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Previous ohn not enough time allocated and i have to miss out on watching the MM

This ohn maximum allowed only 200...

Time to change a new venue i guess. i mean everyone paid at least 50minimum to enter. i am sure with enough community support that you guys
should have done, with all the ysb,sponsor etc etc would have enough money for a bigger venue, didn't plan properly again?

Tournament Announcements / Re: OHN 2013 - Exhibition Money Matches Thread
« on: January 31, 2013, 02:12:32 AM »
Edi, you down for a runback ?  ;)

Derrace I will take you up on that  :)

Vlad gladly accept a MM for ST  :)


Tournament Announcements / Re: OHN 2013 - Exhibition Money Matches Thread
« on: January 27, 2013, 01:38:28 AM »
abit lazy so just copied the same stuff

Guess I will give this MM thingy a go too.

Open to Kof 13 Ft3/Ft5 MM for $20/$30. Nothing too big  ;D

heck i didn;t know sirkowski or those name whose not that oftenly seen plays in bluehouse?

@heavy: the buttons are ass and always will be ass if you don't tell them to fix persistently :/. after all its what bluehouse famous for. but still have sharpies here and there playing anyway.

i noticed majority won't bother yelling at the staff to fix the button but prefer to silencely whinge about the buttons sucks....why....(thats looking at bluehouse regulars)

had an interesting mirror against gorsonw
gorsonw so good.

i flee when i see him. exposes my ryu and puts my game to shame :(

another bluehouse warrior got buttered silly. :pogchamp:

got it! thanks :D


- if you hold u/f at the end of your motion (d/b, d, d/f, f, u/f) then you will get a normal jump TK and won't get the most out of your reps
- if you hold u ( or u/b, b, etc for that matter) at the end of your motion you won't get a TK  Raijinken. Beni will jump punch instead and you'll feel silly. Then benefit from this is that you'll reset them or land without hitting them...I think.
- if you end your motion with u, u/b, b (or whatever) after doing the hyper hop motion you will still get a TK Raijinken if you leave the stick at neutral before pressing A/C

so tl:dr (actually read but still don't get it)

don't hold uf is the trick to getting 6 reps? i can get max 5 reps and its extremely difficult

i do safejumps in older kof. but its never like those in the vids where there's setup.

i do my safejump based on gut feel. like iori jump cd or jump c really low.

those vids are so....sf induced that i don't really understand whats the point of doing it.

some setup is legit and used. but heck couple of the vids looks like done by a sf minded player.

safejump is fine but safejump with those setup is unseen my kof days at least.

serious question here.

anyone actually play with those safejump setup?

i mean this is not sf4... even though safejump is possible in kof its never really called "safejump"

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV XBL - Post match feedback
« on: September 28, 2012, 01:06:26 PM »
xbox trolls are pathetic. pc trolls however are interesting -> sojiokita and niah


your missing out shadowfox $50. its $10 and we are on even betting.

$300 on myself.

just to make sure. is garry mitrovic and miracle milk coming down? if not who's taking money for them?

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV XBL - Post match feedback
« on: September 19, 2012, 04:11:15 PM »

Lol. I will play any of you guys in a FT10 with inputs on and give you $1 every time you see me mashing with out 2 bars. I guarantee you on a FT10 set I'd be down no more than 5 bucks. I didn't even make the FT10 thread to prove anything, just to learn. I couldn't care if I lost 70 straight.

Your basing your assumptions from one man from one set who got annoyed because I dared to challenge an aspect of his game, well fuck me for having an opinion. Last time I checked none of you guys won shit apart from herp derp local tourney's with 15 blokes. I even have a few replay's of our game's Ero. I can upload those if you like, with inputs on.

I thought you were pretty cool but your clearly just jumping on the band wagon here without thinking it through. I've taken multiple beatings from Meeks, Cypheros, Heavy and not once gave anyone shit back other than cursing at myself and looking for advice. I usually approach them and ask for practice and not one of them has ever mentioned my scrubby tactics. Have I even ever offended you? No. Last time I asked for practice in the Akuma match with Sagat you responded with...

 " I get plenty practice in that match up from Heavy Weapons and your not as good as him" Well thanks! Sorry to fucking bother you then! I'll go hang with the scrubs.

My problem is the same as most people, I do unnecessary things and take risks when I don't have to. If that's scrubby then join the club - every player I've ever played.

so in ft 10, you will do at least minimum 5panic mash dp, 20 educated rough guess dp, 20 i don't give a fuck chicken wing, 20 jump in 2 choice dp, wait for moves and do chicken wing 1/2 screen away 30times and 50focus attacks.

you can upload those videos i don't care even if i lose coz i do lose against you time to time and quite a number of it. and i even dare to admit doing mashing every now and then it actually helps sometime.

i didn't based my opinion on 1 game 1 person. i based it on my experience on playing you over and over ages ago and watching your matches too against others in lobby. its just that nobody gives a fuck about that pattern you do.

you want to play me with sagat spamming dp grab, ex tiger knee grab/dp during block, spam c.hp during corner then ex tigerknee, throws out random on block instead of tech you do c.lp tech. dude.

i used play in bluehouse vsing akira,heavyweapon,khan,flash are all sagats. and its pains me to say that if your playing retarded 50/50 like ugh...k.h.a..n... and hoping that fucking online will mess up my timing off safejumps and gets a free dp then i am not gonna be bothered. when i play some of them i feel like im actually unlearning. so i cbf playing your lameass sagat "who says im gonna improve infact i just want to dp/grab mindgame all day long"

i'll say this.

there's tiers in my book.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier Junk

i am floating around tier 2-3 category. or at least i hope so. any one in tier 3 can take me out no problem. and i do think your around tier 3 good reaction and basic but shithouse dp and grab strategy. but the game play you choose to do and the quality of it belongs in JUNK most of the time. This game if you play enough reaction and good read can let you beat alot of players doesn't matter what the fuck you do.  heck it works but its disgusting and no way there's a room for improvement to improve based on junk tricks.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV XBL - Post match feedback
« on: September 19, 2012, 03:07:47 PM »
i am not the 1st person to say your a masher and you denied every single time. those vids you posted on tubefighter are without doesn't show button input i wonder why.

you can try akuma and you'll definitely fail without playing proper safejump and vortex setup. and i doubt you can utilise sweep into ultra properly.

i believe you can give anyone a go with your effort losing 10-0, 10-1,10-2,10-3,10-4,10-5 etc. but the person that just beaten you probably left in disgust which is what derrace has felt and alot other more.

Everyone loses to random scrubby tactics in online man. Even I lose to these kind of things

Maybe thats why Aussies are shit in Street Fighter 4? they like doing random things to win

that is probably how people view your play style findlay stuart!

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV XBL - Post match feedback
« on: September 19, 2012, 02:25:03 PM »

i consider you a semi-decent player who refused to improve but in a delusion that you are improving

how do you try to improve chicken wing better,dp better and focus lvl2 better?

"YOU ARE A MASHER" when you need to and it happens way more often than not.

fei is not as boring as your think he is. its you that makes it boring. the amount of safejump mix up  set up 50/50 that he can do surprises me which i have not seen you do. oh well unless your 50/50 involves getting close grab/dp game plan.

i mean no one can differentiate your playstyle compared to random fei anywhere apart from you dp better or chicken wing better. but its generally same shit.

nothing technical abt it even though the char has potential to be.

You've smashed me plenty of times and i've smashed you even more. like you said, i shouldn't berate your playstyle since mine has its own flaws.

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