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Hey all =)

I've had Guild Wars 2 since the day it was released and haven't had the urge to pop it back in after the 1st week or so  ::)

If you would like the actual copy of the game then all you need to do is simply reply to this post by starting off with a Hello and ending with Thank You.

I've been trying to get back into FG's after an extended absence and it turns out that most people (everyone lol) would rather i didn't, so if i HAVE to bribe somebody with a game in order to be given just a slither of courtesy/respect, then so be it!!!1 haha (btw this isn't directed at anyone AT ALL! My personality doesn't translate well online and by reading my comments at face value, i can easily be seen as a total #$!@ wit lol Only person i can blame is myself  :-[ )

PS: If you'd like to use my account (which i can only assume would be the case?) that the CD-Key is attached to, then i may have to change the email from my account to whatever yours is.

PPS: I have never "Gifted" games on Steam before and only assuming that i can actually gift KOF if it's in my Game LIbrary and bought off of Steam??

*: You would just need to pay for the postage that is :P

Take Care,
Mick =)

Hey all! :)


I was going to look into getting myself one of the original Wii systems to play some old ass Gamecube games and a handful of Wii games that i've missed out on over the years.

As such, if anyone has a complete Wii setup that also has the Gamecube capability while also having all the cables and whatever else is needed to make a Wii run, please PM me! =)

Location: : I'm in Sydney and don't mind picking it up if you're also within Sydney. If you're an interstater that's also fine, as long as all up, including postage, it isn't going to cost me significantly more than $75 - $80 or so.

Price : Just going by the EBGames current price, nothing over $80 total. Willing to spend the extra money to keep it in the community, look at me i am such a nice guy etc etc

EBGames has pre-owned Wii's for $63 atm, but i'd like to keep the $$ in the community if possible so thought i'd post and see if anyone needed some extra $$ and wanted to get rid of their Wii's!

Take Care! ;D

Hey all!

I have always wanted to go overseas for awhile now and after EVO 2012 i started saving for 2013!

Since i have only ever been to QLD (for schoolies) and VIC (for SS2k11), i know there are alot of obvious and little things that one needs to take into consideration while going overseas for the first time. So i was just wondering (and i'm sure anyone else who is interested on going next year) how much did you think it was going to cost you and in hindsight, how much would you plan to save if you went again?

The last thing i want to do is go overseas and JUST have enough money to scrape by .. i want to live my own version of The Hangover and have no regrets haha

But yeah, how much did the 2012 EVO trip end up costing you guys?

Take care!

Everything is pretty much 99.9% perfect. I had an impulsive moment and bought this game when it came out. It has been sitting in my wardrobe ever since and have never used any of the guest passes or whatever else it came with.

I will also be giving away the account i was using to play the game. I got to the 3rd boss or some shit .. i don't really remember. But i ASSUME that you can start a new character with my account so it doesn't really matter?

Is this even possible? I have no idea .. if somebody is interested i'll look into it.

I'll even pay postage ... just take it away PLEASE!!!

So the quiz is ...

Who is hotter?

Jessica Alba:



A Toasted Cheese Sandwhich:


You have 60 seconds ... make your choice.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Looking for a training buddy!!
« on: August 29, 2012, 06:56:57 PM »
I am starting to get back into marvel again and due to the shitty netcode i can understand that it is nigh impossible to find people through matchmaking :(

If anyone wants to kick my ass online on a consistent basis then shoot me a pm on xbox :P

Hey all!

I was just wondering if there are reproduction Yun Hats or something similar to Ibuki's ALT that has the "Spiked" chain on her jeans?

I guess for the Yun hat i could look online for some sort of Lakers hat but i don't intend to cosplay or anything lol I just like his hat and her Chain :P Yangs ALT has a chain practically similar to the one i wear atm, but i want Ibuki's one "WAHHHH I want a chocholate WAHHHH"

Take Care!

Hey all!

I was just wondering if anyone wanted to sell their copy of AE at all? I have a key already on my profile but haven't got the actual disc to isntall it on my laptop as i scratched the disc :(

I tried 3 different torrents all of which sput out 3 different errors lol

So **** it i'll buy it again. so if anyone has a copy they want to sell let me know :)

I found this place on ebay selling them for $20 but would rather see if i can buy within the community first.

Take care!


Tickets went on sale today and was just wondering if anyone is going aswell?

Some of the rich **** tickets are limited but allow you to skip long lines to play games and other perks.

Lil Wayne is my dad so i am getting the "Express Gamer" ticket whatever the hell that entitles me to lol


Somebody take this away. I believe this book is cursed and ono worked with the occult at some stage. I keep seeing tall long armed Slender men about.

PM me your details and at no cost to you, you get yourself $2, A brand new SF x T Brady guide which is quite possibly the Necronomicon itself!!!

For those who are poor like myself and can't goto Melb :( Will there be anyone in Sydney hosting a mini Pizza/Beer/Games session at all?

If so i am sure it would of been posted ages ago but the idea just popped into my head and had to ask :P

I was just wondering if this would allow us to have games (decent connections) with people in Singapore and possibly Japan ?
Watching the live stream of Latif changing his locale to Japan and playing top players got me thinking... NBN!

I know there is quite a few variables to consider, but seeing as we have this new technology, i wouldn't mind knowing if somebody already on the NBN has tested this out yet?

Thanks :)

PS Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this.

Hey all! :)

I wanted to get back into AE and was looking for anyone who was serious about sitting down for some long endless matches?

Currently using T Hawk and trying to incorporate OS' into my gameplan... but yeah.. not working out so well haha so i need the practice!

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