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Buying and Selling / Looking for a fightstick for PC use. (Sydney Area)
« on: October 26, 2015, 10:18:23 PM »
Hello all:

Recently I have been looking for a good fightstick as my current stick is bad and hard to use.(bought with a very cheap price)

Actually I want to buy Qanba fightstick instead. I saw a post of Qanba Store (Sydney Arcade on FaceBook) on this forum and sent a message to them but got no reply, but anyway the post was in 2013 which is long ago.

Here is what I want for my new fightstick:
--I want to try and use Qanba, because it comes with "Sanwa" components (Sanwa stick and Sanwa buttons).
--Any other brand of fightstick is also fine as long as it is with Sanwa stick and buttons.
--Second hand is also ok for me, but not too old and unusable please.

I'm living in Sydney so face to face trading will be good!

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