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Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #37 - 7th November
« on: November 04, 2015, 08:31:51 PM »
Any chance of Halloween USF4 alt costumes?
See Canada Cup 2015 clips to see the costumes in motion.

No Tekken 7? I want to show my Tiger-Uppercut Mama Mishima skills.

Yeah, if you had SFV or KOF 14 i may swing by.
Also please make sure the a/c is set to 21deg before i get there, k thanks.

Tournament Announcements / Re: OHN12 - Official Thread
« on: September 28, 2014, 01:06:33 PM »
I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere, but i literally just woke up and i'm using that as an excuse for my ignorance lol

Buuuut, is there anyway i could help out you guys?

I'm a moron so i don't think i could be trusted with brackets, but if you need a whipping boy to help cart some equipment around or anything else at all, please let me know :)

This is probably the 300th one of these posts i've made haha, but if anyone is looking for free wins and/or a moving training dummy, hit me up on XBL =)

XBL: Shmickmik

Good god those speeds  :'( It's worth the small fortune required to have a connection like that!

Tech Talk / Re: Is a Sega Saturn worth buying?
« on: December 25, 2013, 03:38:33 PM »
Playing Fighters Megamix with the Daytona Car as a character, or Last Bronx with joke weapons enabled is totally worth it.

Plus you get to play Cyberbot! =)

Sorry if this makes me sound like a total moron but is City Amusements the arcade on the top floor of Market City?

Just out of curiosity, is there any difference or reason to get the Steam version of SSF4 at all?

I've had AE on my computer for awhile now and was just wondering if the imminent closure of GFWL would mean that it won't be able to play people online until Ultra drops?

Hey all  ;D

I'm trying to get into SSF4 in time for Ultra's release, or more specifically, being able to use Poison in a (good) fighting game  :-* :-* :-*

If anyone would like to beat up a mobile training dummy then by all means please add me to XBL haha

XBL: shmickmik


Hey all =)

I've had Guild Wars 2 since the day it was released and haven't had the urge to pop it back in after the 1st week or so  ::)

If you would like the actual copy of the game then all you need to do is simply reply to this post by starting off with a Hello and ending with Thank You.

I've been trying to get back into FG's after an extended absence and it turns out that most people (everyone lol) would rather i didn't, so if i HAVE to bribe somebody with a game in order to be given just a slither of courtesy/respect, then so be it!!!1 haha (btw this isn't directed at anyone AT ALL! My personality doesn't translate well online and by reading my comments at face value, i can easily be seen as a total #$!@ wit lol Only person i can blame is myself  :-[ )

PS: If you'd like to use my account (which i can only assume would be the case?) that the CD-Key is attached to, then i may have to change the email from my account to whatever yours is.

PPS: I have never "Gifted" games on Steam before and only assuming that i can actually gift KOF if it's in my Game LIbrary and bought off of Steam??

*: You would just need to pay for the postage that is :P

Take Care,
Mick =)

vast  (vst)
adj. vast·er, vast·est
1. Very great in size, number, amount, or quantity.
2. Very great in area or extent; immense.
3. Very great in degree or intensity. See Synonyms at enormous.
n. Archaic
An immense space.

Hopefully i'll be able to pry myself from SFxT at some point so i can .... HAHAHHAHA .... sorry.... couldn't say that with a straight face  ;D

In all seriousness i'll be there, and be bringing a full setup! I'm not a freeloader who doesn't even consider bringing their own sticks/equipment because it would be an inconvenience, considering certain people consistently bring a BOOT FULL of equipment to even casual events.

Hmmm is there any chance we could change the date to say Saturday? I have my cousins down from QLD for Supanova and will be staying the night at mine, it would be about 5 of us who'd like to come and play some games until we are told to GTFO haha

Argh, i have absolutely no idea wtf i am doing in this game haha

If anyone wants to body me on XBL don't hesitate to add me and make me your bitch  :'(

Got Dayum, this is one hell of a warning sign:

Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.

Haha, well i was going to ask if anyone was interested in beating me up in some umvc3 online? I haven't been around for awhile and suck dick at FG's (as always), so i'll end up being your personal punching bag :P

Send me a msg on XBL if you're up for online laggy marvel goodness: Shmickmik

Take Care

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