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Finally, what every KOFXIII player has been waiting for - a vastly improved netcode.

By leaps and bounds the most solid game amongst the ranks of popular fighting games right now. If you haven't played it before and you own a PC then now is your chance.

GAHHHH!!!! ksajrhekjsekjfbsdkjfbjksbfgs;bg;rb78y7*g87g*G

Also, save 17% off your copy of KOFXIII when you pre-order your copy on steam - $25USD

There is a draw for a beta test. 300 people will be chosen from a lottery. Get in quick!

Fingers crossed the steam version delivers.

Hi yall,

This will be a resource thread that will help new KOFXIII players become proficient at the game as quick as possible. After OHN there seemed like a lot of interest in the game and I wanted to try help the new comers with solid information as this seems to be a daunting game to pick up. The resources offered were cafeully selected and believed to be the most useful on the internet at the moment. It will contain resources on fundamentals, optimal combos, game mechanics as well as tips and tricks. If you find a tutorial/link to useful information that you think should go here then I will move it to the OP so that we aren't sifting through pages of scattered information. Also, if you find any typos, broken links or confusing information then please let me know.

Special thanks to Kyokugen, fkuspencer, Dark Chaotix and Colonov for their help.

Here we go!!

System basics:

Beginner's Guide to KOF
DandyJ’s tutorial on the RPS of the game, with tips and tricks that carry weight onto KOF13,

Shoryuken’s System 101
A quick textual overview of King of Fighters XIII’s mechanics; each title  link provides greater detail per game element

Shoryuken’s A Visual Guide to KOF
Visual demonstration of  common King of Fighter tactics and its explanations of controlling space. More useful information can be found in Shoryuken’s KOF13 wiki

Orochinagi’s KOF13 guide
Contains important information such as the game system (Damage scaling, guard crush, etc) and tutorials on the game.

Orochinagi’s KOF13: How to (really) win
Another series primer from Orochinagi, including a great rundown on everything from picking characters to mixups, although be aware - the information was intended for arcade version of KOFXIII such as roll HD cancelling which was eventually patched out in subsequent versions of arcade KOFXIII
Some attacks have certain properties while attacking. This particular feature will become apparent when playing against characters such as Clark, EX Kyo and Maxima.

Throw invulnerability on wake-up
Throw invulnerability exists on normal wake-up in KOFXIII. In summary, the opponent cannot be thrown during blockstun but however has additional throw invulnerable frames after blockstun has finished as long the opponent does not hit a button. It also includes translated summary of an Arcadia article where it mentions throw invulnerability on wake up (11f). But, there is 0 when coming up from a quick rise. Then 6 frames of invulnerability after a hit reset.
KOF XIII frame data courtesy of the guys from VIC - Steve 'PyroZeroX' Andreou and Shaun 'KnightKinetik' Johnson

KOF13 frame data
Frame data translated by the guys from SBR from the keykakko blog – currently excludes Maxima and Robert, unfortunately.

Life Regeneration Thresholds Between Rounds
In the King of Fighters series, when you defeat an opponent within a certain time frame, you will rewarded with a certain amount of life. The list below (click the spoiler) that displays the life regeneration amounts accordingly to amount of time left on the timer. This is very important to know because if you have low life, but have lots of meter, then it can help you decide whether you should spend the meter for the life regeneration or not.

Spoiler for tocuh me:
Time/seconds left on the clock:

60 - 42: +300 HP
41 - 30: +250HP
29 - 18: +150HP
>17: +100HP


Rule of 2 (or 3)
Created by Laban. This videos goes more into depth with hit-confirms. Check out the rest of Labans youtube page for break down of old KOF matches with pro players such as Dakou. Sure they're old but the same principles apply.

KOF: Alternate Guard
Alternate guard tutorial by Laban – a technique that can beat out command throws, as long blockstun has occured.

KOFXIII Tips & Tricks
More tutorials from DandyJ. I'm linking this exclusively because it contains information on things like running grabs, training mode tricks, why you might be getting a sC after you activate HD mode from a normal; all sorts of very important things. An absolute must!

Juicy Bits KOF XIII Tutorial Series: The Button Hold Trick
This is extremely important execution technique as it makes certain combos easier; as specials/supers inputs are repeated for a good amount of frames as long the corresponding button is held down. This is one of the reasons why KOFXIII is considered an entry game to the series and easier than its former titles.

The above Juicebox video explains the hold button trick for combos and reversals, however this page also explains shortcuts for moves so that they decrease in difficulty of execution. Be sure to check Dreamcancel’s “=

Shortcuts and Buffering Techniques Quick Reference for an easy-to-read reference. Here’s more information regarding to what works with the DP+P~P/K technique.

Combos and character specifics:

Unfortunately, finding optimal combos for this game can be difficult as you would have to watch match vids and find the odd video on a specific character on youtube and hope that its optimal. Its up to you to stay up to date but don't hesitate to ask me or anyone else on what we might think a good solution might be. If you find a gem of a video I will add it to the OP.

Tip when searching on youtube: type the name of character you want to find and keywords such as 'safe jump', 'cross up', 'combo', etc. Then search within the last month or year. Sure thats sort of an obvious way to search but just putting it out there anyway. If you're up-to-date, then just type 'kof xiii' and search within the last week. KoFXIII videos are coming out all the time so if you search every week, you will usually find something.
Combos! What most of you will be looking for. This guy has heaps of great combos all on one page for lots of characters.
Tier list from Teh Mastaroth
Not only does this thread contrain a tier list but it also bases their strengths on where they are positioned, tier list based on being able to aqcuire meter and their anchor tier list.
All sorts of different ways to beat Clarks auto-guard throw.
I wasn't going to go into specifics with particular characters but I feel like Clark is a special case. No matter what the player level is, you have to respect this throw. Thanks to Dark Chaotix for the link.
Maxima's Guard Point.
Ryo's Parry move.

Uploaded by SNK Playmore and translated by Gatoray.


Random Discussion / Does Australia double tap and plink... or neither?
« on: August 22, 2012, 05:39:51 PM »
Just curious as to how Australian's invest their time into combos. It feels to me like its sort of an indication of drive to play because even though you techically don't need plinking or double tapping, they do improve your the chance that you will complete a combo.

As any fighting gamer will think, dropping combos is demorilising and can be the difference between winning and losing. I personally am not that scared of good play that isn't taking the damage so it makes me make different choices as opposed to when they actually take damage.

For me I didn't double tap till I actually heard Colonov from Queensland do it at last YSB. It seemed like he was convinced that it made a big difference in the way he did particular combos. This is for KoF by the way, which I have been applying double tapping too recently because you can't plink in it.

A particular character I use called Ralf can do a death combo that requires not a lot of meter in the context of death combos. I've been trying to learn it over the last month but there are particular sections that have that been causing me grief and therefore decide whether the combo is worth my time to learn or not. But I mean, its a cheap death combo!! Learning this will instantly bump up my KoF level but because I was lazy about learning double tapping I just kept persisting with trying to time my presses so I nearly gave up.

For the last couple days I've been keeping my double tap training really simple just so I can get the timing down and finally today something has clicked in my head and I can incorporate it into my combos (in training mode). Soon I will be able to incorporate it into all the other combos that need it and then into PvP. It will take about a month or two I think, so its not long in the scheme of things.

Basically I'm saying all this because for years I've been ignoring double tapping, which has discouraged me from using characters like Sagat and Dictator in SF4 (yes you can configure your buttons so that you can plink with select but you can't do that for arcade). Sure you can probably do the combo 'just fine' without it but insuring your combos makes it the best a fighting gamer can do.

This is just for the people that don't do one or the other, or neither and try and plod along without them and for anyone that thinks that they don't need them. It also gives an insight as to how serious gamers are and their drive to play.

I won the card at a Tourny last Saturday but its not really feasible for me to keep going to Blacktown so its not of much use to me.


Its got $200 worth of credit and its going for $50.

PM me if you're interested.

Random Discussion / Just because
« on: April 15, 2012, 03:46:43 AM »
Game music is awesome so I shall post it.

Strider theme - MVC

Gief theme - MVC

Killing Moon - Third Strike

Ryu's theme - MVC aww shii

Omega Red - MSHVSF

Buying and Selling / WTB: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for Xbox 360
« on: March 20, 2012, 06:25:32 PM »
Just wondering if anyone had a copy that they wanted to sell 2nd hand?

$2 for 2 months gold when you're on a silver membership available at the dashboard of your xbox for all you poor bastards

1. Its only available from the dash.
2. I think you can only use your credit card...
3. You get put on an auto-renewal crappy thing that is subject to change in price (lulz obviously).
4. To cancel your auto-renewal just go online and follow these directions

Be aware though if you put in your credit card details then you'll be set to auto renewal your subscribtion every two months and that price is subject to change. All you have to do is call and cancel it.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / BUM
« on: January 26, 2012, 03:06:35 PM »
Might be old news to you marvel players but if you haven't seen BUM then its definitely a sight to see. BUM uses Haggar, Hulk and Chris and doesn't seem to do anything fancy, set up wise, but its just really entertaining to watch the way he uses heavy hitters.

There are vids of him taking on the likes of Noel Brown and Jay Jay under this channel:

Here is a few matches between the other names mentioned.


Just putting the link of something most awesome for y'all who are having trouble with understanding how to learn to do combos and employ mix ups into your game as well as some other things.

If anyone is thinking that combos/OSing/what-have-you is beyond them then reading this article will (well maybe should) break all limitations placed on themselves. We're all very much capable of doing anything, especially when you know its possible.

I tellz ya, OS sweeping for the first time in a match is just awesome. It changes everything. Also doing one frame combos no longer scare me purely because of drills and applying them to my game, however I had to miss a lot of links to gain the confidence to pull of a 1 framer consistently. Now with any character I dont have that same fear I had last year, if I've been practising of course!

Thought it was worth linking since learning since its very valuable information. There are more on the way but I wont link them.


Again! Get ready for more nerfs/buffs and possibly more friggen match ups or possibly the most balanced game to date! Now that's wishful thinking!

I was wrong about any changes made to the console version of AE regarding the twins but if there are going to any changes made - its to those two.

Thoughts on the matter? Fei for bottom tier lol?

Personally, as a very simple idea I hope they up the damage output of everyone by a percentage. Purely just to speed up the game. Though I think thats a 'perfect world' type scenario :/

Just in case you haven't seen it here is the news from an Inverview with Seth Killian.

"The console release of SSF4 Arcade Edition will be a perfect port of the version currently in arcades. Do not anticipate any balance changes in AE."

Personally I cannot believe what the hell Capcom are thinking at the moment. Sure you can still play SSFIV but why would any tournmanet go'er purposely leave themself behind? I for one have lost a huge chunk of motivation to put effort into AE.

It seems like Capcom are mind fucking tournaments players: pick a top tier or brilliantly outplay your opponent. BRILLIANTLY. Sure tiers don't mean everything but if you're knowingly playing on a disadvantaged level against someone of the same skill level, its just plain and simple, the wrong choice. So Capcom has left the people who want to make something of the game with an ultimatum: pick a top, top tier or don't bother.

I play Ryu, one of the characters that Capcom has omitted from the competitors list so of course bias runs rampid through my post. I think its fine that Ryu got nerfed since I haven't noticed a huge difference and he has been dominating since vanila. Sure he's taken a blow in terms of damage output but he's still a decent character in AE. But regardless of that, its the fact that they are not nerfing the top tier characters that hurts the most.

Yes, this is a rant but I'm sure that people who have been trying to become competitve in this game will feel the burn too unless they jump ship. So what are other peoples thoughts on the matter? Whats your future playing competitively in Street Fighter IV? Jumping ship?

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Ryu's standing jab vs Sagat
« on: April 02, 2011, 02:00:44 PM »
Just a quick Q~

From a lot of high level match vids I see Ryu mashing jab in Sagats face.

I know s.jab stuffs Tiger Knees but it seems like its done to the point of trying to catch other things.

Anyone know what? Or are Ryu players just mashing?

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Anyone know of new Daigo footage?
« on: February 28, 2011, 10:47:15 PM »
A quick video was put up a couple days ago revealing the rankings of Japanese players with Daigo on top with 100115BP. The thing is thats pretty much the only thing I've seen uploaded on youtube for a fair bit. The same goes for Mago too.

I've only been looking through Youtube and tried a search in google but nothing new has came up. The thing is if its Daigo, its most likely on the youtube. Obviously, thats not completely true so maybe someone might know where there is some footage?

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