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Haha wanted to get a few games in to shake some rust off the old limbs :( didn't work

:Been a while, on holidays. Anybody up for some games i'm online now. holla  :dpf: :hp:

GGs to anybody i played recently

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: EVO 2015 predictions
« on: July 17, 2015, 01:36:25 AM »
I thin Daigo or Tokido are my top 2 picks Momochi, sako and Mago also high chances. I think Pr rog is going to do well. Poongko Fuudo and Bonchan are the others im looking for. Dieminion too.

Street Fighter V - General Discussion / Re: Street Fighter 5
« on: March 06, 2015, 02:01:24 AM »
The game is still in the works give it some time. Sf4 beta was a lot slower if i'm not mistaken.

Shoutouts to HeavyWeapons for losing to Stekoh at Shadowloo Showdown V and got so salty that he was shouting at Stekoh.

Definitely the funniest shit I've heard

Actually for the record there was more to it than that. In my match vs stekoh. In our match my stick stopped working. I got a crumple on him go to dash ultra another move came out which then lead to him taking the round off me in the last game. I showed stekoh and the organizers that one of my buttons died and stekoh still took the round. It was poor form on his behalf to take a round that he was clearly about to lose cos we were both on about 50% health and the ultra would have cornered him and i had 2 ex meters. So did i crack it because i lost? Or cos i have an ego? The answer to BOTH is NO. You don't take rounds from people when they have gotten a crumple which means free dash ultra especially when the stop the match and show you their button is not working. A player of average level wouldn't miss a  crumple into dash ultra let alone me. So Yeah that's why i cracked the shits and rightfully so as it was in the last game where i had just won the game before and had gotten the read. I was so disgusted and angry that someone would be willing to take a round from someone under those circumstances. Especially since i had the decency to not pause him mid combo in case my button was working so at the start of the next round i paused the game immediately and the button indeed was not working as multiple people who were there saw.

I didn't feel the need to come on here and blast him for it because frankly i got over it soon after. But thinking back on it he's still a scumbag for taking the round. And if he wanted to mm me with his abel i'd do it any day in a ft10

Haha just trolling bro.

LOL even worse!!!

If you're losing to sam haget in the saget mirror just drop saget

I officially give up trying to 'type' on the laggy Xbox UI. GGs to all those I have played against and my apologies if my replies are a little curt as typing via this interface is like pulling teeth with $2 shop pliers.

Yes, playing on PC for so long has spoiled me. Consoles are horrible things for horrible people.

\o/ Shout outs to Heavy Weapons who likes to give shout outs to people that give shout outs \o/

"Just seems like a cluster fuck of shit thrown together."

That is precisely what Ultra is. 'Cosmic Elevator' and 'Jurassic Research Facility' is officially the SF franchise's shark jump aesthetically too. Ironically, Cosmic Elevator is at least unintentionally less garish than many stages which might make it an ideal alternate stage for those bolted to the training stage for tournaments and so on.

I have a joke:


lel. Geddit? I'm hilarious.

Lol i reckon its good what they changed the command to better for when u wanna dash and do it.

Fucking hell nickerz ya lovin having a taste again bruh! lolsssssssss

It's cool to see Australia is getting more ranking points. Is ohn going to have any points contribute to capcom cup?

FGC we need your HELP

Please give generously

I thought he might have picked Adon actually, but Cammy is the better character.

Nah cammy is easier

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