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Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / USF4 - Red Focus
« on: April 15, 2014, 11:13:14 AM »
discussion and question about Red focus.

Red Focus Attack

    Costs 2 bars of the Super Combo Gauge
    Command is MP+MK+LP
    Damage is 1.5 times as much as normal Focus
    On hit, Level 1 Red Focus causes hit-stun, Level 2 and 3 Red Focus cause crumple
    Can absorb an infinite number of the opponent’s attacks
    For Level 1 and 2, the armor effect disappears as soon as the buttons are released; Level 3 maintains armor until attack start-up
    While absorbing the opponent’s attacks with armor, Revenge Gauge build is twice the normal amount

EX Red Focus

    Costs 3 bars of the Super Combo Gauge
    Command is MP+MK+LP during an EX Focus-cancellable move
    Damage is 1.5 times as much as normal Focus
    On hit, Levels 1-3 cause crumple
    Has no armor
    When hit while holding the buttons, Revenge Gauge build is twice the normal amount

We still need to wait feedback by Japanese players,
but I am sure it will be good for new combo (EX red focus).

Mostly, it is well-suited with non-knock down special move like Yun's L.shoulder.
they can increase damage from middle range.

e.g.  Yun st.MP>L.Shoulder>EX red focus level1>dash>Ultra1>H.Zessyou

e.g. Viper  cr.MK>M. thunder>EX red focus level1>dash>st.HP>thunder cancel~~~~

e.g. Honda  cr.LP>EX hundred palm>EX red focus1>ultra1 or >dash>ultra2

EX red focus connect from cancelable heavy attack, especially when charge characters don't have charge.

e.g.  Guile  front walk~st.HP>EX red focus level1>ultra1 or >dash>cr.MP>flash kick

e.g.  Fei  command grab>st.HP>EX red focus level1>dash>ultra 1

also, it is good for long focus attack character like Blanka.

Blanka (whiff punish) cr.HP>EX red focus level1>dash> cr.MK>ultra1 or >ultra2(anti air)

Dudley (whiff fireball) duck straight>EX red focus level1>dash>keep it classy

and maximum punish by red focus level 3(cos red focus has 1.5 times damage)

e.g. Zangief Red focus level 3(170x1.5=255)>dash>Ultra 1(nearly 500x70%=350)
(guess if it hits to unmasked claw lol)

meter cost is not cheap, but this new system will help some situation, and many character has more ultra combo chance.

oh, and don't forget to use red focus against Blanka's thunder when u r in corner.

hi I will go to Perth during 26th-29th.
Is there a good place for meeting arcade players?

Random Discussion / reaction test game!!! 2nd
« on: March 18, 2013, 09:44:22 PM »
hi everyone.
I found new reaction Test game from twitter.
this is more similar for fighting game, so acctually these result will show ur real reaction SKILL.

Let's try and make sure who is the king of reaction!
(english page.)

previous topic:

previous reaction test game:

Random Discussion / Reaction Test game!!
« on: July 20, 2012, 10:37:45 PM »
Hi everyone.
I always think what skills are important for fighting games, it is like mind game sense, reading skill, correct input...etc

However sometimes we are required very fast reaction. 
And this skill is really hard to develop so someone who has faster reaction can use it as an advantage.

So I wanted to know what score is average for us and how much I can constantly react.

this is a reaction test game.

Please check rule at this web site. it has English text.

Also it can say... 0.1 sec=6F at fighting game. (1sec=60F)
So if your average is 0.25, it means 2.5×6=15  your average reaction is 15F in fighting game.

Please try 5-10 games and write your results here. I want know my reaction is fast or slow.

Also, I want know WHO IS KING OF REACTION IN AUSTRALIA !?   :dpf: :+: :p:

I will write my 5 games results below, don't worry I m not fast. I already ask my few friends n everyone are faster than me lol.

my 5 games results:
0.283   .... my average of 5 games is =0.279sec.  ..... 2.79×6=16.74F

My average reaction is between 16 - 17F. (Almost 17F.)

ok, I am not special lol.  Try everyone and make me salty!! ;D

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