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Playing pokies with some mates at a random pub at a random suburb..

When suddenly..

A wild SF4 spectator/asks for time guy appears sits next to me and watches me play pokies


P.S watches me for about 10mins and became uninterested because I was getting owned, he only likes watching people win in games

I think I was there, the other player was a hawk I think...

There was only 2 people playing today around noon was a bit empty, had about 5 or so wins then I had to go catch my flight

I play u on pc every now and then anyways lol

Played there past few days level of play for average players pretty good

Until next time :)

Gg whoever i played

In melb for a few days.

Went there today, place was empty :(

Played a few games but that was it.

Might drop by tmr again, anyone going?

Oh and I play Oni.

haven't played at tz for a few weeks wtf happened to mk can't even focus properly without it letting go by itself

gg some strong players tonight

i think one player was called if i was king or something

good with large cast

he's from adelaide

Perth Niah! the amount of shit I've talked to you I thought you would have remembered! I'm fine to Melbourne and Adalaide, Sydney is playable but when I get up into the jungle area North of Sydney (you know the one) it get's rough.

I used to play Waza a lot on XBL, I think he was NZ, he was playable most of the time.

Anyone tested out this Proximity blocking shenanigans?

What's your gamertag somerandom? I've not decided if I hate you or not.


Waza is cammy player here in, but I am sure I've played you and the connection was okay...

I don't hate you, I just find it frustrating that you keep changing characters. You play a few pretty well and I don't mind you switching characters to learn matchups/experience or if you get bored playing one character, but at least play 3-5 games with one character before switching so that people get to learn that character matchups/ experience as well.
If I kept switching char everygame, the person playing me wouldn't learn much because they can't think about the matchup and how to approach it since the next game is a different character.

Feed back taken one character it is

May i ask people who has played me on PC before.

Do you guys hate me?  :(

Soji said I am really disliked by people which upsets me, so I just wanted to confirm am I really that disliked in terms of manners, play style and level of skill?  :'(

I would like to create a poll but Gamogo may not like it, I just want to see if people dislikes me more or dislikes Soji more.

I know I have a few 8)

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4AE 2012 @ City Amusement
« on: November 15, 2013, 07:23:22 PM »
Need to get used to this place sticks a bit tall but buttons good havent tried machines on the left side

Soji sent me a nasty message and asked me to correct my statement

Soji said i counted wrong

he said he beat me with yun

so it's 4/4

please accept my apologies :'(

(told u guys he's reading, if you say something about him and it's either wrong or makes him not happy you will get a very very nasty PM from him online so please be aware Soji cares)

Soji vs'd me!!!

I beat him 4 games in a row then he won a couple and wont play on :(

He said he wants to spit on my grave.. Such fetish these days

Btw apparently he's been keeping an eye on everyone here and reading posts so becareful guys hes watching u *shrugs*


Samson Rubuntja was born in the Aboriginal community of Yirrkala in Arnhem Land, a remote area of un-touched wilderness in northern Australia.  His father is a tribal elder. According to Yolngu tradition he left home as young man as a right of passage, and seeks to challenge himself to become the ultimate warrior, worthy of leading his people. He has traveled Australia and South East Asia, working as a stockman and fighting in underground boxing tournaments.

His fighting style is a mix of  unorthadox boxing moves and some Muay Thai that he picked up in Bangkok. He uses his speed to evade his opponents attacks and land precision, bone crunching blows in order to end the fight as quickly as possible.

In street fights, he uses his bullwhip to strike, bind and trip opponents.

too bad i have become so used to the stick and buttons from the console joy stick i forget you need to tap the buttons extra hard at arcades and put more force into moving the stick.

Ok i cant combo for shiet anymore at arcades

Gg rob so many games i dropped combos :(

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