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Buying and Selling / Arcade stick parts
« on: August 10, 2013, 12:33:10 PM »
Hey guys, I need a new joystick and six buttons for my TE.  Anybody got some lying around that I can buy off you?  :D

Tournament Announcements / Re: EB EXPO: Player Profiles - your input wanted!
« on: September 29, 2012, 01:28:44 AM »
Player Name: Javed Hafiz
Nickname: jfizzman
State: NSW
Key Game: UMVC3
Tournament credential/highest placing: Lost to Ali at SS2k12
Strong Point: Laughter
Trivia/fun fact: -

Anyone else may fill in for his trivia/fun fact. :)


It's cool BK, there will be a runback at EB Expo! Wait till people see my tactics.  :Kappa:

Sick.  See you guys in October.  Congrats Stef for the win.   ;D ;D

Melbourne is a city, not a state. That is all.

Ali bro, you might want to edit the subject title slightly.  See you at expo.   ;D ;D

Man team OaF with Gamogo, Vince and CFR.  So goddamn old lol. ;D

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: July 29, 2012, 03:16:52 PM »
If u do marvel im down.   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Re: SS MM Thread
« on: July 28, 2012, 11:55:06 AM »
This is why I love marvel, fuk being friendly.   8)

Yo i just picked up frank myself but i gotta test the consistency of my combos before i post.  Hang in there son. :D :D :D

I personally like:

L  M  H
S  1   2

better because you have your thumb, index, middle and ring finger comfortably placed on each of the attack buttons.  The attack buttons are actually used more often then the assists so its better to react to things.  I know QLD use the format that you use ie. mvc2 format.  Not much difference if you are more comfortable with what you know.  Arnold uses pad and he took out OHN and placed 9th at SS.   ;D ;D ;D

Just a small tidbit I might add. If you do cr.H xx sword super after the cr.H xx qcf+L the opponent is automatically in the correct reference position most of the time (there are very few cases where they are too high but it is easy to spot). The cr.H basically drops the opponent height to the correct position so you can do lunar phase straight away.

I see a lot of vergil players use this method for the loop and i find that you can miss the down h a lot of times due to any changes or delays in the dp m or release of RT.  Also down h is missed a lot of times because it is stricter than the loop method I use which allows you to cancel into sword hyper at any point that the judgement cut is hitting the opponent, especially in pressure situations such as tournament play.

Of course u can make a similar case with my loop method cause if u don't do dp m straight from crouching in the case of reference point being high, they will pop out.  You will however have them in a mixup air reset situation since u have a little bit of the swords left.

In the end its up to the player to decide which method they prefer and can stick more consistently but both methods are good.   ;D ;D ;D

im scrub

Good shit son.  No disrespect intended but whats your real name cause i don't recognise your gamertag.  Also if you are from sydney are you coming down tomorrow to ysb at york st.  Come get your marvel on son. ;D ;D ;D

Thanks dude. My name is Baraa, I'm apart of the Melb FGC.

I hardly play online as it's not that good, but sometimes it's OK. Add me if you have PSN, ZeroX03. Cheers

Hey if its not too much trouble is it possible to get some notation for the combovideo u put up?  ;D ;D ;D

im scrub

Good shit son.  No disrespect intended but whats your real name cause i don't recognise your gamertag.  Also if you are from sydney are you coming down tomorrow to ysb at york st.  Come get your marvel on son. ;D ;D ;D

The starter

M, H, toward + H,   :dpf: L xx (mash H for teleport down), super jump, M, H, S .....

Seems really important to build enough meter for the sword loops. Is their another starter that may do less damage, but will still build the meter and is execution easier?

I find the super jump, M, H, S after teleport down really hard to connect because I can't tell where Vergil is.

Is there a good tip to landing the super jump, M, H, S after the teleport?

What I do is mash H for the H teleport immediately after I see the :dpf: L move animation until the H teleport animation begins.  Then as soon as I see the H teleport cancelled from the  :dpf: L, I do the down, up-forward motion straight away for the superjump then press M immediately after inputting up-forward.  So you need to use the animation of the H teleport as a visual cue to do the superjump and make sure you press that M straight away almost as if you are pressing up-forward and M at the same time but with the slightest gap.

The combo becomes very easy once you get used to it as long as you practice it consistently, play more people with vergil and attempt to implement the combo in your gameplay.  Keep at it bro.  ;D ;D ;D

Seem to be quite a few changes in the brackets with internationals cancelling or suddenly turning up etc.  With umvc3 in mind since its the only game im playing im a bit concerned about the changes in the brackets and how it affects the way the pools are going to play out.  You guys assured me before that you are balancing the pools based on the criteria that Loki listed in a previous post.  I understand this stuff aint easy so I will always give the benefit of the doubt to the organisers as long as there has been adequate attention given to the task at hand. 

I saw the recent amendments in the pools and noticed for example that knives and tom are in the same pool.  Is this in conflict with the seeding criteria or are there other criteria that is used in this decision.  Of course I could just be overanalysing this and it could just be a temporary placement while changes are being decided upon.  I also understand that with ss almost upon us, organisers will be really busy with other tasks but if anyone with decent authority can please let us know about what the intentions are.  It would be greatly appreciated.   ;D ;D ;D

Check the thread on top ie. vergil - finishing touches.  Read the whole thing and it should give you a good understanding of the loops and efficiency in doing them.  Any other specific questions feel free to post and I'll get back to you.  But first read the whole of the thread and practice what it says before you ask to avoid repeated answers.   ;D ;D ;D

After obtaining fraudulent wins with vergil I realised that I actually haven't posted up techniques used to keep the opponent in the sword loop and prevent them from falling out of it midloop.  The most important thing in implementing the techniques is to observe the position of the opponent when the sword super animation freeze occurs and implement the appropriate solution.  The reference position that will be referred to below is approximately when the sword belt created by vergil is touching the thighs of the opponent's sprite.  These are the three scenarios that occur during that freeze state:

1 -  Opponent's sprite is higher than reference position:

Hold down then quickly and directly execute first dp m of loop.  This will make vergil crouch temporarily, causing opponent to drop slightly to reference position, preventing possibility of dropping out of combo.  The dp m must be done directly from vergil's crouching position and vergil cannot be allowed to be in a standing position afterwards otherwise the opponent will pop back up to incorrect position and fall out of combo during first dp m.  Also dp m must be done quickly as soon as vergil is in crouching position otherwise same result will occur in regards to incorrect position.  Basically vergil has to crouch then do dp m in one smooth and quick motion to ensure success.

2 - Opponent's sprite is at reference position or below it but still caught by sword belt:

Do dp m straight away as soon as the freeze finishes.  Do not delay dp m too much or do scenario one technique otherwise opponent will once again pop out in the middle of dp m.

3 - Opponent's sprite misses swords belt and is in soft knockdown rolling state:

This means that you activated the swords super way too late and the opponent is trying to roll out of situation.  If this occurs you can mixup your opponent with l and m tracking teleports and start a new combo with swords if they guess wrong.

These techniques apply to most of the characters although there are characters such as phoenix wright, frank west and wesker whos sprites look slightly higher or lower than they really are so you have to adjust the reference point in this situation and then act according to original scenarios.  Also the big characters are generally a bit weird to do sword loops against so i generally reset or just do the double dp sword loop once. 

After the first dp m finishes it is generally a good idea to walk back slightly according to how much time you have left on swords super before releasing roundtrip as it gives you space to see when to initiate loop commands.  It also prevents possible popping out during the release of roundtrip if not enough of the roundtrip has touched the opponent and cause enough hitstun for the loop to continue. 

As mentioned in first post, any questions or corrections are to be stated and I will amend accordingly.   ;D ;D ;D

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