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Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Babies guide for option selects
« on: August 31, 2012, 09:50:01 AM »
Yíknow, sometimes I wonder if I missed the memo on option selects. Because I donít do them, nobody ever told me when I should be doing them, and Iím not sure when anyone else is doing them.

Really good example: If I empty jump crossup to land on the opposite side of my opponent, I will always get thrown. Doesnít matter who it is, thatís instant throw unless I tech it. Now unless thereís a secret cabal going around telling people that Iím really easy to throw when I empty jump, thatís gotta be an option select.

So aside from confirming if Iím right about the above, what are some good, chracter and non-character-specific OS setups most people can use aside from the obsequious crouch tech?

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Getting started in UMvC3
« on: August 31, 2012, 09:31:22 AM »
Iíve owned UMvC3 since itís release, and I find it a really fascinating game to watch, yet the hours Iíve actually spent playing it could be counted on both hands.

Why? Because the game scares the hell out of me.

I come from a FG background of having grown up on the SF series, occasionally branching out into games like Tekken and Dead or Alive. I did play MvC2, but only against the CPU in the arcades. UMvC3 is this radically different beast to me because itís functionally so different to any fighter Iíve ever tried to play. Iíve tried watching videos like FCís ďBabies guideĒ but that only explains the technology of the game, it doesnít go into any detail about how the game should be played.

For example, thereís an excellent 3-Part series on YouTube called ď2D fighting tutorialĒ ( which covers a lot of fundamentals for SFIV in terms of wakeups zoning, spacing, ectÖitís just a very simple to understand guide of how to play the game that gives you a good foundation to build your strategy on.

So, can anyone help me out here? Good links to share? Lengthy rants on hand?

No, this isnít a troll topic, despite what the subject might suggest :P

Iíve been a big fan of SFxTekken since itís release, despite itís flaws. While the PC version dropped off pretty quickly and with good cause (seriously, the delay on patches is ridiculous) Iíve been having a lot of fun on PSN and XBL having clawed my way up to 5k and 6k BP respectively.

Anyways, I shifted my focus to getting trained up in SSFIV: AE and hadnít touched the game in four weeks or so. Now the last few nights Iíve tried to get some matches happening, Iíve barely gotten any pairings at all. Is this just bad timing on my part, does nobody search for higher level matches, or did interest drop sharply while I was gone?

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Character weaknesses/drawbacks
« on: August 28, 2012, 01:33:03 PM »
As a Juri player who is just getting back into SFIV from a long hiatus on SFxT, Iím finding myself relearning a lot of matchups that Iíd either forgotten how to play, or have discovered I wasnít playing them right to begin with.

So the thought occurs to me that instead of trial and error, I might seek out some advice from some knowledgeable forum users for some character specific information. Feedback does not need to be specific to Juri in terms of how to punish, Iím just happy to learn basic info about strength weaknesses of certain moves. So, hereís some questions!


* Lightning Cannonball: Iím confused about this Ultra. I know you need to block high, then low from mid range, but at point blank do you need to block low/high/low? I start out blocking high and still seem to get caught out.

* Regular Cannonball: Even from full screen, this move seems to land at a distance on block thatís nearly impossible to punish (though I do know he can be smacked out of it with a normal poke while incomming)


* Iím generally terrified of getting close to grapplers due to the priority of command grabs, and itís obviously dangerous to jump due to the threat of Lariet/Tomahawk so I just settle for slow zoning. Any good strategies for trying to open this beefy duo up?


* I actually have very little experience playing against any of these characters online as you hardly see them, and when you do theyíre either terrifyingly good or utterly terrible. Once you get locked down with divekick pressure it feels very difficult to escape. Any tips?


* Sakuraís wakeup vortex feels like itís incredibly difficult to escape for Juri because you canít parry light tatsu (armor breaking) and you canít EX Pinwheel because the tatsu oddly passes right through. Naturally you can block but then it means youíre playing nothing but defense every time you wake up, which makes you pretty predictable/open to throws. Advice?


* Bison is one of those characters who just feels difficult to open up if heís in the mood to turtle. Naturally heís blocking all the time for charge, so unless you can apply some serious pressure going for a frontal assault is generally a waste of time. You can fish for throws but if theyíre used to that it will get teched a majority of the time. Itís dangerous getting into a poking match because of the range of and slide/scissors. Lastly jumping in feels equally difficult because head stomp will flat out win or trade in the best case scenario. Any good overall strategies for the dictator?


* Seems pretty much every Vega I run into, all they want to do is turtle. Just crouch back and poke with claw for range, crystal flash after a hit confirm, barcelona kick if you jump in, and throw out cross screen attacks at a distance. Any good ways to approach this matchup?

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