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Tournament Announcements / MK/Injustice for YSB17
« on: April 11, 2013, 02:38:32 PM »
Hey guys, while Injustice and MK aren't officially part of the line up. The MK community should be there with MK and Injustice.

The focus will be Mortal Kombat for the tournament. But casuals will be run for both games.
If there is enough interest on the day we may throw an Injustice tournament.

Entry for the MK tournament should be about $5
The pot will be split based on the number of players.

Post below if you guys would be interested.

So far we have about 11-12 confirmed entrants.

Injustice demo was released today on the US PSN. I don't know if its out on the AU/EU one yet but guys check it out. Its pretty fun from what i've played so far. The AI is a lot harder compared to Mortal Kombat which is good I guess lol. Its just over half a gig in size, you get 3 characters (Batman, Wonderwoman and Lex Luthor) and one stage (technically 2 since you have the stage transition). It gives you access to VS play and a 4 character ladder.

Let me know your thoughts on the game.

Edit: Wow just realised made a typo in the heading....

Tournament Announcements / MK DIY FOR OHN11
« on: January 24, 2013, 11:23:32 PM »
This is just a thread to see how many people would be interested in an MK DIY tournament.
More details will be edited into this post tomorrow, so stay in tune.
This is just to announce the idea and see who would be interested in an MK tournament.
As the game is banned I realise this could discourage some, but please come and give it a go. The AUS MK community is friendly as and we would all gladly help those trying to learn the game.
Given that, I realise that us (being the MK community) would hold an unfair advantage over those just starting up. But I will try to find a way to moderate this. I'm unsure of this as of yet but I will discuss it with the AUS MK community.

Stay in tuned for more.
If interested please post below.

Current Details [As of yet: Subject to change]
Registration will be $5-10 dollars (based on the number of participants: The more the cheaper it will be [cuz otherwise the pot will be nothing])
Friday will be all casuals
The tournament itself will be held on Saturday (in line with the rest of the tournaments) [this can be adjusted if we do get enough entrants]
The tournament will be standard double elimination with players randomly dispersed through the bracket
If there are enough entrants I may construct pools
Byes may be implemented, again based on the number of entrants
- No restrictions on controllers. If wireless is used, this is done at your own risk.
- Sets will be first to three(3). Grandfinals of winners and losers being first to five(5).
- Matches will be played best of 3 (2 rounds to win)
- If pause/home is hit, the offending player will forfeit one of their matches(match not set). The match will reset on the same stage with same characters. Rounds will be taken into account, with players trading hits to equalise meter but to give the correct number of rounds. Exact meter will not be taken into account. [Rule may be wavered based on the situation, e.g. if the move would have killed anyway it does not matter or if it was in the neutral game. Community opinion will be used to judge this.]
- Hidden Select may be used at your own discretion. [Upon choosing an incorrect character. The player may reselect character granted the round has not officially started.
- The only permitted Kombat Kodes are 'No Blood', 'Zombie Mode' and 'Rainbow Kombat'
- When starting a match, scissors paper rock will be used to determine player 1 advantage. The first stage select will always be random. If the Kratos stage is chosen, the stage will again be randomly chosen.
- Upon winning, the winning player is locked into the character while the loser can change character OR stage. Not both.
- In GRAND FINALS, upon a bracket reset, the losing player may request a change in P1 advantage if desired.

If interested please comment below!

Also need to check:
- Youtube inbox for replies from: TMK, BaldatGames
- TRMK/TYM Inbox for messages to AU forum members.

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