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was thinking of getting back into this. would my PS3 TE be plug and play?
Yep should be.

Needs more advertisement Goodpart! Only 5 people have signed up so far!

at least that guarantees Niah 5th place....
Thought you were the PR and marketing for these tournies Cran, gotta go door to door!  ;D

Couldn't make it for this one unfortunately sorry for signing up and then not showing, I wasn't sure if I could make it and thought id better sign up just in case I could.
Also Niah Forever 5th place?

Potential 1.05 update coming soon

Any thoughts?
My thought: Hugo doesn't need any buffs, but heaps of people are calling for buffs, so he will probably get unnecessary buffs again.
Looks like its just an Omega update with the only fix for Ultra being that Decapre now has to down back charge for her u2 AA version

I did it for you max!

Also, how do you permanently turn off your own, and everyone elses mic? shits annoying as.
In game go into Options > Sound Settings > Mute own microphone "on". That will mute your mic
For everyone else, you can just mute them individually when they jump into the lobby


No other entries. Wrap it up.
The one list, the only list, the best list.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Potential Lag Fix - PC Users
« on: February 10, 2015, 08:01:30 PM »
Saw this on my way to work on my phone, does it work?

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #28 - 7th February
« on: February 04, 2015, 08:08:55 PM »
Russell just wants to finally win a YSB while everyone is at SS for the weekend. I'm on to you mate!

x5.Presto ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ: heyo gg, sorry dude had to bail showing a mate something
Red Red Rocket: rage quitting is fine dude
Red Red Rocket: as long as you know that you're a scrub
Red Red Rocket: gg
x5.Presto ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ: wow lmao
Red Red Rocket is now Offline.

Nice dickhead lmao, why would I add you to friends to tell you sorry I had to bail if I had RQ'd?
I was showing a mate some vega safe jumps. Ah well GG you idiot.

Is this the real soji leaving or the fake soji? I cant keep up with it anymore!

Post Event Discussion / Re: Ozhadou x City Heroes Feedback Thread
« on: December 20, 2014, 09:26:42 PM »
Done. Keen to see more PC events in the future  ;D

So what does the St.lp changes mean for hugo?
Also im glad they fixed his post stun animation hurtbox, and im hoping that the change to his ex.backbreaker means he no longer goes full screen and everyone can get a full punish on it.

Hugo had no hit-confirmable combos from a normal. Previously the only thing Hugo could hit confirm from was claps, so if Hugo was up close, all you needed to do was block one lp.clap, then just hold up-back and you would most likely get away from Hugo pressure (unless you are gief or hawk, or if Hugo makes an awesome read and does backbreaker). Now up-close Hugo can throw out s.lps, and if it connects Hugo can connect to>lariat for another knockdown. If it's blocked, Hugo can either tick spd or do another s.lp. So basically, Hugo now has Snake-Eyez Gief pressure haha

ex-backbreaker distance nerf was definitely deserved. That was a free getaway move for Hugo, I could just spam it on wakeup and not many chars would be able to chase it down in time to punish. Now Hugo can't just fly away. Also the stun animation nerf was definitely deserved too. Actually hearing other Hugo players cry about these nerfs on facebook is pretty annoying haha. But I don't agree with the dmg nerf to ex backbreaker. I know that move used to be low risk high reward, but now with distance nerf AND damage nerf it is high risk low reward...

Biggest buffs I reckon are the claps and super. Now claps reliably snuff fireballs AND the hitbox is still active. This means Poison is no longer that hard of a matchup for Hugo imo. Hugo can now just stand in midrange, and if Poison throws heavy fireball, Hugo can clap it AND hit her at the same time. Dhalsim and Juri would prob still be hard matchups tho.
Super buff means Hugo can now super through EVERY projectile (previously slow fireballs like Poison and Rose would still hit Hugo even if super connected).

Personally, I reckon these changes make Hugo mid to high-mid tier now hehehe
Cheers for explaining!
With the backbreaker nerf I guess we'll just have to see how it goes, I know he did get more stun and dmg added to some of his other specials (to counteract the nerf?), which correct me if I'm wrong wasn't all that necessary, he needs to be buffed in other areas (see below), dmg was never a place where Hugo struggled. I dont think that the 20 less dmg on backbreaker is going to hurt him all that much, its still a fair chunk of dmg, and you can still combo into it as well for huge dmg. The risk-reward for it will shift slightly, but it was really stacked in 1.03, so we'll have to see if its fairer in this update or if its completely shifted to the other side, which I hope it hasn't.

I think Hugo is now going to be really good in this version (I already thought he was decent), if he can make some of his worst matchups slightly "better" he will jump up massively in the tiers, the only thing holding him back was those absolutely unwinnable MU's against strong zoners, where I feel he already does fairly well against all the other characters who cant keep him out effectively.

- Not a Hugo player

Link to all the costumes:

Some look really well done and look like a fair bit of effort was put into them, others looks lazy as hell, like giving them a onesie rofl.

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