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Add me for 3S: Dynamekian

I play randomly throughout the weeknights but yes most people are on PC now although I don't see any real advantage to it.

There are no Ultra cabinets, only AE2012.

I've started playing this again recently as I feel I can't get anymore enjoyment from USFIV. If you want to play just pm me.

Hitting TZ early afternoon and will stick around for a while.

Street Fighter V - General Discussion / Re: Street Fighter 5
« on: February 28, 2015, 02:04:06 PM »
Game looks nicer now, yo and Bison teaser at the end was sick

Determination to wake up Ultra sounds right. I'm frankly impressed he can execute Vega's Ultra 2 to begin with.

There are still players on xbl, they just don't post here.

Sure it doesn't  8)

I shouldn't have replied to your troll post admittedly.

You said "top player", not "self  proclaimed top player". And they don't need to be told they're good.

Look, be honest with yourselves for 5 seconds. Have you ever met a "top player" who wasn't a daft tit? No, me neither.
Robsux and Toxy, are two of the nicest players here in AU. There are more but I havn't traveled recently.

Internationally, I've not met him I know that quite a few people here met Daigo and considered him anything but a daft tit. Infiltration is also quite well mannered.

Clearly an inferior imitation.

Who is Comic Sonic? Has an amazing Rose.. Kicked my ass over and over but won't accept my friend request :`(
Not sure who that is but there is a player named comicxonic on XBL that is quite good. He played characters like Elena and Poison however.

I definately feel Hugo is worst (possible?) But Omega Hugo is a joy to play (except for the gimped ex lariat).

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