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Random Discussion / Dedication and your memories.
« on: February 03, 2012, 06:45:32 PM »
How's it going - name's Dippa.

I've never really been a part of the fighting game scene, so excuse me for being new and all. I've been following the forums a little after I started playing SS4AE with a friend to try and pick up some tips, but I'm trying to keep track of things more for work.

Anyway, I have a column on eSports/competitive gaming that I put together each week for Internode/ (although I suppose that's iiNet now), and I wanted to grab someone or a couple of people from the fighting game community; it's nice to give coverage to all the different scenes in Australia, not just FPS/RTS as it has been for so long.

The topic I'm doing this week is dedication. It's impossible to get good at any game unless you put in the time and effort to learn all the matchups, hone your execution and so on.

What I want to do is basically collect a series of short stories or memories from players of times when they realised they either needed to dedicate themselves more towards gaming. It could be something that triggered in your mind when you were watching a tournament, a really bad loss you had or hell, a dream. Alternatively, stories would also be great about times when you realised you needed to step away from gaming, whether it was a bad experience or just things happened in your life.

Even events that gave you that feeling of vindication would be fantastic. Any stories that people have would be excellent that I could use for my article, which goes live on Sunday. I'll submit copy to my editor late tonight/tomorrow.

Thanks again, not only for your help in advance but also for a wonderful community and a great website.

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