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VF6. That will certainly bring me back to play.

Between this and GGXrd. The future is looking good. Too bad they are so far away.

They need to move these games to Steam. Need to let go of this console business.
Damn right, I want everything on PC, it's so convenient.

Also I'm pretty sure that article itself is BS but that VF6 is on the way.

By leaps and bounds the most solid game amongst the ranks of popular fighting games right now. If you haven't played it before and you own a PC then now is your chance.

But... Virtua Fighter!

You can add my Xbox 360 to the register with VF & KOF.

Virtua Fighter 6 Reveal Imminent

We can officially reveal that RINGEDGE 2 title Virtua Fighter 6 is set for reveal in a matter of weeks by Sega’s AM2 department.

The title is set to incorporate the terrain deformation of VF4, multi-layered terrain of VF3 and multi-level stages of the DoA series.

An anonymous source within the company states that a home port of the title is “out the window” as the above advanced features are not compatible with the tablet CPUs of the Xbox One and PS4.

Further info soon.

PS4 and Xbone can't do that hectic terrain deformation, VF6 is just TOO POWERFUL FOR IT. I mean multi-tiered arenas? Holy Balls, imagine the super computer you would need for that shit.

Also, we should play online more often you guys.


Hype Train Starts HERE!

Having said that:
No Release Date
Trailer is just the console opening movie


Great big thanks to everyone who was able to attend, and especially those who assisted and brought setups. Also big thanks to Allen from Town Hall GGs for arranging some space for us, and letting us use the store's arcade sticks without charge.

It turned out really well with a good mix of games being played and thanks to the community support we had enough setups for everyone to play. We'll hopefully arrange for another casual session soon.

GGs to everyone I had the chance to play in VF and KOF!

I think we'll have 3S on one of hte setups, I might have it on my stick...

Thanks so much for the offer to bring a setup, again, it's a huge help.
As I said, I don't know how many spare monitors we have, but it's good to have another console especially if there are specific games you want to play on it.

Hello !

I think I will be able to assist, however I was just wondering if I should bring my PS3. It has installed VF and KoF, and some other fighting games including Skullgirls !... I only have my controller though, so anyone who has a compatible stick is free to play some games on it.  And now trhat we're on the controller topic, will someone else be using PS3's, because currently I only have my dualshock, so no stick  :-\

Hey CapiCoco! Thanks for the offer, it never hurts to have another console, it never hurts to have extra. It might be a good idea of you wanted to play specifically PS3 with your Dual Shock too.

In terms of arcade sticks for PS3, I think there are quite a few people with dual modded sticks if they wanted to use your setup. My only concern would be if we had a spare monitor for the PS3.

Does anyone want to play Skullgirls with me?
Didn't see this post until today, there MIGHT be a Skullgirls player or two at GGs on Saturday. Ask around on the day if you're keen to play. I don't think I have room on my Xbox/USB to bring Skullgirls with me, but if you want to bring it on a USB with your profile you can use it on any of the setups since they have internet access  ;D

Hopefully i'll be able to pry myself from SFxT at some point so i can .... HAHAHHAHA .... sorry.... couldn't say that with a straight face  ;D

Classic Shmick.

^Any game you want can be played, if you bring the game itself you can play on the store screens and Xbox or you can bring a full setup if you prefer your own monitors  :)

The store has Vanilla marvel, but not UMVC3 from memory. They do have Injustice and TTT2 if people are interested in playing those games though.

BYO Casuals at Good Games this coming weekend.

So far Syd KOF and VF community are bringing set-ups for:
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
King of Fighters XIII

In addition the store currently have four permanent setups with Xbox 360 Console+TV that can be used for other games, but any BYO setup would be great and encouraged.

Please do BYO Arcade Stick/Controller, as it's not likely there will be any spares!

Good Games Town Hall
222 Clarence St
Sydney, NSW 2000
(02) 9264 8185

Midday to Midnight (closing time)

$15 all day pass

If you are interested in coming, please post in this thread so we can get a rough idea of the numbers that will be coming. If we do get high numbers we may try to secure more space and give the store advanced notice as a courtesy.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB18 - 29th June 2013
« on: June 27, 2013, 12:48:06 PM »
So is anyone going to run a VF tourney? If so please let me know and i'll PM one of the costume codes. If not I can hold them over for the next YSB  :D

To be fair, he's not used that extensively in Sydney or even greater Australia, but he seems to pop up a lot in streams, so I wouldn't worry about picking him up.

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