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Street Fighter V - General Discussion / Forum needs a shake up
« on: July 03, 2015, 01:28:13 AM »
Not sure where to put this. So here will do!

As someone who likes the online/offline game, banter and general chit chat. I think the forum needs a shake up, yes SF4 is at the end of its life and it will most likely pick up at SF5 where we left off, but.....

Some of the things I'd like to see here -

1) More talk from the big guns of Australia, yes, you don't give a toss about online or its little band of crazy's , but I think some feedback from the better players would be cool. This stuff doesn't seem to happen on forums, for whatever reason. Although I have enjoyed some of the interviews and streams.

2) More information about who won the tourney's, breakdown the brackets , a big match video section, I think a lot of people like watching, make this place THE hub of fighting games in Australia.

3) Tips section? Where people can share technology.

4)  Maybe a shake up on the visual style.

5) Do you guy's need help doing this stuff?

I'm just getting this started, there are plenty more ideas we can have. Even though we have a smallish community country wide, I think things like the online tournament of late prove that there is a decent audience out there.

Thoughts..... ideas.....?

Could be a could way of gathering all the communities together and with SF5 coming to PS4, it's probably a smart move in the long run. Sticks are already out as far as I can see.

Not sure if I should take the plunge. The net could be slightly better although I don't have much experience with online PS4 bar some shooters.

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