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I actually imported this eariler in the year its exellent but i cant play with japanese players due to lag so if you guys wanna play with me add me and send me a message on psn.

PSN ID: UlimateMegaHero

So tell me or i wont play you justifies deletion does it?

Wow ok sure...... i was in the wrong.

Nah i still think your an ass.

As for your very constructive comment Zeekin have you actually tried to teleport behind your opponent with a
sonic boom on the screen? if not then why dont you try itbefore insulting me. As i said EVEN IF I BIND ALL 3 PUNCHES
to one button the result is the same. And the motion IS A DP MOTION.  It may be a timing issue as i,ve done it twice in practice but its clear to me thats its an expoilt
in the game and that the shoryu comes out so that seth cannot be played like dhalsim.

Just as its clear to me that this morning you said too yourself "HAHAHA this guys a worthless scub...DELETE"
Your smartarse contact capcom contact sony shit is proof of this.

Im not out here to destroy PWNPHACTORY im here because im pissed off and i think he's an ass.
You guys wanna ride his dick fine by me. Just remember though what goes around comes around and
if before you know it the community is nothing but dickheads you'll know why.

Oh and btw this and every post i made today was on my ps3 pad.
If it's too difficult for you to use maybe you should contact sony about it n__n

I think he mean to be sarcastic. ::)

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / ATTENTION this guy is scum!
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:50:22 PM »
OK  so i haven't got to play sfiv in a long while and im pretty rubbish at the game right now but...

I was playing with  PWNPHACTCRY aka mdunworth1 on psn and he picked seth and did some pretty amazing combos on me.
One in particular involved a perfectly timed sonic boom teleport crossup.

And so this is the thing.... i stupidly thought that i may be able (not knowing my place) that i could you know ask mdunworth1
how this crossup is done since each time i try it the game give me a shoryu and not a teleport  even if i assign a button to use all punches.

So i asked and we played some more and...... nothing no response.
We play some more and i very kindly ask advice. ZIP!

Again after he beats me i say in the subject box Can you tell me plz???......GUESS WHAT...................NO REPLY

So at this point i can imagen this guy on the other end cracking jokes about me at my expense.
So i say "Look if your not going to answer a simple question and help me you know.... LEARN then im just going to leave"

And wouldn't you know NO RESPONSE!!
So i say fine stuff you and leave yet latter while im playing i notice good kind ol mdunworth1 isnt on my friends list anymore .

Thats right he deems me UNWORTHY of being on his friends list. Simply because im not  shangtsung09 well isnt that nice?

Now i know he certainly has no obligation to help anybody but there are simple rules of social etiquette. That i guess dont apply to the"elite"

But wait whats this Daigo is always ready to give advice? Justin wong makes a point of it to try and teach players some tricks to help the scene?

Hmmmmmm..... well.... i guess that just makes  PWNPHACTCRY an elitist scumbag. And i actually liked this guy. :(

Random Discussion / Re: Mortal Kombat
« on: March 28, 2011, 06:16:42 PM »
Hey guys, just letting u know the playable demo is available now to all on the american PSN store  :p:

LOL sh!tty PS3 internet, 139mins to D/L 572MB, woulda taken 10mins on 360  :P
Must be a gazillion peeps D/L'ing it.

Strange Kelly i didnt have this prob.
Long time no see btw havent seen you since blaz blue calamity trigger whilei  was playing on pc.

I'll definatly be getting this game for ps3 so i guess american version is the way to go cheaper DLC that way but game costs more.
Look me up when you grab it :D

Buying and Selling / ebay auction for PS3 Tekken 6 NEW & SEALED
« on: March 23, 2011, 11:16:43 PM »
Anybody interested? :)

Please make a bid.   

I forgot to state that its for PS3 in the title so i might not get my money back.    :(

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