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GG's to Tai and GoldXP, blanka is getting heaps better, so refreshing from the typical pc blankas

Thanks man, still, I don't know how I would have done against your Abel.

Ggs to Glassy too, spot on Gen.

Ggs lads (Bort & Skepticism) it was fun.

Bort, I demand some one on one sessions with your Chun~

GGs tonight to z2102177 and although it was brief ggs to Gamogo, Soji and SumTingWong.

...Girlfriend duties unfortunately.

Since June or maybe July.

Atlus really fucked up on this one. BB all over again.

GG's to GoldExperience, really fun Blanka sets man, hopefully your blanka will get back to your level like last time

Thanks dude, I'll keep trying but it's not looking good.  :(

GG's to everyone else that bodied me tonight.

Also, ggs to everyone I've played over the last few nights.

good to play you again, i like your blanka. i don't really ever feel cheated when i lose to it haha

Yeah man we haven't had a game since boxhill beatdown agesss ago (I think?). Hahaha I'm glad you feel that way, I always get the feeling I'm hella cheap.

someone seems to be downvote bombing the pc thread, how unsporting

How ungentlemanly of them.

Also, ggs to everyone I've played over the last few nights.

Ggs to Binken and ChimaRRR before.

Sorry I had to leave a few times, I kept getting called away.

GGs to everyone I played this evening.

The deejay match is something I need to work on funnily enough, so that will work out well.  Ill be on gfwl tonight around 6-7pm if you can play?

Been a while since I've played but I'm looking forward to getting some matches against you dudes once I get my 360 back this Thursday.

Anybody feel like easing me back into the game with some long sets?

I haven't played in a month or two so I really suck more than usual and I need to get back to what I was by the time I go to Japan.


If anyone has it already please add me for some games on 360. Training mode is hella lonely.

Will people still want to play this when it finally drops?

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