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Yes cronus max would be better

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hi guys two weeks ago i bought Razer Atrox fighting stick and i intend to play it on PS3, but unfortunately dual mod is not that simple if i still wanted to use the Razer atrox usb cable, so i do some researching for some converter and finally i found this Cronus device, converter for multi console platform, and it very simple and very nice looking , just as small as usb device, easy to carry anywhere and simple plug and play no need to dual mod any more :), and totally lag free, I play SSFIV game use my Razer atrox on ps3 and everything just work fine, never notice any lag . and its confirm work with any licensed controller either Xbox 360 to ps3/PC / ps3 to xbox 360/PC or even Wii controller to use on xbox360/PS3

well i recommended you guys with this little thing for your licensed fighting stick to play on your favorite different console.

check out the website for more information

Tech Talk / Custom Art work for Fightstick
« on: November 20, 2013, 12:54:15 AM »
hi Guys just wondering if anyone of you guys in this group would like to have their own custom artwork for fight stick, and have no idea how to create it and dont know where to go, so i know someone who knows and pretty good in photoshop and creating custom artwork for fightstick, and he just charge $10 for a pretty decent artwork depending on your request , i know some of you guys might pretty good but there are also someone who dont know anything about this and just wanted to get a good artwork without spending your time, so i think you guys can give it go for that guy.. anyone interest feel free to PM me and i will let you guys know how to contact that guy.. below this is my artwork that he created for me..


Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV AE @ Galaxy World
« on: February 21, 2012, 12:05:43 AM »
anyone would like to go to galaxy world george st by tomorrow,. i will be there with my Ken's at the noon or evening :) see you around guys..

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