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Hey all,
Due to work and life and bad internet (not bad internet anymore) I have been late to usf4 online and most people are absolute killers to me.
Just after some people who either are around my level or do not mind playing with someone who is does not know every match up etc.
I don't mind being bodied, as it is a learning experience. I am more interested in people who enjoy the game and are not toxic etc.

My steam name profile is:
I am around the 300-500pp mark atm.. depending on if I get matches or not.
I usually play Hawk as I have most experience with him but am trying other characters.
I know it is really low. I am no killer, just someone who likes the game.

Feel free to add me and hit me up, sometimes as I work from home, so I might be online in training mode but not able to play.
Just throw me a message.


Hi all!
Glad to have found this place, thanks for having me.

I have been given a pair of Nubytech Street Fighter 15th Anniversary arcade sticks (ps2/xbox) and realised why right away..
The stock components are horrible!

But this is a blessing in disguise means I can break out my soldering iron and make them awesome before my xtokki arrives.
Which brings me to my question..

I grew up in Perth/ Rural WA and cant seem to remember what type of arcade sticks were used commonly in Perth Arcades like Timezone.
I have searched and searched and hit a dead end so thought someone might be able to enlighten me.

I remember the concave buttons which makes me think HAPP/IL style. And these are a direct fit into the SFA stick. I cant find to seem a local source for HAPP however, will I have to buy from overseas? (Would really like to support local business if i can)

Im pretty sure we didnt have JP style sticks or buttons, but HAPP/IL dont look right.. I am happy to use those however if they are the style I am chasing. Im all about function over form for this build.

I would describe the sticks I used as "tight"  with a strong return to centre action. They clicked audibly.. cant recall if they were square gated or octagonal. I dont think they had a large throw but I am not really well versed in other brands of stick.

(I have a tekken6 hori wireless stick i have learnt to live with but do not love, this is something of a super cheap JP style in my mind.. am I right?)

If they (the sticks from my distant youth) are just cheap knockoffs of HAPP/IL ill gladly get the HAPP COMP or IL EUROCOMP just want to do it right and need some input from someone who knows a thing or two.

Thanks all!


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