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The 13th OzHadou Nationals are fast approaching!

OHN13 will be the first community-run Sydney major for MKX, but will also be the"grand finale" for many OHN staples with USF4, TTT2, UMvC3 and KOF13 all unlikely to return to the official line-up next year. OHN13 will be your last chance to claim a national title in these classic fighting games before the next generation of titles comes along in 2016.

For more information, including registration, DIY submissions, etc. visit the official OHN13 website.

Who do you think will take out the national titles for 2015? Which state will dominate OHN this year? Which DIY games are you hoping to see?

If you have any questions, predictions, discussions, feedback, etc. please post them in this thread.

Buying and Selling / WTS: Original Xbox Bundle and PS1/2 Sticks
« on: September 01, 2013, 10:12:05 AM »
Once again I'm looking to sell some of my old consoles and games that I no longer need.

If you're interested and in Sydney I can provide the items in-person at YSB (next one is 21st Sep), otherwise any postage involved will be on top of the listed prices.

The Xbox bundle is "all or nothing" (i.e. I will not break it up). All reasonable offers will be considered.

Xbox Console Bundle - $80
  • 1 x Original Xbox Console - boxed PAL console with power supply, composite video cable and 1 control pad.
  • Console has been soft-modded. Has a CPS2 emulator installed + a few ROMs. You can load more onto it via FTP.
  • 1 x PS1/PS2-to-Xbox converter - works with arcade sticks.
  • 2 x PS1/PS2/Dreamcast/Saturn-to-Xbox converters - works with arcade sticks.
  • 1 x component video cable - works with Xbox, Xbox360 and PS2.
  • PAL/NTSC video swicther disc - can be used to toggle the video output between PAL and NTSC on a modded Xbox console.
  • 1 x Ninja Gaiden - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Capcom Classics Collection  - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Ultimate Spider-Man - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Spider-Man 2 - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Marvel Ultimate Alliance - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Guilty Gear X2 #Reload - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Dead or Alive 3 - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Dead or Alive Ultimate - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x X-Men Legends - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x X-Men Legends 2 - PAL disc; boxed with manual.

PS1/PS2 Arcade Sticks
  • 1 x Namco Arcade Stick - good condition, $40.
  • 1 x HRAP Sanwa Edition - near new with box, all Sanwa parts, $80.

Xbox 360 Wi-Fi Adaptor - $20
  • Suitable for the old Xbox 360 console. This is the first generation adaptor (i.e. the one with a single antenna).

Special Bundle Prices
  • Xbox Bundle + Namco Arcade Stick - $100.
  • Xbox Bundle + HRAP (Sanwa) Arcade Stick - $140.
  • THE LOT (Xbox Bundle + Namco Arcade Stick + HRAP (Sanwa) Arcade Stick + X360 Wi-Fi Adaptor) - $170.

Post Event Discussion / OHN11: Claiming Road to Evo 2013 Points
« on: February 26, 2013, 04:39:31 PM »
Everyone that placed top 3 in SSF4:AE, UMvC3, TTT2 and KOF13 at OHN11 needs to email us at with the following information:
  • Full Name;
  • Email Address used to Register for Evo 2013;
  • Country of Origin (assumed to be "Australia" unless you indicate otherwise).

I need to send this information over to the Evo staff by Friday the 15th of March. Anyone that does not contact us before then will forfeit their Road to Evo 2013 seeding points.

Post Event Discussion / OHN11 Results
« on: February 24, 2013, 12:29:25 PM »
Below you'll find the top 8 results for all 5 official tournaments at OHN11. I'll update this post live as the finals unfold, so refresh for the latest and post your shout-outs and feedback below.

VF5:FS Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] AlexMD2011
2. [NSW] Megadeath
3. [NSW] kientan
4. [NSW] MadeMan
5. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [NSW] Chill
7. [NSW] CrowdPleasingMoves
7. [VIC] Berzerk!

KOF13 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [QLD] ON|Colonov
2. [WA] derrace
3. [NSW] Chen
4. [VIC] Ero_Oyaji
5. [SA] Nerk
5. [NSW] Alexk
7. [QLD] Qmar
7. [SA] A1Major

TTT2 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] MMT
2. [NSW] Kantoro
3. [VIC] X
4. [VIC] talons
5. [NSW] Zhan
5. [NSW] Lord Silver
7. [QLD] Marimo-San
7. [NSW] Meat

SSF4:AE - Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] gb
2. [NSW] ShangTsung
3. [VIC] SL.SoL
4. [NSW] robsux
5. [VIC] DB ToXY
5. [NSW] Genxa
7. [NSW] Punk
7. [VIC] Zgeus

UMvC3 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] Arnold Desu
2. [VIC] Antman
3. [QLD] Ghandi aka Low Blow
4. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [VIC] Somniac
5. [QLD] Baxter
7. [QLD] Tyrone
7. [VIC] DB ToXY

SF3:3S OE DIY Results


1. [NSW] Genxa
2. [NSW] MN
3. [VIC] DB ToXY

DOA5 OE DIY Results


1. [VIC] Berzerk
2. [VIC] AlexMD2011
3. [VIC] Gab

Tournament Announcements / [AUS] OHN11 - DIY Applications
« on: January 24, 2013, 08:40:04 PM »
One of the downsides of the expanded line-up of official games at OHN11 is that it reduces the amount of space available for DIY tournaments. With this in mind we’re holding an application process to allocate the DIY space at OHN11.
To apply for DIY space please send an email to with the subject line "OHN11 DIY Application". In your email you must provide details for each of the following items.
  • DIY Game.
  • Total number of setups being provided.
  • Expected number of participants. (Include a link to online evidence supporting this estimate e.g. DIY sign-up thread on the OzHadou forums).
  • The names of everyone helping to run the DIY.
  • A brief history of your tournament-running experience. Include the experience of any helpers where applicable.
  • Any interest in being eligible for Evo 2013 seeds (if applicable).
Submissions will close on Saturday the 9th of February. The OHN team will review all submissions and announce DIY space allocations on Monday the 11th of February.
We look forward to another round of successful DIY tournaments at OHN11.

Buying and Selling / WTS: Gamecube / Dreamcast / Xbox bundles
« on: October 13, 2012, 11:19:26 AM »
I'm looking to sell some of my old consoles and games that I no longer need. None of these bundles will be broken up - it's all or nothing.

If you're interested and in Sydney I can provide the items in-person at YSB, otherwise any postage involved will be on top of the listed prices.

Xbox 360 Wi-Fi Adaptor - $30
  • Suitable for the old Xbox 360 console. This is the first generation adaptor (i.e. the one with a single antenna).

Xbox Games Bundle - $25 (or $10 combined with any other purchase)
  • 1 x Ninja Gaiden - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Capcom Classics Collection  - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Ultimate Spider-Man - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Spider-Man 2 - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Marvel Ultimate Alliance - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Guilty Gear X2 #Reload - PAL disc; boxed with manual.

Gamecube Console Bundle - $50 - SOLD (jarop)
  • 1 x Gamecube Console (black) - boxed PAL console with power supply, composite video cable and 1 black control pad.
  • 1 x Gamecube Control Pad (indigo/clear).
  • 2 x official Memory Cards (black).
  • 1 x PS2-to-Gamecube controller converter - Mayflash brand; only works with PS2 control pads.
  • 1 x Freeloader disc - PAL disc; allows imported games to run on a PAL Gamecube console.
  • 1 x CvS2 EO - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x X-Men  Legends - NTSC (USA) disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Mario Kart: Double Dash  - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Soul Calibur 2 - NTSC (Japan) disc; boxed with manual.

Dreamcast Console Bundle - $70 - SOLD (kyokugen)
  • 1 x Dreamcast Console - boxed PAL console with composite video cable and 2 control pads.
  • WARNING: missing power cable (you can purchase one from Jaycar).
  • WARNING: first generation console suffering from the overheat/reset problem. Purchase at your own risk!!!
  • 5 x Virtual Memory Units (VMUs) - 2 are missing the cap that covers the connector; all are official Sega VMUs.
  • 3 x PS2-to-Dreamcast controller converters; 2 x EMS and 1 x Total Control Plus; all confirmed to work with PS1/2 arcade sticks.
  • 1 x Marvel vs. Capcom - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Crazy Taxi - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Crazy Taxi 2 - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Dead or Alive 2 - PAL disc; boxed with manual.
  • 1 x Soul Calibur - PAL disc; boxed with manual.

Post Event Discussion / OHNX: Results, Discussion and Feedback
« on: February 20, 2012, 06:10:22 PM »
The tenth OzHadou Nationals are over. Thank you to everyone that came along to watch, play and compete, as well as the huge list of people that helped out in the lead-up to the event and on the day. Thanks also to all our sponsors for their generous support.

Here are the top 8 results for all official tournaments at the top 4 for the Road to Evo.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v.2012
1st [SGP] DM | Xianmsg
2nd [NSW] Shangtsung
3rd [NSW] robsux
4th [NSW] Huck
5th [NSW] Crazy FreeRider
5th [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY
7th [VIC] Heavy Weapons

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1st [NSW] Arnold Desu
2nd [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY
3rd [QLD] Low Blow
4th [QLD] Haichii
5th [QLD] NefeliousG
5th [VIC] BurnoutFighter
7th [VIC] shadowfox
7th [VIC] Somniac

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1st [NSW] Lucky Strikes
2nd [NSW] St. George
3rd [NSW] Handsomeboy123
4th [NSW] MMT
5th [NSW] meat
5th [NSW] Lordsilver
7th [NSW] Crocop
7th [VIC] Dion

Soul Calibur V
1st [VIC] V1p3r
2nd [NSW] Awakened Being
3rd [NSW] Peter
4th [NSW] Ipandroo

The King of Fighters XIII
1st [SGP] DM | Xianmsg
2nd [VIC] V1p3r
3rd [QLD] Colonov
4th [QLD] Qmar

To see the full results for each official tournament, check out the live online brackets from OHNX. Keep an eye on the OzHadou forums for full results for SC5, KOF13 and other DIY tournaments at OHNX.

Finally for all players that placed top 16 in SSF4:AE, UMvC3, SC5 and/or KOF13 at OHNX, please email us at with the valid email address you're most likely to use when registering for Evo 2012 so that we can secure your Evo seeding points. This needs to be done quickly or you will forfeit your points.

Congratulations to all our OHNX champions, and thanks again to everyone that participated in OHNX.

Community News / OHNX - Who Will Claim the Throne?
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:47:50 PM »
There's already been quite a lot of debate about who's going to win some of the exhibition matches lined up for OHNX, but what about the official tournaments?

The OHN Team has gone through the list of registered players for SSF4:AE, UMvC3 and TTT2 and identified 8 players we think have a good chance of making the finals on Sunday. You can find our picks, complete with player profiles, on the Players to Watch portal on the OHNX website. Click the game logos to browse the profiles.

Players to Watch at OHNX

What do you think? Are we spot-on? Have we missed the mark? Let us know your predictions for OHNX by posting below.

Tournament Announcements / [NSW] OHNX, Sydney: Call for Volunteers
« on: January 21, 2012, 12:15:17 PM »
Like all major tournaments OHN needs plenty of staff to keep things running as smoothly as possible. For OHNX we're issuing a public call for volunteers to help us out. Here's a rundown of what's involved for OHN volunteers.

  • All volunteers are required to assist with setting up the venue on Friday afternoon, updating the venue layout on Saturday evening and packing up the venue on Sunday evening.
  • For other activities, volunteers will be given timetables of what they'll be asked to do at various times each day. We will try to rotate people so that nobody is stuck doing one thing for many hours.
  • Once committed to a task you cannot leave it unattended until your replacement arrives.
  • Please note this only applies to people helping to run official activities at the event. DIY organisers or people who BYO setups for casuals are not considered part of the OHN staff.
  • Volunteers will need to be familiar with the venue layout and schedule of events in order to answer any questions asked by attendees.

In return for their help, volunteers will receive the following:
  • All volunteers will receive a free OHNX shirt and staff passes at OHNX. Please include your shirt size with your application.
  • Volunteers will be eligible to receive a full refund on their OHNX venue entry fee, payable after the conclusion of OHNX and conditional on the Event Director’s satisfaction with your contribution during the event.

In addition to the above, volunteers will be called upon to help with the following tasks. If you have any preferences or prior experience relevant to a particular task please include this in your application email.

  • Registration desk.
  • Judges for official tournament pools (AE, UMvC3 and/or TTT2).
  • Calling matches and updating bracket data (AE, UMvC3 and/or TTT2).
  • Stream support staff.
  • Roaming help and venue tidying.

Applicants should send an email to with your mobile number, shirt size and any details around your availability/suitability for the tasks listed above.

Please email your applications to us by Tuesday 31st of January so that we have enough time to develop a suitable roster for everyone.

Please note: this call-out does NOT include stream commentators or venue MC duties. People will be called upon directly by the OHN Team for these tasks, so applications are not required at this time.


DIY Tournament Portal
Welcome to the DIY Tournament Portal for OHNX. Here you'll find a list of the DIY tournaments that have been announced for OHNX, with links to each thread so you can check out the rules and register your interest.

I'll use this thread to make general announcements regarding DIYs plus, as well as raising any requests for information from DIY organisers.

Remember that all brackets for DIY tournaments will be taking place on Saturday, 18th of February. Check the OHNX schedule for a summary of starting times for all DIY tournaments.

What are DIY Tournaments?
DIY tournaments are tournament brackets being run for games by OHN attendees. These tournaments are not organised or managed by OHN staff. Rather they are side tournaments organsied by players attending OHN, using hardware they bring along. Hence the "Do-It-Yourself" in the title. :)

How does a DIY Tournament work?
To register for a DIY tournament you must first pay venue entry for OHN. You can just pay the general venue entry fee if you aren't competing in any of the official OHN tournaments, but either venue entry fee entitles you to compete in DIY tournaments at OHN.

Next find the links for any DIY tournaments you're interested in and sign-up in their respective threads. You can also check details about rules, game versions, prizes and entry fees in these threads. Be sure to check the OHN schedule so that you'll be on time for the DIY tournament.

Finally, once you arrive at OHN on Saturday 18th Feb, go to the designated DIY tournament area before your DIY tournament starts and pay the entry forr to the DIY tournament organiser.

OHNX DIY Threads
Road to Evo 2012
OHNX is part of the Road to Evo 2012, which means players at OHNX can earn seeding points for tournaments at Evo 2012 . Since Evo includes Soul Calibur V and King of Fighters XIII in its official line-up, OHN will make the DIY tournaments for these games eligible for Evo seeding points provided they are run in a manner consistent with Evo's rules.

DIY Finals for Sunday
In addition, we will aim to run the Final 4 matches for both SCV and KOFXIII on the main stage and OHNX stream on Sunday, 19th of February. This is conditional on us being able to get these games to work with our streaming equipment. We also ask that finals matches be kept to a reasonable number of games otherwise we won't have enough time to stream these in addition to the official finals.

In addition to any prizes listed in the rules for each DIY tournament, OHNX will provide a champion medallion for the winner of each DIY tournament listed in this thread. To be eligible for this you must announce your DIY tournament before Monday, 23rd of January.

Venue Entry
You can only play games at OHNX if you have purchased a venue entry for OHNX. Registrations are now open for OHNX, and the earlier you pay the cheaper your venue entry will be.

You'll notice that these tournaments are NOT run on Xbox 360 consoles. As such the OHNX BYO Controller policy does not apply to DIY tournaments. DIY organisers will make sure sticks are available for the setups they provide.

People are still welcome to BYO controller if they wish. Just make sure you bring something that will work on the hardware used for the DIY tournament you're entering.

Please visit the OHN website to register for venue entry.Tournament entry fees are payable directly to DIY organisers during OHNX.

If you have any questions regarding a particular DIY tournament, please raise them with the relevant DIY organisers via there respective forum threads.

DIY organisers can raise any questions with OHNX staff via this thread or by contacting me directly.

Tournament Announcements / [AUS] OHNX: Regionals, Dec 2011 - Feb 2012
« on: October 23, 2011, 11:35:29 AM »

The OHNX: Regionals are a series of preliminary tournaments for OHNX taking place around Australia. The results of each OHNX:R tournament will be used to determine rank seeds for the official tournaments at OHNX, which include SSF4:AE, UMvC3 and TTT2.

For OHNX:R events taking place outside of Sydney, winners will also receive prizes to help cover the cost of travelling to Sydney for OHNX.

Donations for SSF4:AE and UMvC3 are now closed. We have raised a total of $800 which will be shared evenly between the 5 non-Sydney regionals events. Regionals organisers can contact Final Atomic Buster to claim their share of the money.

OzHadou thanks all OHNX:R - Sydney attendees and independent donators for their generous support.

List of OHNX:R Events
Here is a list of the regional tournaments taking place. Links will be provided as organisers formally announce their OHNX:R events on OzHadou.

Events for SSF4:AE and UMvC3
Events for TTT2

OHNX Rankings from Regionals Results

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
1) Mikey (WA) - 15 pts
1) robsux (NSW) - 15 pts
1) Shadowloo | ToXY (VIC) - 15 pts
4) Vinh (QLD) - 12 pts
4) TheUndyingMage (SA) - 12 pts
4) Shangtsung (NSW) - 12 pts
7) Guillotine-Fist (WA) - 10 pts
7) Gamogo (NZ) - 10 pts
7) Heavy Weapons (VIC) - 10 pts
10) D-Smiles (QLD) - 6 pts
10) Reece204 (SA) - 6 pts
10) vindk8 (NSW) - 6 pts
13) Damon (WA) - 5 pts
13) FuryBlitz (NSW) - 5 pts
13) Shadowloo | SoLemon (VIC) - 5 pts
16) Puaka676 (QLD) - 3 pts
16) NedJoe (SA) - 3 pts
16) Thirdeye (NSW) - 3 pts
19) Martin (WA) - 2 pts
19) kientan (NSW) - 2 pts
19) CARNAGE (VIC) - 2 pts
22) Jason (WA) - 1 pt
22) Spector (WA) - 1 pt
22) AlexK (NSW) - 1 pt
22) bbbenson (NSW) - 1 pt
22) Penh (VIC) - 1 pt
22) Somniac (VIC) - 1 pt

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1) ABM|KG  (NSW) - 24 pts
2) NefeliousG  (QLD) - 12 pts
2) Arnold Desu  (NSW) - 12 pts
2) Shadowloo | ToXY (VIC) - 12 pts
2) NedJoe (SA) - 12 pts
6) Alistar (WA) - 6 pts
6) Low Blow (QLD) - 6 pts
6) Isorropia (NSW) - 6 pts
6) Somniac (VIC) - 6 pts
6) Reece204 (SA) - 6 pts
6) ToM | Acedizl (NSW) - 6 pts
12) Colonov (QLD) - 3 pts
12) CoolzInferno (WA) - 3 pts
12) hebretto (NSW) - 3 pts
12) ><> (VIC) - 3 pts
12) Mooseking (SA) - 3 pts
12) BeefyGoodness (ACT) - 3 pts

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1) Dion (VIC) - 12 pts
1) MMT (NSW) - 12 pts
1) DrpPnts4Food (QLD) - 12 pts
4) Samo (VIC) - 6 pts
4) Zhan (NSW) - 6 pts
4) Colonov (QLD) - 6 pts
7) Treao (VIC) - 3 pts
7) St. George (NSW) - 3 pts
7) Scorpion (QLD) - 3 pts

Detailed results for each OHNX:R can be found in the following threads:

SSF4:AE and UMvC3


Remember that if a player earns points for the same game at multiple OHNX:R events, those points will be cumulative.

At OHNX players will be rank seeded for official tournaments in order of OHNX:R points earned, subject to regional seeding constraints.

Tournament Announcements / [NSW] OHNX, Sydney: 17th-19th Feb, 2012
« on: October 02, 2011, 04:32:08 PM »
>> Click here to go to the OHNX website! <<

The OzHadou Nationals return in 2012!

OHNX is the 10th iteration of Australia's longest running fighting game tournament series. What started as a small showdown between Sydney and Melbourne in an arcade has turned into an annual pilgrimage for fighting game fans all around Australia. Whether you're gunning for a  national title or just looking to get some casual games in, there's plenty of fun to be had at OHN.

Dates and Venue
OHNX will be held at 99 on York on 17th - 19th of February, 2012.

After the successful transition of OHN to 99 on York in 2011, we're making some important upgrades to enhance the OHN experience.

OHN now over 3 Days
Each year a lot of players arrive in Sydney early to meet up and practise ahead of the OHN tournament weekend. Rather than have all that action and socialising scattered between different places, we're inviting everyone to the OHN venue a day early.

Here's the basic schedule for OHNX:
  • Friday, 6pm - midnight: sign-in and casual play.
  • Saturday, 10am - midnight: sign-in,  pools for all official tournaments and casual play.
  • Sunday, 12pm - 6pm: finals for all official tournaments.
This is just the core of how the 3 days will go down. More details can be found on the OHN website.

The current line-up of official tournament games is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (Xbox 360), Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360) and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (arcade).

Online registrations are now LIVE.

It is compulsory to register online before OHNX in order to compete in any official tournaments. Also for any official SSF4:AE and UMvC3 exhibitions, only official OHNX competitors will be eligible to participate.

Registrations for official tournaments close on Monday 6th of February 2012.

Discounts are available for all participants who register online before Monday 16th of January 2012.

Casual/DIY entries can be paid after the above dates but will incur a hefty surcharge. Do yourself a favour and pay online as soon as you can.

The OHN Team
Here is the team behind OHNX:
  • Final Atomic Buster - Event Director
  • Ziggy - Tournament Director
  • Goswu - Community Manager: Capcom Games
  • Gamogo - Community Manager: Capcom Games
  • FaYd - Community Manager: Namco Games
  • Berzerk! - Promotion & Media Manager
  • JBHewitt - Stream Director
  • SlapperJoe - Stream Director

Other Information for OHNX
For more information about OHNX, visit the official OHN website where you'll find all sorts of details including the latest news, details of the Regional qualifier series, official tournament rules and prizes, a full schedule of events, registration details and more.

I invite people to use this thread to discuss OHNX, and to ask any questions you might have. If there's anything you'd really like to see at OHNX please let us know!

Community News / OHN Community Input - Round 3
« on: August 20, 2011, 05:40:43 PM »

This week's OHN poll is all about raising funds from the community, with a focus on donations. It's not uncommon for the community to donate money to help support major tournament activities. Justin Wong's flight to OHN6 was partly funded by private community donations, as was Daigo's flight to EVO APAC. We've also raised funds via local tournaments (e.g. MCH/GGS Ranbats, OH APAC, OHR) to help increase funding for OHN. SS2011 wouldn't have been even a fraction of the size it was if the Melbourne community hadn't donated generously to fund the international guests.

OHN has been shy about public calls for donations in the past. We've also tried our best to keep entry fees as low as possible. But even with SF4's success numbers have not climbed enough to fund expansions. As such we'd like to know how dedicated the community is towards funding an expanded OHN.

Please take a moment to vote in the poll. You only have 1 week to vote, after which the poll will be closed, so please have your say while you can! We also welcome additional input on the subject via posts in this thread.

Previous OHN Polls

Community News / Strat Talk Round-Up: Feedback and Discussion
« on: August 14, 2011, 12:08:53 PM »
Since the blog doesn't allow anyone to post responses to blog articles right now, I'm making this thread for people to post comments, feedback and discussion for the strategy blog articles that arise.

Please post below to share your thoughts about anything strategy-related on the OH front page. :)

Community News / OHN Community Input - Round 2
« on: August 13, 2011, 09:24:27 AM »

This week's OHN poll is on the subject of expansion. If we had access to more funds for OHN, we'd like to know how you'd prefer to see the money used.

Please take a moment to vote in the poll. You only have 1 week to vote, after which the poll will be closed, so please have your say while you can! We also welcome additional input on the subject via posts in this thread.

Previous OHN Polls

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