disc) (360)
Tekken 6 ($20) (played twice) -originally pre-owned but in good condition  (360)

Im also selling, if your interested:
Wario Ware smooth moves ($15) (WII)
World Series Poker ($5) (PS3)
Army of two: 40th day ($30) (360)
Donkey Kong Countery Returns ($40) (WII)
Portal 2 ($30) (360)

Pm me with offers, postage is like $5 all up, local can pickup

cheers  :p:

Game should be out 2nite, use this thread for contacts and feedback from either system :D

XBL: Glassy123

I'll have it tonight, and I wana use nurse joy :P

Edit: There's no move list in the game at this stage, download the PDFs below. The Xbox 360 and ps3 list give a controller movelist, whereas the arcade option is for fightsticks.

Tech Talk / PC Headset
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:38:20 AM »
Hey guys, Im looking for a fairly decent headset for PC, my current logitech one still works well but the earpieces are starting to fall apart just from constant use.
My main uses would be for music, videos, skype and sometimes games like lol or sf.
Under $100 would be ideal, but im sorta lost cause theres just so many   :'(

id probably steer away from enclosed ear ones aswell, although more confertable I like to hear some outside noise (ie radio or gf yelling at me)

any ideas would be appreciated  :)


Post Event Discussion / [QLD] OHNX: Regionals - SantaSmash!- Results
« on: December 11, 2011, 10:28:55 PM »
Fun weekend as always, cheers to all the lansmash guys, acl, the players and most of all, chicken curry  :p:

Congrats to Vinh and ToM for taking out Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3 respectively. Vinh finally taking a victory after so many close calls and Jake (low blow) showing that he is a force to be feared in marvel.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

1. ToM
2. Low Blow
3. Colonov
4. Tyrone
5. Deathwish
5. Glassy123
7. Testikills
7. Baxter

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

1. Vinh
2. D-Smiles
3. Puaka676
4. MasterCyl (colin)
5. Lowblow
5. Deathwish
7. Jin Smiff
7. Swingman

Various resources:

SSF4 Swiss:
SSF4 Finals:
MVC3 Swiss:
MVC3 Finals:

The Streams:
*updated soon*

HD vids will be available here soon:

Many money matches organised for OHNX aswell, get hype!  :p:


Official SantaSmash Website:
Stay up to date on the Brisbane facebook group:

10th & 11th of December 2011. 9am till 10pm both days.
Note: We do leave our gear there overnight! Security guards and large evil robots patrol the area until we return!


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition: Saturday 10th December, signups at 12pm, starting at 1pm, no exceptions, $5 entry.
Ruleset: Swiss (number of rounds will be decided by entrant numbers)-then top 8 in double elim format.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Sunday 11th December, signups at 12pm, starting at 1pm, no exceptions, $5 entry.
Ruleset: Swiss (number of rounds will be decided by entrant numbers)-then top 8 in double elim format.

Winners of the SSF4:AE and UMVC3 tournaments will have funding provided to represent QLD at OHNX in sydney next year!

QSAC has previously been known as ANZ Stadium and QEII. It is located near Mt Gravatt, Queensland and is approximately 10 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, 20 minutes from the international and domestic airports and 40 minutes from the Gold coast.

Its address is Kessels Road, Nathan Queensland 4111 . However Kessels road is a rather long road, so it’s best to have a look below at the Google map to find directions.

View Larger Map

Parking is free and there are numerous parking spaces available. We suggest dropping off your gear near the Track and Field entry and then park at one of the nearby parking spaces.

Disabled car parking is available to patrons whose cars display either a red or blue disabled sticker. Disabled car parking is in car park 3, adjacent to the Western Grandstand. Entry can be gained by driving through the main gates off Kessels Rd.

This is a BYO (bring your own) computer/console event. LanSmash will provide a quite a few machines/setups for games like Street Fighter, arcade games and other fun games.

If you're feeling lazy or don't want to bring any gear then please come along and check us out.
What do you supply?
Everyone who is network gaming will be provided…
 •1 x Power point
•1 x Network cable
•1x 0.9 metre width table
•1 x Chair
For PC gamers you should bring…
 •Your computer (every computer part and accessory you need to game)
•Power board for your own accessories (1 power point will be allocated per gamer, we recommend a ‘Y’ power cable for your computer or a small powerboard)
•Gaming CDs/DVD’s
•Operating system and driver CD's (just in case the unthinkable happens)
•Headphones (speakers are not allowed at the event)
Everything else will be supplied, including a network cable to your computer!
For Console gamers you should bring…
The minimum requirements for consoles gamers are:
 •A controller
•A copy of the game you want to play
If you chose to bring your whole machine for more games then…
 •Game system
•Monitor or TV
•Power board

Entry fees are $15 for 1 day, $25 for the full 2 days if you're a participating gamer. Visitors / spectators are warmly welcomed and will gain free entry ... but if caught with a console controller in hand, be prepared to face the pain!
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition $5
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 $5

Register for the event now by signing up on the LanSmash page, and pay your entry at the door.

Join the fun!

Somebody needs to beat D-Smiles!!!!!!!!!

The xbox dashboard hasnt updated yet but the characters are available here:

see you all online 2nite!

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