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4v4 Injustice QLD vs VIC exhibition!

Antman Vs Toxy FT10 UMVC3
Hari Vs Ali FT7 UMVC3
Somniac Vs Me FT7 UMVC3
Not sure if Derrick is going but if he is, Derrick Vs Edi FT5 KOF13
Glassy Vs Fish FT7 UMVC3
Also I would like to verse Will as I still hold a grudge to what was said. I would like to do a FT10 for $100
Also I probably won't play Antman in a FT10, no real reasons except I just want to kind of focus on Tournament as I'm trying to get better in tournament!

what is the best way too avoid the tron assist? my teams are dpool, wesker, task and spenc, wesker, sent. I always try to see it out, but as soon as i see the tron assist leave i get hit trying to punish tron. also should i not try and punish the character if they throw out a random launch, this is the usual thing that happens to me. The opponent does a random launch i try to punish and get blown up by the tron assist, or i wait back an try to punish the tron assist. please give me some advice, i have a lot of trouble with her! which is weird considering i can vs haggar perfectly fine:P

I'm on marvel now if any1 wants to play, xbox that is:)

if any 1 is up for marvel right now on xbox come on and add my GT if you don't have me already:)

haaahh will do man, and GJ getting top 32 at evo man, good job representing the aussies!

just watched the winter smash vids, seems like fun. When is the next tourney planned an whereabouts?

hey guys my gt on xbl is SD Baxter x, im a brisbane mvc3 and tekken player. Im relatively new to MVC3 so if you fancy any games let me know. Hopefully i can learn some stuff.

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