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Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / ATTENTION this guy is scum!
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:50:22 PM »
OK  so i haven't got to play sfiv in a long while and im pretty rubbish at the game right now but...

I was playing with  PWNPHACTCRY aka mdunworth1 on psn and he picked seth and did some pretty amazing combos on me.
One in particular involved a perfectly timed sonic boom teleport crossup.

And so this is the thing.... i stupidly thought that i may be able (not knowing my place) that i could you know ask mdunworth1
how this crossup is done since each time i try it the game give me a shoryu and not a teleport  even if i assign a button to use all punches.

So i asked and we played some more and...... nothing no response.
We play some more and i very kindly ask advice. ZIP!

Again after he beats me i say in the subject box Can you tell me plz???......GUESS WHAT...................NO REPLY

So at this point i can imagen this guy on the other end cracking jokes about me at my expense.
So i say "Look if your not going to answer a simple question and help me you know.... LEARN then im just going to leave"

And wouldn't you know NO RESPONSE!!
So i say fine stuff you and leave yet latter while im playing i notice good kind ol mdunworth1 isnt on my friends list anymore .

Thats right he deems me UNWORTHY of being on his friends list. Simply because im not  shangtsung09 well isnt that nice?

Now i know he certainly has no obligation to help anybody but there are simple rules of social etiquette. That i guess dont apply to the"elite"

But wait whats this Daigo is always ready to give advice? Justin wong makes a point of it to try and teach players some tricks to help the scene?

Hmmmmmm..... well.... i guess that just makes  PWNPHACTCRY an elitist scumbag. And i actually liked this guy. :(

Buying and Selling / ebay auction for PS3 Tekken 6 NEW & SEALED
« on: March 23, 2011, 11:16:43 PM »
Anybody interested? :)

Please make a bid.   

I forgot to state that its for PS3 in the title so i might not get my money back.    :(

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