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Was working fine for me when I played it at lunch at work. But yea playing it at home now, keep disconnecting from the games network. I do live in a rural / sticks area, but I presume its just day one server getting hammered because everyone is now playing it. Just want to see if it's just me though.

For about 15min I was under the impression that I had to back throw Dudley into the corner, then squeeze out a bullshit Super Art, turns out it's a forward throw

Just thought I'd post this just in case you to were also talking to the screen asking "How is this possible?!?!"



My main goal when playing SSFIV:AE is to make the opponent frustrated, but sometimes their character will to the job better than I ever could :)

Oh & apologies for the crappy Akuma skin, I'm still working on it etc

edit: Ta Ayinashe :)

Just curious in your "Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition/DLC" directory, what contents do you have?

As I was one of the fools thinking that purchasing DLC on GFWL marketplace would link to the Steam content but alas it doesn't, however...

there IS a DLC file (*.emz) in this directory:


So yea just curious to see what the contents are & if there is any difference to the following, I might try a simple cut n paste/rename trickery to get it to work.

Dir - 01_tournament (For the free tournament mode update)
Dir - 02_costume (For Costumes 3 & 4, depending on character)
Dir - 03_character (AE Specific Characters)
Dir - 03_character_free (more on AE Specific Characters i think, with music etc)

so yea if theres any difference with your dir & working DLC, please post, I doubt ill be able to get it to work, but hey no harm in trying :)

Queensland's foremost Lan event is happening this weekend, Sat July 9th 2011 - Sun July 10th 2011

Pretty sure there will be a SSFIV:AE tournament happening a this event, plus that silly Comics Vs Game Character 3 game tournament that the Queenslanders kicked butt in down at Shadowloo Showdown Recently.

Just curious who's attending as I missed out on the last one sadly. Oh and also Glassy if you're attending, are you  bringing your 360 slim? if so some 2v2 Mortal Kombat 9 madness should be on the cards me thinks (need the Slim's 5x USB 2.0 ports to have 4 arcade sticks connected at once)

Seeya's there hopefully.

Due to me looking after a house & dog, & seeing Karnivool tomorrow I'll be sadly missing out on what looks like to be the biggest comp in the world only second to evo.  Just want to say good luck to all the Aussies in taking on the big international names.

Give em hell.

Skarlet, Kenshi & Rain, along with Klassic Skins & fatalities for other cast members, are now purchasable from international XBox Live Marketplaces.

edit : ok I don't know the magic code to get youtube embeds to work...

Since I can't use my main Xbox Live Login to download them due to being Australian, I will have to use the New Zealand account I created (which was required to get the online pass to work)

So just wondering if I purchase a 1500c point XBL card from an Australian retailer, will that work on a New Zealand account? Or do i have to purchase a card from NZ to get it to work?

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