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AKuma is sooo gay 8)...
He's not Gay he's Bi curious :P


If Akuma does his setup right his Demonflip kick + Divekick can stuff your tiger uppercut clean.

It's actually changed since vanilla. It doesn't beat tiger uppercut like it used to. It trades alot more due to frame advantage change same with giefs lariat. It can however from some distances make Tu whiff.If your getting beaten your using the wrong dp or screwing timing but yeah can make you whiff.
to clarify it better. i think tiger uppercut airborne timing and higher hitbox on 1st couple of frame got changed that a proper divekick will hit them out and make them float. but if time it wrong result in trade + boot to the face + u1/2. extremely bad trade.

like hw said, its up to gief/sagat reversal timing. if they do it right they will win or get a better trade off. demon flip kick is no go. command divekick is alright.

however there's other ways to do it so its fine.

boss coach. yea need to play with you. i am the one needing schooling from you. my basic mind games is still low classed.

i hop back and forth between pc,xbox and ps3 nowadays. ps3 is more crowded past 11. adjusting from xbox timing to my shit pc to ps3 lag takes a while though.

i just figured out it could possible be dped on block since its -3,-3,-4-2(distance might be an issue). i was hesitant all the time scary and very unintuitive to deal with. c.hp will semi work since they can change air jaguar trajectory.  and jaguar kick hitbox is too huge to risk using c.hp imo..akuma health make me a bad risktaker. and safejump is off due to being scared too.

ggs tuansil here. adon jaguar kick really gives me headache. not sure how to approach that matchup. been on losing streak against adon.

more games next time.

i will win one day (probably when you're high and AFK!


i find there's ton of lag when its against perth/brisbane/nz, i generally avoid playing anyone from perth/brisbane/nz

online rank no issue as long as you don't challenge interstate really.

@turbo buttons: isn't turbo button = easier to counter hit?

anyway some of you guys are too popular let me add you's please.

Buying and Selling / Re: wtb gaming montior 22-24inch
« on: November 10, 2011, 11:21:23 PM »

I think your OS DP against Bison that beats most stuff Chris

tickle me elmo, wait til i bring you to corner and tickle you back*999 scissors.

everything safe....
no what i meant was kamakaze. When he was playing me he didn't care about safe he just kept coming in. focus, dashing, jumping, scissor kicks, psycho, head stomp... lol anything and everything! he never stops. very effective with bison because of speed and those damn kicks but after a while i just blocked especially as he rarely throws! he's only after counter hits and resets.

i actually won a few games off his bison towards the end.

the same with his akuma, guile, sagat, ken, although it's understandable with ken. i'm guessing he was just mucking around.


Looking for all good players on XBL. If anyone has any good players on their list or know good players by who they've played, please let me know. I want a full list of goodies.

GT - Brodsta PSN

yea, i would love to play you again....getting smashed by dictator is lotsa fun....hahahahahahaha

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV PC - Post match feedback
« on: November 02, 2011, 11:17:36 AM »
anyone up for some game right now?

Tech Talk / M2700HD
« on: October 29, 2011, 05:09:59 PM »
anyone has this monitor? is it good? the price seems to tell me there's something dodgy about it. but i can't tell.

Tech Talk / Re: Naked DSL
« on: October 10, 2011, 04:37:45 AM »
This morning while I was playing AE on PC I was versing a guy from Japan. Surprisingly he was on yellow connection when I entered his room. I versed him to see if it was laggy or not and guess what, it wasnt laggy at all :O . It actually just felt like I'm versing a guy from Australia.

and guess what Internet Connection I'm using... TPG lol. I guess TPG for me was a good choice from where I come from :)

oh btw if you go to you can also check your ping from their as well

the definition of "no lag at all" for you compared to japan internet standard and that player that you vsed. he was probably complaining about lag.

you got a good Akuma

i got miles away from being a good akuma.

heck i was actually extremely disappointed at my performance in bam...not my usual tourney standard..

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