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who's the Jack came 1st on TTT2 ??
Talons ??

can someone post a full ttt2 result plz, not just top 8. thanks.

 bad news

3 reasons why ''galaxy world george st'' new facebook account is fake;

1. log into yr oceania tekken-net account [if u have it], press arcade information, australia, and u'll see about 6 arcades locations WITHOUT GW GEORGE ST.

2.A regular tokken game player on ground floor said the former owner of gw owes the bank 1 million dollars, he is unable to pay the mortgage to the bank therefore his arcade is confirmed bankrupted. Liquidation inevitable, this tokken player use to have the key to enter gw private room , therefore he could be a former staff there as well as a regular player.

3. a former gw manager said he knows nothing about the ''reopening''.

 on top of this someone above said the premise is now up for lease. that makes it 4 reasons.

i have very good news everyone .
''galaxy world george st'' just opened their new facebook acc about 2 hours ago, they deleted their old acc i think. it says:
February 1 at 10:00am
Galaxy World George St in Sydney, Australia.!/events/415748258500750/

someone should log into the dancing/music game forum to tell those players to keep their gw cards .

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