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get the seasonic that niah just posted, otherwise get something which is 80 plus bronze. at least that's what i look out for.
or you can get my one :)

either way, i'd say just spend the extra 20-30 dollars if it gives you peace of mind. its ONLY 20 or 30 dollars

so i was playing with max the other day and i kind of broke street fighter.
i was lagged out of the match i was playing with against max and my name disappeared in the lobby, and i had the lobby leader rights for some reason, so it gave me the option to kick people. sadly it didn't let me kick anyone but was still interesting nonetheless

cabinet's are back to back again? lame! i was enjoying the new setup, get to see who you're playing and have a chat with everyone around as well

dammit, i'm making niah look good. making him look like he knows how to play street fighter. i think i made you some friends niah. aren't you happy niah? you have friends now!  ;D

damn, niah, how many haters do you have?
changed my name to niah2209 and everyone i've played against has either picked vega on me or just mashed and taunted  :(

edit: also got kicked from a few lobbies just now too...

I just brought a digital watch for Sedar watching guy that always asks for the time. Its nothing fancy or expensive it just seems like ground hog day every time I go there. So hopefully if I change that part of my sessions at TZ my playing style might change as well??? Probably not but after today he will never ask for the time again....

you, my man, are such a gentleman. much respect to you. now - where's my watch? :)

cancelable lk ain't much.

I'm not so sure. Oni's (the same button) is beastly in footsie's, I'm not sure how the frame/box data compares but having the ability to walk back into a fireball blockstring in this game is pretty good (I'd imagine it would be a true string too?). Not saying it's Sagat standard but think of the bitching that get's associated with that move.

Disclaimer - All of what I said could be utter shite.

actually, i think gouken getting a cancelable is actually pretty good, especially in footsies. his light palm is also getting a horizontal range buff and when i was messing around with the ultra mod, max range xx lp palm would connect and would also leave you pretty much safe on block. pretty good in my opinion, just my two cents.

make her a motion character, please. i can't play charge characters if my life depending on it. only character i'm looking forward to out of the five as well

playing smarter than him actually makes you get hit more, you'll respect him and think he won't do something completely unsafe (that a decent player wouldn't), then he'll go ahead and prove you wrong. just throw away your brain and play as if it's the first time you've played a fighting game - mash those specials and be in awe when they come out  8) then keep trying to do them cause your specials are always gonna hit him anyway.

I can probably come tonight but I've got work til around 715.. Is it all good if I get there 10 or 15min late? I work at world square so it shouldn't take long to walk there, just might take a bit longer than 715 to close the store

Does that patch actually have all the changes? I was testing Balrog's lp overhead, supposed to be -2 on block, but it could still be reversal'd with any 3 frame reversal (Ryu uppercut and super both hit on reversal when I tested it).

Unless I'm reading the change wrong and Balrog's lp overhead isn't -2 on block.

pls respond

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The changes aren't 100% accurate to what the location build tests have, so there'll be some bugs, inaccuracies and stuff.

Yep ggs Solar! Shame about the input lag...I think we would have some great matches offline.

Yeah it wasn't too bad, I actually wished you and that other fella stuck around because you were testing my patience and when I get like that I get all serious and shit  ;D

Ryu is a good match up, probably one of my favourites. Props to the Sakura fella though, he didn't want to jump which is my main gripe with that character. Bitch can just hop around the screen at will whilst stuffing uppercuts.  :o Most Sakura players take it too far though and have no ground game.

that other (sakura) fella was probably me. good games though, i had to go and didn't have you on steam so couldn't message you and GFWL's messaging system is a pain.

finally ran into the angry kid! he was in the other day when i came in for a game in the morning before work. all he did to me was standing up after the end of the second round and stare at me for abit then when he lost he just walked off. i have yet to experience his full wraith :(

Where is this angry kid every time I'm at TZ?? He sounds hilarious, what days and what times is he usually in? I'd love to see how he plays

oh, must not be all that important then.

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