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Community News / Fgc musicians
« on: April 16, 2014, 07:10:53 PM »
Thought i'd make a thread dedicated to all the Australian FGC heads that make music.

Lots of you are aware that i myself am a rapper and i know of at least 5-6 different people in this community that have a passion for making music.

So i'd like to create a space for people to share their hard work and talent . All music genres included. Be a great place to share your work or even get some constructive feedback. I'd like to think that the fgc supports it's own. As I myself have had some awesome support from countless people on this forum with my music.

Also this thread could serve as a grounds for people to perhaps collab together.

Post away :)

Community News / Finally released my hiphop mixtape XXL
« on: November 13, 2013, 06:41:37 PM »
Hey guys so a few of you know that I've slowed down on playing street fighter for the past year or so in order to pursue my music career/dream. For a long time I've been working on my music and finally have released my first demo album. A bunch of you have been really supportive through facebook and here and i'd like to thank everybody who has.

I hope you guys can take some time out and check out my work. Lots of hard work put into this as most of you know i'm a passionate sort of person. I hope this comes through in my songs.

Simply enter zero after you hit the buy button and it will download automatically
Hope you guys enjoy it :)

If you enjoy it please feel free to share with your friends. Thanks guys.

Random Discussion / HipHop/Soul/Rnb/Funk music
« on: February 05, 2013, 05:33:05 PM »
We don't have a music thread so thought i'd start one up. Obviously this is for the hiphop style of music and it's influences/sub genres. I know there's quiet of few ppl on here that enjoy the music. I'll get things started by posting a few different songs that i enjoy listening to :)

Random Discussion / Goodbye
« on: December 20, 2012, 09:47:35 PM »
The world is about to end guys.

A few shout outs. David Gaz i'll miss you. Norrinator and your brother i'm sorry for calling you fimblers i regret it with all my heart.

Gamogo sir you are a fart head. Shang tsung i'm deeply saddened that i will never see you again.

And to anybody that i ever lost to... i'm sorry but i let you win.
except if your names crazy freerider.

Post Event Discussion / Boxhill Beatdowns Monthly (Return) ssf4ae
« on: November 18, 2012, 05:38:41 PM »
Wow what a day it was yesterday. Fantastic turnout. Melbourne Sf4 heads well done on showing that the game is still alive and well. We had i believe 38 or 39 entrants. Some big guns came out to play. With Toxy, Carnage, Somniac, Exis, Sol, Phero and Yusuke showing up.

Was Awesome seeing the arcades busy again with people just having fun and enjoying the atmosphere that boxhill timeout has provided us with over the years. I know management was really happy to see you guys all come out in force. So big thumbs up to everybody on this one. There was a few heads missing but i'm sure the next tourney may even be bigger if yesterday was anything to go by.

Top 8:

1.Carnage (cammy)
2. Exis (Blanka)
3. Yusuke (Sakura)
4. Toxy (Akuma)
5. Sol (Cammy)
5. Phero (Guy)
7. Genkibot (Juri)
7. Somniac (Bison)

Congratulations to CARNAGE who made it through the losers bracket! H walked away with just under $250, Exis I believe with Roughly $150 and Yusuke with around  $50. The rest of the top 8 received a dvd thanks to Madman entertainment. Also Muttons, Kenji, Alex and myself (rigged the raffle) walking away with Dvd's.

We also had a South+East Vs North+West  Grudge match.

Southeast taking it in the final game 12-11 went down to the wire Toxy vs Carnage . Cammy proving too disgusting for the Sithlord this time.

Special shout outs to Vitriol who once again was the overlord of the brackets. Well done vitty thanks for the help as usual brother. Sol taking photos of the event capturing the butter and salt. Burnout for recording the finals and some random mashing!

Here are some photos from Soltography :)

Grand final footage from burnout on the Shadowloo channel

Thanks everyone I hope you all enjoyed the event.  :dpf: :hp:


Watup peeps, we are back! After some thought and negotiations with management we have decided to move boxhill to Saturday afternoons once a month and make a few changes . We have increased the entry fee by $5 dollars in order to create a better prize pot. You will also notice that the winnings are now split 60/30/10 whereas it used to be 70/30.

In addition to this Boxhill management has been very generous and offered a $200 POT BONUS. THAT'S RIGHT.. A $200 POT BONUS!

This means a $300-$500  cash prize pool depending on the numbers! And it doesn't STOP there. Our friends over at Madman Entertainment have also jumped on board to support with some prizes for top 8 as well a door prize. I cannot stress this enough. Boxhill Beatdowns is one of the longest  running tournaments for fighting games in Melbourne People need to show up in force i'm not expecting 16-25 entrants I demand that a 32 man bracket is filled and perhaps not even be enough to accommodate for the numbers. It's once a month on a saturday afternoon we used to run tournaments that numbered in the 50 range!! Tell your friends to tell their friends!!!. There's been murmurings of "oh the pots not much", "it's too hard on a weeknight", "It's not worth the travel time cos even if you win the pot is small and only the top two get any prizes",  "i can't do anything with my night because it runs too late". No more excuses! Also since it's a saturday it's $1 for 2 games even better! Boxhill Beatdowns is back and once again. If you are serious or love street fighter 4 you will be there! SUPPORT THE SCENE

Saturday 17th November.
Tournament starts: 1:30pm (registration from 12.00 on wards)
Where: 609 Station Street, Box Hill Vic 3128 (See map below)
Fee: $10 per player. Machines will be put on free play during tournament.
Prizes: Cash prize ratio 60/30/10 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules:
1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
Character Lock (Players may only use one character the entire tournament)
May change ultra in between matches
Double Elimination
NO Double Jeopardy

Lets see who is the best in Melbourne now...

I've come to a number of conclusions in my 4 years of playing street fighter 4 competitively. Before i go on though, I'd firstly like to warn people off. If you don't want to be a good player and play just casually for fun then this is in no way, shape or form going to help you. So i suggest that you don't bother reading this if your not serious. Many people say they are serious about it but in reality are only fooling themselves.
    Now then, many people on this forum know me and a fair few were around to see how bad i was in my early stages. I was by no means a natural at fighting games. I could beat friends but that wasn't really saying much. I had never played against people who actually understood beyond inputs and anti airing. Below is an example of how shit i was.

Some of you might be wondering what is the point of this post. I truly believe that Australia should be way better then what we are currently at this game. I'm sick and tired of Australia not leveling up. We honestly have a real small group of good players which to me is absolute rubbish. Australia has a decent player base. Why are we so bad at this game? This question has been asked more then once and not only in this game , I'm sure it's been asked with other fighting games. But I think sf4 really is disappointing because we actually have had so many tournaments , we've had a bigger player base compared to other places in the world. We have exposure to internationals and big stage with tournaments like, Shadowloo, Ohn and Bam. So why the hell are we going nowhere? Usually for a region to become strong at something it requires a number of things a)Facility b) Competition c) The hunger or passion. Now i know that not everybody is going to become as good as the next person. But they are regions in the world that have way smaller communities then ours and are on a better level. Many people use internet connection as an excuse , which i think plays a very little roll. Others say our community is too small. When we had 500 odd turn up to shadowloo (SSF4AE) now if we deduct even 100 which is being generous for guests. We still have 400 players. even 300 is alot . I feel there is many players stuck at what we call in Melbourne on silver level, meaning 1 step underneath the upper echelon.

     I see so much potential, that it saddens me to see this community not doing as well as it should. We get very little respect apart from a handful of players and that really angers me.   
I really don't think that it would take long at all before our scene got way stronger. This is the exact reason i am making this post. I'm beginning to get bored playing the same 10-12 ppl with my main and really trying to win. Not trying to say that only 10 players can beat me but i mean in ft10 with me really trying there's simply not enough serious threats. I hope people don't think i am trying to come off as arrogant or cocky because i am not at all. I just want people to get better.

    I've stated various reasons in different types of avenues such as, threads, interviews and discussions here in melbourne. I however never gave a full breakdown. Toxy posted some helpful tips a while back about counterhits and option selects. people are definitely here to help in any way we can. I started the tube fighter thread which was used a little bit.. It really should have had a lot more happen in there. I write this in a kind of last ditch effort to revive the scene i love. SF4 has been a great game for me as well as many others. I just wanna see us get to a good level and show ppl what Australia is made of. We've had glimpses of what we can do against some top players. Robsux Toxy HumanBomb ShangTsung Phero Myself Sol Carnage Somniac etc. All of us have at one stage been a threat to some of the international players or beaten them. Now i know more of us can be.

 So where do i think we are going wrong? I believe its really two things. Approach and Mind state.
I want to use Shang Tsung as an example, that guy was only an online warrior and ppl laughed and made fun of him but look at the guy now. He's one of our best damn players now!That shit makes me proud as hell. Why is there only one Shang tsung? what ever happened to people having determination? I understand that people have jobs, families, or other commitments but so do the top players. You don't have to grind forever to become a good player. I also showed you my video vs trickster at my first ohn. I was terrible but improved and learnt a lot.

Most people approach this game in the wrong way. They do not try to learn it properly. I've seen people pretty much just take shortcuts or learn a playstyle with a certain character to beat X amount of ppl. Sf4 is a basic game with technicalities to it. I believe if someone were to really think about it and apply themselves they could become a good player within 6months if you've been playing the game longer then one year that is. I think other ppl's approach can also effect another player. So i believe you shouldn't bother playing ppl who are not serious about the game unless your trying to train to beat scrubs who will just do whatever. So whats the right approach? Learn your character properly, winning doesn't mean a great deal if it was by chance or fluke. That brings me on to Mindstate.

                                                                  Mind state:
Now I am notorious for bitching about bad matchups... I'm pretty certain everybody at one stage has complained about a match up. Maybe not publicly but i'd be very surprised if you never complained. If you've never complained it means you don't care and you shouldn't be reading this anyway. It's good to be pissed off about a bad matchup but theres two types of players. player a) does something about it. player b) accepts losing and continues complaining. If you are not trying to learn or innovate techniques to give yourself a better chance at winning then your just a sook.
Your mindstate is the single most important part. 1 monumental thing that I feel holds players back from leveling up is their settling for small success. For example myself and various other top players have had this conversation "When i play that zangief player, he just does whatever loses 20 matches then wins once by pure chance lucky stupidity or whatever and he's satisfied" If somebody beats you 20 games and you win once and are satisfied then 1 of 2 things. Your an idiot or somebody who has very low ambition. Again low ambition, you wouldn't be still reading this by now.  I'm not saying that you should not be happy that you won a game against that person but be happy if you played well not randomed them out. Be happy but not content. Another mindstate issue ive seen is people avoiding things. I.e Avoid blocking a mixup or bad matchup or doing the harder combos etc. Now by avoiding something does it make it go away? NO it doesn't! I hated fighting many characters before. But kept at it and usually i've overcome the problem. Another example is i used to not do the hard combos or confirm from counterhits. So what did i do? set up the training dummy on random counterhit to improve my confirmations. Anyways I've posted my thoughts maybe I'm wasting my time maybe i'm not. I just had to get certain thoughts off my mind because lately i've been bored of this game and get quiet annoyed at how scrubby aus is becoming and the amount of respect we are yet to receive. Our tourney organizers are A grade i think it's time to reward their hard work by given them some hero's to defend our shores.

       Feel free to post your thoughts and if i might have missed anything i just wrote this from the heart and i really want people to try beyond that i'm not trying to be an elitist or whatever. I just wanna enjoy playing the game and see others level up.


BOXHILL BEATDOWNS Vol 15: Silver - Gold edition...

Wasup guys sorry for the late post been very busy last couple days.. Lately been seeing a couple of players really improving their game! I ain't gonna drop names but i really think ppl leveling up and things are becoming more and more interesting. Bam is not far away and we don't wanna be soft tops a few sharp sydney players apparently coming down to take the crown. I personally feel like we have to protect the melbourne waters  :dpf: :p: How we gonna do that? By playing more tournaments. The sun has made a return now and the days are not as cold so i really wanna see people come out in force over the next couple of boxhill tourneys! I've had a few suggestions as to what the format should be this week. Im open to suggestions and am even willing to decide at boxhill with ppl taking a vote to decide the format this week.

When: Thursday 29th August
Tournament starts 7:30pm
Where   609 Station Street, Box Hll Vic 3128 (See map below)
Fee   $5 per player. Machines will be put on free play during tournament.
Prizes: Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules 1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
May change ultra in between matches
Double Elimination
NO Double Jeopardy

link to map:

Tournament Announcements / BOXHILL BEATDOWNS VOL 14: Just do it
« on: August 14, 2012, 07:14:09 AM »

Sup guys , back again with another boxhill beatdowns. Last tourney was alot of fun and im expecting this one to be no different. With CCH shutting down Boxhill Beatdowns is now the only venue which is convenient for us east/south east residents. So i expect plenty of support this week and moving forward. There has been some button issues and to be quiet honest we need to start getting some good numbers again. I've been in contact with staff from boxhill and we are doing everything we can to fix the situation. If we turn up in good numbers I'm certain that the owner will see we are serious about running tourneys still. I mean 20ppl is great but i know we can get more then that. I miss the days of the 32 bracket being filled. And now that especially cch is gone there's no other meetups for the east. I'd like to see an improvement in numbers. Playing online is not the same as offline and console is not as good arcade . So lets get pumped up and play some games :) I most likely will be attending boxhill today to test some things out . If anybody wants to roll down feel free to post or just roll up. But see you guys this thursday :)

When: Thursday 2nd August
Tournament starts 7:30pm
Where   609 Station Street, Box Hll Vic 3128 (See map below)
Fee   $5 per player. Machines will be put on free play during tournament.
Prizes: Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules 1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
May change ultra in between matches
Double Elimination
NO Double Jeopardy

link to map:

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: August 10, 2012, 02:31:39 AM »
There's some pretty big rumors floating around right now about capcom reworking ssf4ae once again. Apparently some japanese players have spoken about it. But it remains a mystery for the minute. Here's a tweet from ryan hart

"Ok guys,what would you say if I said SSF4 AE 2013? The question is,do we need a re-balance or is 2012 ok?What would you change if you could?" It's rumored that he has spoken to some japanese players that usually know whats happening before the general fgc.

I personally welcome them putting more effort into the game as i feel its a great game and could be even better with some changes...

What you guys think? Any predictions or changes you'd like to see?

Buff sagat bitches!
  :dpf: :p:

Tournament Announcements / BOXHILL BEATDOWNS VOL 13: 7-3 matchups...
« on: July 31, 2012, 11:21:30 PM »
Boxhill Beatdowns 13: Bad Matchups edition

Once again we are back into the swing of things as usual this thursday it's on. We reset the calender and are now going for steam ahead.
This week regular 1v1's ppl should start working on matchup issues they have at this point in preparations for bam.
So hit training mode practice your sj and os'.
I also have a few ideas which i may want some opinions on from you guys so make the effort to come down. see you on the machines ;)

When: Thursday 2nd August
Tournament starts 7:30pm
Where   609 Station Street, Box Hll Vic 3128 (See map below)
Fee   $5 per player. Machines will be put on free play during tournament.
Prizes: Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules 1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
May change ultra in between matches
Double Elimination
NO Double Jeopardy

for some reason google maps is playing up so peep this link if you don't know how to get to boxhill.


Thanks to everyone who came out. I expected lower numbers this week due to running two weeks in a row. So now that the calendar is reset we won't be clashing with cch. turnout wasnt great but we had some good matches and plenty of fun as we ran another round robin style tourney with the top 4 proceeding to a knockout stage.Top 2 had 2 lives and the other two were granted a spot in losers bracket and a chance at losers final. We had a 3 way tie for the 4th place in the finals. between TB Rossco Set RAYRAY and Johnny (chun li) we had two sets of tie breakers to decide who would make it into the top 4 rossco eventually came through with the goods to make up the top 4.

So then it was Myself (Hw) vs So nake Carnage we had a ryu mirror and he took me out in the final round only leaving me to continue through losers. Bort beat rossco in a chun li vs balrog salt match. Bort then faced myself in the losers final in a best of 3 situation. I must say bort put up a good fight narrowly losing the first match and doing reasonably well in the second but sagats too broken and i pick a top tier :P

Final between myself and carnage this time i was like fuck it time to fight carnage with sagat. I had to reset the bracket first if i was to stand a chance in a bo3 situation. He elected to use adon and cammy against me....

1. Hw (Sagat, Akuma, Ryu)
2. Carnage  (Cammy, Adon, Ryu)
3. Bort (Chun Li)

4. TB Rossco (Balrog , Ken)
5. Ray Ray (Seth)
5. Johnny (Chun Li)
7. Burnout (Gouken, Dudley, Oni)
7. Thk (Akuma)

Thanks to all for showing up see you next time :) in a fortnight


Ok Fimblers and Sharpingtons we are back this week fresh off last thursday. Muttons hit me up asking if we could go two weeks in a row to avoid cch clashing with bhb. And lets be honest I'm salty from last week!Died fully loaded didnt even get to bust out my sagat :( haha jokes. Anyways this week shall be classic 1v1's, some people didn't like the idea of having a "Shadowloo Sol " tournament but we had to butter the bastard somehow :P

haha. Anyways details as usual below i better get decent numbers or i'm going to kill muttons.. and we dont want that do we?

When: Thursday 19th July
Tournament starts 7:30pm
Where   609 Station Street, Box Hll Vic 3128 (See map below)
Fee   $5 per player. Machines will be put on free play during tournament.
Prizes: Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules 1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
May change ultra in between matches
Double Elimination
NO Double Jeopardy

View Larger Map

BOXHILL BEATDOWNS VOLUME 11 : Don't get too cosy!

Sup everybody fresh off an amazing ae tourament where we saw two aussies go really well. this should be motivation for us to believe in our local players!We are back with a theme night this thursday which should make for a lot of fun.This week is proudly sponsored by cosy bums. The weeks theme is Don't get too cosy. The rules are simple You cannot use the same character more then once win or lose you must switch. To the rule is one exception in the best of 3 scenario for the finals which applies for winners final, losers final and grand final. So get training you have two days to get them bnb's down. See you guys there :)

When: Thursday 12th July
Tournament starts 7:30pm
Where   609 Station Street, Box Hll Vic 3128 (See map below)
Fee   $5 per player. Machines will be put on free play during tournament.
Prizes: Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules 1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
May change ultra in between matches
Double Elimination
Must change character after each opponent cannot repeat character choice.
NO Double Jeopardy

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Watup everybody, Wow we are at vol 10 already who would've thought... I must say we are still going strong in what i call the great depression for fgc tournaments. Right now theres not many tournaments on and it's fair to say that probably boxhill beatdowns is the main sf4 tourney around right now. Why do i mention this? because although i'm proud of who consistent the numbers are and 20 per tourney is pretty good for the current situation of things i feel we can do a lot better. This week is 2v2 and i wanna see more ppl get involved. GET OFF THE COUCH. RE SHARPEN UP YOUR EXECUTION. DUST OFF YOUR UPPERCUT. AND PRACTICE THOSE SJ/O.S'. PICK YOUR BUTTERCUP AND MAKE HIS SALT YOURS.... If he hates Chun Li then you hate chun li! (even if you use her lol) Anyways as usual info below. Special shout out to TBlRosscoLyon aka zerokill86 for the design love ya long time homie!!!! Let the sharpness begin ;)

When: Thursday 28th June
Tournament starts 7:30pm
Where   609 Station Street, Box Hll Vic 3128 (See map below)
Fee   $5 per player. Machines will be put on free play during tournament.
Prizes: Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules 1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
May change ultra in between matches
Double Elimination
NO Double Jeopardy


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