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Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Sydney Marvel
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:49:12 AM »
It's evident that the Sydney Marvel scene has been inactive for some time now, with the low attendance numbers for UMvC3 at YSB for the past few months. I do see enough players to run Marvel tournaments, but for whatever reason, not many people enter. :(

This is just a call to see if anyone is interested in playing with the small community we have here over in Campbelltown (or FGCtown as we like to call it), which includes, myself (David) and my twin brother Dustin, Arnold (2x OHN UMvC3 Champ), Jay, Jamie, Dylan (aka. Betterpart/Canpakes) + Gerry/Gerasim. Not sure if many people know us by name, but I'm sure if you've been to YSB, you may have seen some of us around.

We haven't been attending YSB, or even playing Marvel, as frequently as we used to, with Work/School, USF4 and whatever else, but there is a number of us over here that still want to play, but it's sad seeing what Sydney Marvel is atm, especially in the lead up to OHN. But after the recent YSB, other than the existing Marvel players, I've seen a number of other players that I'd like to play with. (Guys playing Nemo team, Nemesis team, Thor team, Nova/Doom/Ammy, etc. etc. I think theres a few Tekken players that aren't bad either.)

So yeah. Post a reply here, PM me or something. I know you guys are out there somewhere.  :'(

Thinking of selling my PS3 TE, since its just sitting in my room collecting dust.  :-\

Bought it from EB Games awhile back, for $200. All I changed was the balltop and buttons, still OBSF-30's like original -  just swapped them for red/black ones. Some scratches from regular use, bringing it to gatherings and such, but other than that its all good.

Probably sell it for around $100?

Sydney based, pick-up only.


(picture taken awhile ago, but its pretty much the same now.)

update - item has been sold.

Random Discussion / Training mode hurts.
« on: November 25, 2011, 03:40:35 PM »
Just wondering...

Has anyone ever experienced pain within their hand after playing a good session of SSF4AE or UMVC3?

Having this experience right now, and I'm just a little unsure on the situation, as this has never happened previously. I was slowly noticing slight pain after playing MVC3 for a small while, after a lengthy danger room session. It doesn't seem like anything major, but it's only really started to annoy me now, after playing UMVC3 frequently since release.

I'd like some thoughts on this.


Tech Talk / looking for someone to dual-mod my stick?
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:48:10 PM »
as the title says.

i own a PS3 Madcatz R2 TE Stick, and ive had it for almost half a year now.

since attending the Sydney 99onYork/YSB events a bit more frequently now, i feel it'll make things a bit easier if i brought my own stick along. but considering that the majority of setups there are 360s, and my stick is only ps3 compatible, well.... yeah. u get the point.

oh and aside from that i own a 360, but only have one stick for it, which is my brothers HRAP2SA + converter.

so, anyone willing to help out? hopefully it isn't too expensive.  :P

im looking to get that discount at YSB events.  ;D
LOL nah im just kidding.

Buying and Selling / WTB: XBOX 360 Arcade Stick? / WTS: YLOD PS3.
« on: June 17, 2011, 11:48:58 PM »
looking to buy a stick for my xbox 360.
not looking for anything in particular, just something decent. something relatively cheap?

something along the lines of a HORI EX2?

just need a stick to use on the xbox, nothing spectacular.
anything better than using the controller. -.-


and as for the YLOD PS3, just want to get rid of it. already have another ps3.
shoot me an offer, that is.. if anyone wants the thing.


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