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Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know when they will start?

Can anyone tell me where the actual address is for CCH is?

Just letting you guys know humanbomb is currently at The Bluehouse in the city if anyone wants to play him before he goes out tonight :)

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] Goodgames Sessions?
« on: May 25, 2011, 01:07:03 PM »
Without Kev a lot of us wouldn't be here, that is a FACT.
Is he your dad?

How did you know?  :o

I have a son? :)

So much hate...anger...

Will, let me know when your in next or i can drop your stick back - i still owe you dinner :)

Continue with the rage.

But i can say this - Gaming has always been a hobby of mine even thou i suck at SF and MvC3 (thanks KG for the Hulk experience), i continue to support it because i love the scene and the people who wants to make it grow.

I like to clarify some points.

Norman doesn't know the full facts about the console setups and how they recieve their income - Its between me/josh and GGs Management.

CPS2: Are you mad because there was no tournament when MvC3 was released? i asked about it, GGs Management told me they have a event on. period. I have no control what they want to do. I told you in advance thats what they told me. I don't own the place but i will try my very best to secure something for the community.

I have a full time job - but i will come in and stay up late to cater for your needs, i don't do this for the money at GGs hell no, i make more money from Betting online with KG lol (i lose as well LOL)

I'm a simple man but i enjoy seeing people enjoying themselves - its the interaction that is important.

I'm tired, Too much invoicing atm LOL. Laters


Hi Everyone,

As a special from 14th April to the end of 27th April 2011(Wednesday Closing time)

The MACHINES WILL REMAIN $1 - 2 games during the School Holidays
so its a great time to come in and play in your free time

Enjoy the specials :)

Thanks guys.

I have read your feedback and hopefully this change will entice more players to come and play more often.


Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] Goodgames Sessions?
« on: April 04, 2011, 08:38:32 AM »
Hi everyone,

Sorry about the late reply.

I like to make an annoucement.

We will have a Happy Hour at Good Games for all Street Fighter 4 : Arcade Edition Machines.

This will be held during the following times:

Every Tuesday (Around 3pm) and finishing at close of Business hours Wednesday Night (Around 9pm)

Price will be $1 - 2 Games

Yes you heard right its not for 1 or 2 hours, its actually for 2 days.

This will start this week. Any questions please let me know.

Thanks again for your support.


KG maybe we should get some BT chicken - Loser eats the whole lot :)

On a serious note, i operate the Arcades at Good Games - I normally open till 5am in the morning to cater for all the late night players.

I have 2 x xbox Setups and 1 x PS3 setup, i will set them up especially for this event.

To Shangtsung09 - talk is all good however sometimes you need to back it up, forums are always good for trolling :)

No pressure, as a community we need to see where everyone's level is at this might benefit everyone.

This is what i propose:

1st to 10 wins - (If you win Shangtung09 i will give you $150, if you lose to Humanbomb, he will choose a punishment for you - anything that he likes)

This offer is valid till Wednesday night - gives you 2 days to think about it.

I go thru with my challenges, can you?

Once the tournament is over, we will switch off the FREE PLAY mode (since you are not paying $15).

Freeplay was switched off after the tournament even when paying $15. It was just 10 or so free credits were put into the machine after the tournament was over that's all.

When was this?

Ok i should have around 3 setups tonight, but i will start setting them up around 7pm.

See ya all tonight.

Please post here, i won't accept people rocking up.
For anyone out there looking at setting up their own business or currently running one, this is a perfect example of how NOT to treat your customers.

I have never heard of someone turning away people willing to give them money.

Haha, maybe you mistook my comments.

What i was referring to is i need to know the numbers beforehand as i cannot cater for excess amount of numbers.

If only 1 signs up and 30 people just show up then i have a problem right?

the people who turn up to these events are on the forums and if you sign up and tell me your comming then i can make your experience more enjoyable.

Hope i make myself clear and if you think i don't put Customers Service first you go ask everyone else.

My reputation speaks for itself.

Hi Guys,

Please let me know if you are still interested in casual MvC3, if there are min 4 responses i will have a setup if there is like 6-8 i will have 2 setups but space permitting.

Please be patient guys, i'm trying to do what i can in order that you enjoy your time at GGs.

$10 per person till late (probably 2am if i can survive that ^.^ )

Please post here, i won't accept people rocking up. So let me know if your are interested.


Hi Guys,

Let me know if anyone is interested in MvC3 Casuals this friday night i will setup depending on the turnout.

$10 per person from 7pm till late (normally past 2am) hehe.
If you are also joining the SSF4AE tournament, then casual play is only $5

Please signup if you want to attend this, depending on the turn out i can have 3 setups.

Let me know.


If there are no MvC3 Tournament i will have casual setups.

From 7pm - 12am ($10 per person) will be 1 x PS3 and 1 x XBOX but if i have room i will have a 3rd one up.

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